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Aisha plays with her friends

Kia ora Aisha, today I watched you as you played with your friends inside. Teacher Maha was
helping you match the colours on the ‘bugs in bed’ game. As she called out a colour you pointed
to the bug, “Ma-sha-Allah Aisha well done, show me the green bug” and you pointed to the
green bug. It was great to see you have found some activities that excite you, you also like
the little piano and love the sounds it makes.

Belonging / Mana Whenua: Teachers support children to engage respectfully with other
children when they are playing. A familiar and unhurried teacher/Kaiako has responsibility for
each infant so that they can anticipate who will welcome and care for them.

Exploration / Mana Aotuuroa: Children experience an environment where they learn
strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning.

What Next: We will work with you Aisha to provide opportunities for you to develop and
extend your physical and emotional capabilities with confidence by providing activities such as
the balancing beam, the climbing boxes and inside games such as matching and sorting.

Teacher Lynda October 2017