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All dates are tentative; we may need to make adjustments to the schedule as the course progresses. All readings from Global Problems: the Search for Equity, Peace, and Sustainability unless otherwise indicated. Additional information about topics/assignments will be available in class and from the course Blackboard website. Date 8/24 8/26 Topic Introduction What are Social problems? What are GLOBAL Social problems? Visit the class site and read “Defining the Discipline” then read Charon and Vigilant 2009 Chapter 1 “An Introduction to the Study of Social Problems” in Social Problems Readings with Four Questions [Blackboard] Read Module 1 Introduction “The Sociological Imagination” then read Peterson Wunder and Mueller Chapter 1 “The Sociological Perspective Global Problems and Globalization” [Blackboard] Module 2: Global Economic Inequalities Sernau Chapter 1 Class: A World of Rich and Poor Class Matters Chapter 19: Inequality, Poverty, and Discrimination In Principles of Economics by Libby Rittenberg, Timothy Tregarthen at Poverty around the World Split By Decision: The rich are getting richer due to market forces —and to very human choices. Watch: The End of Poverty Sernau Chapter 2 Work: The Global Assembly Line Behind the Brand Names A Heavier Burden Even As Recovery Spreads Worldwide, Workers Are Finding Themselves Working Harder For Less Money Watch Vanguard Season 2 Episode 12: Battle of Saipan Complete Quiz #1 Online between 11 AM 9/14 and 11 AM 9/16 Module 3: Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Sernau Chapter 8 Ethnicity and religion : deep roots and unholy hate Race and Ethnicity”” WikiBooks Introduction to Sociology hnicity Test your racism click on the “Demonstration” South Africa under apartheid Watch Darfur Diaries: Message From Home Rethinking The Immigration Debate Watch Vanguard Season 1 Episode 16: Destination Anywhere Breaker Choose blog topic Preparation (completed BEFORE class) Module 1: What are Social Problems? Outlin es Other



Global Stratification


Blog 1 9/3


Poverty and Class


Globalized Labor


Blog 2 9/10


Workers and Human Rights

Blog 3 9/17 3


The Myth of Race


Global Continuum of Ethnic Relations Migration Push/Pull Ethnocentrism

9/23 9/28

Blog 4 9/24

and Immigration

so-i0 Arizona's Un-American Immigration Law Complete Quiz #2 Online between 11 AM 9/28 and 11 AM 9/30 Module 4: Gender Inequalities Sernau Chapter 3 Gender and Family: Overburdened Women and Displaced Men Watch all five parts of The Gender Puzzle Gender Tracking The Gender Wage Gap by Occupation Watch the Global Gender Gap Report 2009 Watch Echoes: 50 Years of Progress for Women in Politics Kendall Chapter 6 – Sexual Orientation [on Blackboard] Watch Mildred and Richard Loving Documentary Module 5: Development and Education Module 5: Development and Education No Class Fall Break

Blog 5 10/1 4


Sex vs. Gender


Global Gender Disparities


Sexuality and Human Rights

Blog 6 10/8

10/1 2 10/1 4 Inequalities in access to education

Sernau Chapter 4 Education: Access and Success


Blog 7 10/15

10/1 9

10/2 1 10/2 6 10/2 8

Toward Universal Primary Education: Investments, Incentives, and Institutions. Chapter 2 Education and society: multiple & Chapter 5 Education systems in developing countries benefits, unrealized Millennium potential Goals Watch: School Matters - Education for All - Halfway There? Complete Quiz #3 Online between 11 AM 10/19 and 11 AM 10/21 Module 5: Development and Education Module 6: Global Crime What is crime? Sernau Chapter 5 Crime: Fear in the Streets & Global drug Watch Vanguard Season 3 Episode 8: Cocaine Mafia trade Human Watch The Day My God Died Trafficking World Report Prisons Punishment and Watch Vanguard Season 2 Episode 10: The Most Controversial Jail Prisoner Abuses in the World Module 7: Global Conflict Sernau 6 War: States of Terror Watch Vanguard Season 3 Episode 4: Notes from a War on Terror Complete Quiz #5 Online between 11 AM 11/23 and 11 AM 11/25 Module 8: Demographic, Health, and Resource Issues Demographic transition theory


Blog 8 10/22

Blog 9 10/29

11/2 11/4

Violence War & Terror

7 Blog 10 11/5


Principles of population

growth 11/1 1 11/1 6 11/1 8 11/2 3 Megacities and Sprawl Global Pandemics Peak Oil Global Pollution and Global Warming A Global Warning

Watch Hans Rosling on global population growth TED Talks h.html Sernau Chapter 9 Urbanization: Cities Without Limits Watch: Environment Jon Kamen: Mass Urbanization Sernau Chapter 10 Population and Health: Only the Poor Die Young Watch: Black Dawn: The Next Pandemic Watch: THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream Sernau Chapter 12 Ecology: How Much Can One Planet Take? Watch Vanguard Season 2 Episode 10: The Most Controversial Jail in the World Complete Quiz #5 Online between 11 AM 11/23 and 11 AM 11/25

8 9

Blog 11 11/12

Blog 12 11/19 Blog 13 11/27


11/3 0 12/2

Current Events Presentations In Class Current Events Presentations In Class

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