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Paper 1: Solutions to the problem of induction

Due Date This paper is due at 11:59PM on Saturday, October 21st, 2017. Please submit your paper on Canvas
in .doc, docx, .pdf or .odt format.

Topic In class, we reconstructed Hume 2011’s argument that inductive inferences cannot be justified
by a demonstrative (i.e. deductive) argument. In this paper, reconstruct Hume’s argument that
inductive inferences also cannot be justified by inductive arguments. Then explain why Hume
concludes that inductive inferences have no rational justification at all. Next, reconstruct one of
the objections to Hume’s argument that are summarized on pages 61-66 of Schaffner et al. 1999.
For example, you might reconstruct Popper, Goodman, or Reichenbach’s objections. Do not recon-
struct an argument that we reconstructed in class. Finally, explain whether you agree or disagree
with the objection and why.

Note: Reichenbach’s argument is difficult. You may wish to read a second summary of Reichen-
bach’s argument in Skyrms 1999 before writing your paper if you choose to discuss the “pragmatic”
solution to the problem of induction. Skyrms’ book is available on Canvas in the “Readings” folder.

Technical Please include a complete bibliography with any secondary sources that you have consulted. Your
Requirements paper should be as long as is necessary to reconstruct the argument charitably As a rough guide-
line, most students need about 1,200 to 1,500 words to accomplish this task. Your paper should
not exceed 1,500 words, excluding the bibliography. Please include a complete bibliography with
any other sources that you have consulted.

References [1] D. Hume. An enquiry concerning human understanding. Ed. by T. L. Beauchamp. Oxford University
Press, 2011.
[2] K. F. Schaffner et al. Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. Hackett, 1999.
[3] B. Skyrms. Choice and Chance: An Introduction to Inductive Logic. Fourth. Belmont, CA: Cengage
Learning, Nov. 1999.