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Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 2nd edition

FCE Use of English, Exercise 1
Read the following article, then choose the correct word for each gap.

Learning to make a perfect pizza

According to the European Pizza-Makers’ Association, making a good pizza is not a straightforward skill to
learn. The ingredients seem very 1 (simple / primary / pure / regular): flour, yeast, water and a bit of
salt. But water and flour can easily 2 (mix / construct / assemble / make) glue and anyone who has
eaten a 3 (sad / poor / short / weak) quality pizza will know how bad it can make your stomach 4 (sense
/ do / feel / be).

‘In Italy, 70 per cent of pizza makers could improve on their product, not to 5 (state / mention / remark /
tell) all the pizza makers around the world who 6 (submit / give / serve / deal) uneatable meals,’ says
Antonio Primiceri, the Association’s founder. He has now started a pizza school in an attempt to 7 (save /
provide / deliver / return) the reputation of this traditional dish. As part of an 8 (extensive / extreme /
intensive / intentional) course, the students at Mr Primiceri’s school are taught to 9 (pass / escape /
miss / avoid) common mistakes, produce a good basic mixture, add a tasty topping and cook the pizza
properly. ‘Test the finished pizza by breaking the crust,’ advises Mr Primiceri. ‘If the soft 10 (spot / part /
side / slice) inside the pizza is white, clean and dry, it’s a good pizza. If it is not like this, the pizza will 11
(worry / upset / ache / depress) your stomach. You will feel 12 (hardly / tightly / uncomfortably /
heavily) full and also thirsty.’

In Italy alone, the pizza 13 (activity / body / industry / company) has an annual turnover of more than
$12 billion. Mr Primiceri 14 (computes / estimates / assesses / counts) that there are 10,000 jobs in
pizza restaurants waiting to be 15 (employed / filled / completed / covered) by those with real skill. ‘If
you are a good pizza cook, you will never be without a job,’ he says.

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