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Sequence of Inspection and Testing at Vendor Shop

Pre-Inspection Meeting

Two weeks after kick-off meeting and prior to placing sub-orders and before
starting all fabrication, a pre-inspection meeting will be held at the vendor�s
shop for major equipment under the control of QC (Inspection) Manager with the
assigned Inspector.

Pre-inspection meeting schedule will be notified to EMPLOYER for their
representative�s attendance.

The purpose of meeting is to review Contract requirements to ensure vendor
understands its responsibilities on the purchase order, including clarity on
drawings, specifications and code requirement.

Sequence of Inspection and Testing

1- Application for Inspection

The application for inspection will be received from the vendor at least fourteen
(14) calendar days prior to the scheduled inspection and/or test, and BIDDER will
provide written notification at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the
originally scheduled date.

2- Witness Inspection and Test

Upon receiving the Vendor�s application for inspection, witness inspection and
tests will be performed at vendor�s shop by the inspector in accordance with
purchase order requirements, approved vendor document and applicable codes. Shop
inspector shall check applicable vendor drawings and inspection and/or fabrication
procedures before commencing inspection.

3- Inspection Status Control

Inspector or QC Supervisor shall prepare and update the inspection status report to
control the inspection status for equipment and materials.
Monthly inspection schedule shall also be prepared and issued to the relevant
discipline and to the EMPLOYER regularly.

4- Inspection Report

Inspection reports will be forwarded to the EMPLOYER as soon as they are received
from the designated shop inspectors or third party inspectors within few days after

5- Inspection Release

As an evidence for the completion of all inspection of equipment and materials,
Inspection Release Notice (IRN) will be issued to vendor and other relevant

The primary purpose of meeting/audit is to determine that the vendor has the correct documentation and understands the communication procedures. . approved vendor document and with qualified procedures and personnel.Quality Meeting / Audit When required by the situation. verify that the vendor is working to the latest technical document. a manufacturing/fabrication quality meeting/audit shall be held to review the purchase order status.