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Mashriq, 2 April, p 12, 10

Pakistan: Dir People Demand Qazi Courts For Justice In Area

Unattributed report: "Joint Jirga Of Dir Upper And Lower Have Demanded Qazi Courts In The

Timergara, Blambat -- A joint grand jirga [assembly of elders] of district Dir Upper and Lower
was convened in assembly hall Timergara against increasing unrest in the area. The jirga
demanded of the government that the government should honor its words and ensure the
imposition of Shar'iah [Islamic laws] regulation in Malakand division and qazi [Islamic judges]
courts should be established in district Dir Upper and Dir Lower before the situation takes an
ugly turn in the area.

The jirga session was addressed by Sahibzada Tariqullah, elected administrator Dir Upper,
Muhammad Rasul Khan, president Timergara national jirga, Baidar Bakhat Khan and Malik
Jehanzeb, former ministers, Malik Faiz Muhammad, Malik Beharam Khan, Haji Fazal Wahab,
Akhunzada Inayat Syed and others.

The speakers said that government writ does not exist in both districts and the member of
assemblies should resign from their seats over the failure in restoring peace in the area. They said
that it is because, they have no role in it and the public is fed up of the increasing and grave
unrest, kidnapping, car lifting and killing of several months. They further said that dozens of
people have been kidnapped from tehsil Adaizai, Timergara, Khalwari and Dir Upper for ransom.
They added that two eminent lawyers Sardar Abdul Hakim advocate and his son Sardar
Muhammad Arif advocate have been kidnapped three months ago, while a senior lawyer Abdul
Jamil was kidnapped and killed in the open day light and motives of his killing could not be
made public yet. They added that despite these repeated incidents, the government has not
moved to take any action in this regard. They further said that government writ does not exist in
both districts of Dir and the government has failed in providing security to the life, property and
honor of the people.

the people do not need inept public representatives and so-called administration. They further said that restoration of peace is the responsibility of the government for the government has resources and government agencies know the real causes of this unrest.They said that due to failure in providing security to the public. property and honor of the people under the cover of Shar'iah. the elders said that Alimzeb Khan and DPO Khurshid Khan has single handedly confronted the kidnappers and abided by the Pashtun traditions. The elders of Sultankhel and Paindakel tribe gave 5 April [2009] as deadline to the government saying that all the kidnapped of districts Dir Upper and Lower should be recovered. Jirga elders further said that being Muslims. the people of Dir welcome the imposition of Shar'iah regulations in Malakand division. They further said that the people of Dir will rise up and protect their life and property themselves and will boldly confront the situation with honor. It is because. Alimzeb advocate alias Babu Khan. otherwise the thousands people of both these clans will stage a protest sit-in in front of district coordination officer [DCO]'s officer in Timergara. nobody will be allowed to sabotage the situation of peace and stability in the area and to play with the life. the incumbent assembly members and the administration should resign from their posts. Earlier collective prayers were arranged for the martyred district police officer [DPO] Khurshid Khan. however. former district elected administrator and others. Jirga elders demanded that the government should honor its words and practically impose Shar'iah regulation in Malakand division and said that qazi courts like Swat should be established in both districts of Dir before the situation takes an ugly turn. . Paying tributes to the martyrs.