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Cover Slide 1 The Judiciary and Legal Profession Development Plan
(Generic cover slide)

Cover Slide 2 CJ Meets the Press (Ulat ng Hudikatura)
(This is the CJ’s SONA to be held at the University of San Carlos. The
audience primarily include students and the academe but we also invited
IBP and judges. The CJ will speak about key administration developments,
important cases, issues of the day and it’s touchpoint with the judiciary,
judicial reform)

Cover Slide 3 Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Month
(Primary audience is the business sector in Cebu. Venue is at the Mandani
Bay. The CJ’s speech will be on judicial reform and socio-economic

Cover Slide 4 Bringing Justice to the People: The Judicial Reform Roadshow
(Majority of the audience is the business sector; but we also have students,
judges, and lawyers. Since this will be held at the Ayala Mall Cebu, the
general public will also be watching. The tone is more popular but still
clean and classy. I want to capitalize on the following elements – Cebu,
Judicial Reform, Justice for the People, community engagement.)

(Slides 5 – 52 will be used for all engagements. It has to be flexible for editing (able to edit text
and figures, move images, manipulate tables and graphs).

Slide 5 The Good Judge and the Good Court Staff
- Character-dependent
- Principle-driven
- Process intensive reform path

(The audience should be able to associate with the ideal type of a good
judge/court staff. For the judge and staff – this slide should evoke pride,
belongingness, and a sense of responsibility – that they should not only adhere
and possess the character of the good judge/staff, but internalize these in all
aspects of their public life.

The general public should be able to associate all judicial reform efforts as a
manifestation of the character of the good judge/staff. Ergo, everyone should see
this imagery as the foundation of judicial reform and development)

Slide 6 The Judiciary and Legal Profession Development Plan
(Main Title Page; May also show elements of stability, foundation, engagement,

Pillar 4: Effective and Efficient Human Resources (Slides 8 – 52 will showcase specific reform initiatives. Speedy and Appropriate Judicial Actions .Slide 7 The 4 Pillars of Judicial Reform . will send) Slide 30 Automated Hearing System Slide 40 Supreme Court Complex Slide 41 Lower Court Infrastructure Program (One logo for management and court administration reforms) . we just need good visuals. Systems and Processes . You may also refer to past presentations (attached in the same email where this document was attached) for reference We want to see icons/logos that will be easily associated with the reform programs in yellow highlight.Pillar 2: Rational. Predictable.Pillar 1: Institutionalized Integrity and Increased Credibility . will send) Slide 20 Case Decongestion Officers Slide 21 QC Practice Guidelines Slide 22 Assisting Courts Slide 23 Judicial Affidavit Rule Slide 24 Rules 22 & 24 Slide 25 Continuous Trial Slide 26 Pillar 3 Slide 27 EISP Slide 29 eCourt (This one has a logo too. For all others. Of course.Pillar 3: Improved Infrastructure. Please see the pamphlet text I (will) send for details. Each program should be associated with the pillar it belongs to. one icon/logo per pillar) Slide 8 Pillar 1 Slide 9 Transparency Slide 10 Integrity Slide 11 Human Rights Slide 12 Pillar 2 Slide 13 Creation of Special Courts Slide 14 Small Claims Slide 15 Court-Annexed Mediation (CAM) and Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) Slide 16 EJOW Slide 17 Task Force Katarungan at Kalayaan & Detainees Notebook Slide 18 Judgment Day Slide 19 Hustisyeah! (This one has a logo.

Finance.Slide 42 Management Reforms Slide 43 Data Reconciliation Slide 44 Process Reengineering Slide 45 Professionalized Budget. and DOJ – in this order) Slide 52 Justice Zone . and Asset Management Slide 46 Pillar 4 Slide 47 JBC Development Slide 48 PhilJA Development Program Slide 49 MCLE Development Program Slide 50 Judiciary Wellness Program Slide 51 JSCC (Use logo of DILG. SC.