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1. What are the problems derived from the consumption of bottled water?

The cost of bottled water and contamination by the process of manufacturing the

2. What is the difference between bottled water and drinking water?

That the bottled water has processes that increase its cost and the drinking water
only comes out of the tap and does not have a higher cost.

3. Describe the process involved in making a plastic bottle.

Extraction and production of oil, manufacture of the plastic bottle and then
distribute it all over the world

4. What happens to the plastic bottles after throwing them out?

Are transformed into lower quality materials and some part is recycled.

5. What solutions can be implemented to solve this problem?

Sanctions on companies that sell bottled water, so they will look for a way to
replace plastic bottles with biodegradable material.

Is this problem common to your community? Yes,
What does the community do?
They pay a person to collect all the waste from the town

Will you drink bottled water again? Only in case of emergency why not?
Because if I drink bottled water I am contributing to the pollution of the planet and
what is being treated is to reduce it.

What will you do in the future to reduce the number of plastic bottles used in the
world? Not taking bottled water and telling my friends and family not to either.