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Screenplay by

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade

based on the French comics "Barbarella" by
Jean-Claude Forest and Claude Brulé

and the 1968 screenplay "Barbarella" by
Terry Southern and Roger Vadim

12 Oct 2007
Alternate Ending Draft

Revisions 10-11-07




A dark PRISON 'PLANET' slowly revolves in space.

We hear MAD voices yelling out as we close in on a
section. The universe’s most dangerous reside here.



Gorgeous, luscious legs.
Defying gravity. They strap on boots as the cell door


The boot heels click on a cold steel floor.

Is this Barbarella?

A deep voice barks out:

Dead Girl walking!

A handsome PRISON GUARD owns that voice. The girl is
heading toward a barred gate.
Inmate one five triple-six
transfer to isolation tank for
termination. Permission to leave
Sector D?

The GIRL stands behind the barred gate. Beautiful,
athletic, dark-haired. She only has one eye and right
now it has an evil glint in it. The other is concealed
by a small dark patch. She waits, a GUARD on either side
of her as the gate slides back. Her name is SEVERIN.

They move to a grille where there sits another GUARD.

Last meal?


Revisions 10-11-07 2.

Oh why don't you choose for me?
You've always had such good taste.

Seems someone sent you a goodbye

He has a bag. Passes it across a counter, through a slot
under the grille - one of her guards takes it, looks
inside. Cosmetics and jewelry.


You know the word 'cosmetics'
derives from Kosmos meaning order.

(to Severin)
Why order your face when you're
going to die?

(applying lipstick)
I want to look good in the

He pours the contents onto the counter. Compact.
Mirror. And a few bits of space jewelry: rings, bangles
and chains. Primitive in style.

Three murders inside this place.
If you'd kept your nose clean
you'd just be looking at a life

You believe in reincarnation?
What are you going to come back
as? Cause you've done the
shithead thing.

He ignores her unpleasant tongue. One of the Guards
beside her takes a necklace out. It has sharp edges.

I guess once you got the
termination order for the first
killing, anyone else is free.


looking him over in a disconcerting way: SEVERIN (smiles menacing) True. Severin waits by the button..pure menace on her face as we hear a YELL and the gate SLAMMING SHUT. You know my name. winded . His head lands beside the gate.and flinches as he cuts his finger on the necklace - And suddenly Severin is in motion -. The Warden is shocked as Severin moves into the office. PRISON PLANET The Warden's door slides open. Then she hits a BUTTON by the SPIKED GATE . could stop it at any time.he DROPS. She's lethal.a sharp BLADE shoots out like a silver finger. fast. CUT TO: INT. Behind Severin's feet we see the RECEPTIONIST lying on the floor. WARDEN Prisoner one five triple-six.she ducks. Revisions 10-11-07 3. The third Guard swings a punch . WARDEN'S OFFICE. We follow her boots into the room: (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: (2) She smiles. aims it at the guy behind the grille . SEVERIN I'm not a’s CLOSING. straight through his heart. lethal makeshift BLADE gun. SMASHES him into the bars.grabs the Guard. You’d be on the house. brings a fist up into his solar plexus . Severin raises the curious laser weapon she's fashioned. But she just walks away . Finds the LIPSTICK. The Guard is conscious . Severin takes a quick moment to PIECE TOGETHER the rest of the make-up and jewelry into a weird. sexy as hell. He tries to conceal that he’s unnerved .sees the closing gate on its way to his head.another punch flattens him.

. WARDEN Barbarella hasn't been here for. and when I do. She looks to a skylight above her . A SCORPION-LIKE BIO MECHANICAL CREATURE with a glowing sack crawls from the line onto hand. (fastens the line to her belt) She's going where you're going. Some of the planets are TURNING RED... (CONTINUED) . SEVERIN I'm going to find her.. flinging it at the Warden. The roof blasts upward and a line drops to her.. sent for her escape. The men move among marbled pillars mapped with constantly changing numbers and immense equations..who do you mean? She walks atop his desk.a shadow moves across . Placid and wise.As she is lifted up through the ceiling.. Severin BLASTS the Warden in the chest. EVIL-LOOKING SHIP. CUT TO: INT. Revisions 10-11-07 4. It attaches to his throat and burrows straight into him as he shudders and shakes (we will later recognize this as the process of ‘absorption’). these are THE WATCHERS. CONTINUED: SEVERIN Where is she? WARDEN Severin. MARBLED TEMPLE ON EDGE OF SEA Three men (CLYTUS. the Creature RIPS from the dead warden and flies back into Severin’s hand as she sails upward.. CASANOVA and MATTHIAS) dressed in simple clothes are talking as one of them studies a giant 3D map of space. SEVERIN The bounty-hunting bitch who put me here! The one who took my eye. She smiles.. The spinning blade exits the other side of his chair. don't know . I. But they are grim.

my commission. (CONTINUED) . Revisions 10-11-07 5. But then there is . Let me unburden you of your load. CONTINUED: CLYTUS The Baal expansion accelerates as we projected. for you have sinned. A touch of my flesh. Soon they will number in their trillions.. But her voice purrs sweetly. CASANOVA While we can now be counted on one hand. PRIEST Six. moves to a futuristic time-piece: MATTHIAS The Severin escape has just occurred. Where is she at this moment? INT. PRIEST You know the price. PLANET X Booted legs cross a church floor. actually. All hope rests with our last warrior. She drops in some weird electronic coins: Zulecs. CASANOVA So it has started.. CHURCH. WOMAN So I heard.. A collecting tray shunts out in front to her. Matthias reacts to an incoming DATASTREAM. PRIEST (CONT’D) Zulecs are always welcome. All eyes go to the infostreams. WOMAN Forgive me father. Probability paths now branch to outcome gamma five- double-six-five-six. A Blonde in a cloak enters a confessional box.. We don’t see much of her face.

She places his unconscious hand onto her breast. You were one touch away from this. Revisions 10-11-07 6. PRIEST Agreed. actually.his face forms in the mesh like a pin sculpture toy. WOMAN How did you get it? The hand touches her knee ..BRINGS HER FACE UP AND BY THE STARLIGHT WE SEE THE BEAUTEOUS VISAGE OF OUR TITULAR HEROINE. The hand withdraws. His groping hand comes through . CUT TO: (CONTINUED) . caresses the woman’s calf. but as she turns it over in her hand we see it is formed of fused diamond-like crystals.another fragment is proffered- PRIEST By killing anyone in the way. (beat) Four.. The force has knocked him unconscious. like a sliver of mirror. PRIEST (CONT’D) Fragments from the Chamber of Intuition. CUT TO: THE GIRL WALKS AWAY . CONTINUED: When she does not answer right away: PRIEST (CONT’D) I do have other buyers lined up - WOMAN The Baal? But they don’t have what I have.a hand reaches down.but she GRABS it. Another door slides open . (laughs) Any woman in the way. then a small object comes through: it’s reflective. pulls the man hard into the wire mesh . BLONDE Poor baby. then tosses it and his body aside. Just look at those diamonds .

CONTINUED: (2) The Priest recovers . A shudder flows through them. She drops her entire cloak. skimpy gold outfit.starts running in a different direction to the Blonde. They rise up and down her arms as she raises them. Her bracelets stop spinning.. There is none. spinning on their own. Why don’t they simply shoot her? She seems to have them under her spell.. A small PURRING SOUND as her bracelets begin to defy gravity. She points her fingers at two of the bewildered men. Eight Cloaked Men surround her and aim weapons. The bracelets go back on her arms as two of the men RUN AWAY in opposite directions. In a flash the bracelets SLIDE OFF HER ARM and into her hands. She is barely dressed in a stunning. WEAPONS FIRE. away from her skin.. PRIEST #2 (admitting) I can’t. No visible weapons other than her hypnotic presence. but still the hesitation. The sound of her heels clicking and echoing through the silent church.. She takes OUT the first two men. win against you. and settle. REFIGURING THEMSELVES into FIRING DEVICES. Revisions 10-11-07 7. They take up positions as she tries to find the best way out. She ducks and uses the FLYING DARTS section of the bracelet to take out three more. striking them in the foreheads. for she walks slowly and cat-like in a small circle. He has a clear shot now. She faces the last man with her hands at her sides. (CONTINUED) . AN ALARM GOES OFF MEN IN CLOAKS flood into the cathedral. making eye contact with each of them. She kicks the cloak away defiantly.

AIRHEART I would.. Revisions 10-11-07 8. but she QUICK DRAWS a section of jewelry that was clinging to her waist. which instantly re-configures into a gravity defying and elegant gun that fires and sends the priest flying back into a wall .) There’s something you should know - BLONDE (urgent) . He quickly tries to fire. There really is an Intuition Chamber. As a lightbeam examines the glinting shards.. Her gun spins and reattaches to her hip. INT.. BLONDE Alert the Watchers. Lythion. reconnecting itself against her bare skin like a piece of jewelry. AIRHEART And the contaminants place it on only one planet.. She leaps behind the controls. Very well. blasting them off from the planet .. soothing voice of the ship has something to tell her: AIRHEART (O..S. but - (CONTINUED) . AIRHEART The Blonde races into the ship. CONTINUED: (3) BLONDE I know. They too drop. Ultra-pure croton diamonds.Just tell me if they’re real? AIRHEART . Magnetic resonance in permanent flux .then flings the MIRRORED FRAGMENTS into some kind of spectrum analyzer. BLONDE So it’s true.killing him instantly. Airheart. The maternal. sufficient mass would treble synaptic activity in the visual cortex. She then fires at the two priests far in the distance who ran away earlier.

She simply smiles at him.. BARBARELLA I bet it does! She kisses him. She looks to the Priest on the bed: BARBARELLA (CONT’D) Strip for me. sitting on her bed. Revisions 10-11-07 9.. wants to get his robes off quickly. (CONTINUED) . Leaves just his sci-fi form-fitting speedos on. He’s less interested in turning her on.. Sending them floating away.. her hip gun. CONTINUED: And now Barbarella hears a NOISE . Focus on Barbarella walking towards the bed.. with minimal space given over to technology and drive controls etc.realizes she is not alone (so that’s why Airheart was being so coy). It’s the CONFESSIONAL PRIEST ... presses a button and zero gravity sends her drifting upwards. She begins to strip.).. The Priest watches on. Pushes his gun aside.. Then notices his double cock. Then other. a gun in his hand! PRIEST There’s that matter about my commission. then she moves to an area of the ship. PRIEST (smug) It works everytime. BARBARELLA Impressive. in foreground it seems like the Priest(out of focus) has two dicks! She lays on his stomach for some sweet talk. Barbarella is not unduly worried. (It's like an open-plan apartment.. captivated. First her deadly bracelets.. and drifts to the fur-lined floor of the ship. more essential items. She adjusts her gravity.and he has the drop on her.

angled around a weirdly glowing pit. (flips switches) is Barbarella. INT.. only CAGE BARS come down from the ceiling securing him into a neat package ready for transportation.) Your escape will have put your ex- colleagues on alert... SEXY TITLE CARD COMES UP: B A R B A R E L L A CUT TO: EXT. The package slides into an exit port. But my name. muffled) You two-faced cock-teaser! BARBARELLA Call me anything you want. Revisions 10-11-07 10. BOLD.. She hits a button and the bed flips upwards like an old hideaway bed.. A BIG.. CONTINUED: (2) BARBARELLA (seductive) You know what else works everytime? She leans back and her metal bra begins to undo itself. (CONTINUED) . And we suddenly HEAR a MACHINE SOUND. A voice emerges from thin air: BAAL VOICE (O.S. He aims his pistol but his arms and ankles are instantly bound by metal constraints... BAAL ESCAPE SHIP The ship that helped Severin escape zooms along . BARBARELLA (to Airheart) Tell the authorities a new prisoner’s checking in. PRIEST (hidden. BAAL ESCAPE SHIP Severin is alone in a forbidding room. His cargo container seals violently shut.

Just like Barbarella. SEVERIN (scathing) With pleasure... then eradicate all rival genetic material by destroying the host planet. BAAL VOICE Why do you think we Baal are the fastest evolving organism in the universe? She moans involuntarily as something happens to her. quasi- medical apparatus rising from the pit. It moves toward her like an electric snake. She is slightly distracted by a sinewy. can’t do interplanetary .. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . The snake nudges at her belt. We do not see what else happens with the apparatus..we absorb only the strongest genes of the best races we encounter. accompanied by strange metallic they need women like me .the guardians of harmony. BAAL VOICE We need to go deep. big-brained shitheads set themselves up as gods .the snake is somehow attaching itself to her. Only she never woke up. BAAL VOICE We want everything you know about the Watchers. Only they’re male. CONTINUED: SEVERIN Colleagues? I was their slave. SEVERIN What’s that? BAAL VOICE It helps us get at the truth. metallic.and her. BAAL VOICE That’s right . SEVERIN I’m telling it. but stay on Severin’s face . Unwraps it. Revisions 10-11-07 11.

Clytus. MATHIIAS Congratulations Barbarella. Casanova. she’s calm. 3 PAIRS OF EYES APPEAR. Severin closes her eyes as pleasure courses through her. SKIN. (CONTINUED) .. resistance to disease.) Barbarella turns . But to protect it we have decreed you must destroy every fragment you hold. Severin . You always know the right time to call. BARBARELLA (surprised. MUSCLES. SPINE. BAAL VOICE But in your case. INT. CONTINUED: (2) BAAL VOICE (CONT'D) Thus our intelligence increases. You are all knowing. BARBARELLA Mathiias. VEINS.THE GALLEY Barbarella sinks into a hot. CASANOVA I’m sure the Priest offered great resistance.we are prepared to .. then) Of course.. The Watchers are formed. Then they acquire NERVES that connect to a coalescing BRAIN and nerve stem. (As the scene progresses their bodies build before our eyes. you located the fabled Chamber. AIRHEART . I’ve never questioned your orders. our rate of expansion - at the expense of any other species we encounter. BONES. The water flows over her as we see something weird happening behind her. nerves.. our strength. AIRHEART Mindstream looks scary . Revisions 10-11-07 12. near zero gravity clear tub.

you are not responsible for the change in her. But this is a mission of ultimate gravity. If only the male humanoid thought with his head. old? CLYTUS We do not question the culture of others. The Watchers observe merely to know when to help and protect. (beat) Very well.. There's a King we need you to save- BARBARELLA . CORNELIUS Everything we have ever asked of you has helped keep the universe in harmony. Revisions 10-11-07 13. But you’re here about Severin? I just heard she escaped. But whatever your feelings. The bombshell has been dropped.. BARBARELLA The Black Moon? A dead. We need you for something much more the Baal zone? On a half-chance that someone has survived their extermination? Why so dangerous a mission? MATHIIAS We have extrapolated that this is the best use of your qualities. (CONTINUED) . however odd it may have seemed at the time. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA Oh he couldn’t resist. haunted planet .. BARBARELLA Gravity.A King? Isn't that kind of .. CASANOVA She was sighted in the Vortigern Chaosphere. (beat) You must journey to the Black Moon and save its King.

BARBARELLA . There are themed casinos. just like Vegas. Isolates the galaxy where the Black Moon is .then the Vortigern Chaosphere. Revisions 10-11-07 14. zoos. buzzing with life (serving the industrial sector . Several interstellar craft are coming alongside in the 'docking' area. . BARBARELLA (choosing stunning outfit) True.but to find her I’ll need to turn some heads.. Barbarella slips on a chain mail dress. with nude bathers entertaining the masses below. right Airheart? Her extensive wardrobe of outfits offer themselves to her. SPACE SUPER: VEGA ... huge overhanging see-through swimming pools..and BENEATH A GIANT OPEN-PLAN GLASS DOME.At least I can pick up Severin on the way.a mecca for rich gamblers .) On the outside there are REFUELLING BAYS and service areas . bars. There’s only one place she’d be going. Winces at it. brothels.EDGE OF THE CHAOSPHERE We PUSH IN ON A GIANT FLOATING CASINO CRUISE LINER.. She takes off the dress as we: CUT TO: EXT. (The themes will tell us something about the course of history that led to this future).. twirling themselves seductively. AIRHEART I’d advise something with good protection against Severin.but also for the not-so-rich: miners and rig workers on leave come here to blow their pay. CONTINUED: (2) THE WATCHERS DISAPPEAR Barbarella checks A SPACE MAP ON A SCREEN. hotels.

Do you take the bet? The CROUPIER is indecisive.. Humanoid in concept but somehow . CORNELIUS I thought you Antarians had all been wiped out by the Baal. Rael glares back at him. a game of quantum craps is in progress... INT. Revisions 10-11-07 15.. (CONTINUED) . The Goose. Zero-to- lightspeed. A handsome guy rubs his face. puts down the KEYS to a spaceship.sideshow freak!” RAEL The Baal will get here one day. you want to run away? Desperate for a faster ship? RAEL Take the bet. CORNELIUS the CASINO OWNER. My life.and me. His name is RAEL. CORNELIUS So . My ship . TABLES .VEGA Down in the pit. RAEL Okay.other. 2 faces. and 5 hands. CORNELIUS (smiles) No. RAEL I bet my ship. He glances at an OVERBEARING PRESENCE. six seconds. Cornelius. He makes a decision. points it out on a landing deck above them. And then all this will be over.. Three offboard stormdrives. You could make your fortune working for me. A foul mass of blubbery flesh with 4 eyes. He SNIFFS Rael. CORNELIUS (waving 3 hands) “See the last Antarian ..

Revisions 10-11-07 16. A year for you is ten for me.because he's lost. Cornelius now owns him and his ship. His chair rises. Cornelius' buttons have been pushed: CORNELIUS (to Croupier) Take the bet. Cornelius aims it at Rael’s ship. The Croupier adjusts a knob . (CONTINUED) .in the random gravity they dance around endlessly . an infinite lifespan.. Finally the dice drop.. Rael holds his vile gaze. Rael tosses the dice . CORNELIUS You eased my boredom for a moment. But Cornelius is not happy. The crowd OOOHH .. So it means even more.. CORNELIUS But I have the opposite problem to you. RAEL Random gravity. Rael kisses the dice.. CORNELIUS Why would the Baal absorb the DNA of a species that only lives to twelve? RAEL It was the genes for our good looks they wanted. A huge blaster is under the table. CONTINUED: CORNELIUS But as an Antarian what's left of it? Four of our years? Five? RAEL Yes our lifespans aren’t the same as most.. So you should be safe.

Revisions 10-11-07 17. Starts putting together a foul looking goo. Others cheer. RAEL Remind me what that is. CORNELIUS Good point. AT RAEL'S BAR Flying serving trays float around. He points to a nearby bar. Start him in that one. My boredom is. CORNELIUS (to Aide) He can serve out the rest of his days behind bars. temporarily impaired. Rael is led away. ZOONIAN Gimme the Vega special.Rael checks the recipe. EXT. carrying drinks as well as orders.. Or the Baal arrive. INT. The Zoonian bore wants to talk: (CONTINUED) . VEGA A SCREEN shows Barbarella climbing out of the Airheart. CONTINUED: (2) RAEL (smiling daggers) Until someone kills you. A space alien who's a bit the worse for wear tosses down a few Zulecs.. Rael is devastated. ARRIVALS AREA The Airheart swoops over the giant decadent casino and comes down to land. VEGA. CORNELIUS (his eyes dance) Mmm. Is that your ship? He BLASTS it. The Zoonian presses a button on a screen .

Oozing sexuality. He knocks back another gulp. (CONTINUED) . ZOONIAN Everything’s a let down these days. I mean. ZOONIAN (unfazed) You’re Barbarella. take the universe - it just don’t measure up. The Zoonian calls to Rael who has moved away to serve another creature. But I guess no one worries about what can’t be stopped. shows him a hologram OF SEVERIN. Rael takes note of all this. Revisions 10-11-07 18. your planet got wiped out. too? RAEL The Baal are coming. two legs. Barbarella smiles at Rael: BARBARELLA (to Rael) Make that a glass of blue. And I'm paying. Every intelligent species in all the different galaxies is basically a variant on the same thing? What’s that about? Two arms.. And that ship of yours is the fastest in the zone. CONTINUED: ZOONIAN So . ZOONIAN Then why bet your ship? RAEL Engine blew. Strong. ZOONIAN Get the girl a special on me. pissed off with himself. The Bounty Hunter. Heads turn. She smiles at the handsome Rael who hands over her drink. two eyes - He's stopped because the ultimate version of two of everything has just walked in. Even I can’t fix it. Barbarella saunters over to the bar..

All the gamblers and their alien molls take in this most beautiful of astral bodies as she strides through the casino. The drunken Zoonian butts in: ZOONIAN He’s the last Antarian. CORNELIUS I hoped you'd join me. (re: Cornelius) Is he looking at me? Rael glances over at the watching Cornelius. She sips her drink. BARBARELLA Excellent. Cornelius likes to collect special things. then. Bad luck is always followed by good. he should at least know how to fix a strong blue. I can fix a busted storm drive. BARBARELLA If a barman doesn't have information. I’m newly acquired. Revisions 10-11-07 19. ZOONIAN Or worse.forget it. And with a smile she heads off. Nods. And don’t worry. RAEL Sorry. Bad luck. But drinks . BARBARELLA (ignores him) Ah. He shakes his head. (CONTINUED) . She sits down opposite Cornelius. BARBARELLA Then what are you doing there? RAEL Let’s say. CONTINUED: (2) BARBARELLA Seen her around? Her name's Severin. even a broken mindstream crystal.

and she points to Rael. A small shudder goes through the crowd as they see something's happening with Cornelius again. BARBARELLA Throw him in. receives two more from the dealer. She lays down a card. CORNELIUS Are you really as good as you look? (CONTINUED) . (unctuous) Money is so dull can I not sweeten the pot in some other currency? He plays his cards. studies hand) Tell you what - And she glances at Rael watching from the bar.. Information.. . BARBARELLA Zulecs. you have nothing I want. gets dealt some more. Revisions 10-11-07 20. and. BARBARELLA Apart from the info. BARBARELLA You get to quiz me all you want. CORNELIUS And if you lose? She picks up her cards. She lays down the hologram of Severin. CONTINUED: (3) BARBARELLA (smiles) Perhaps a little Nines? CORNELIUS What stakes? The dealer is already dealing. (thinks. CORNELIUS It's not talking I really had in mind. She sees a flash of recognition in Cornelius' four eyes.

) Is she planning on using it? The moment is tense. (a sword or gun. Cornelius's judgment falters. She doesn't need to do this but she wants to face down this . you could have had me. CONTINUED: (4) BARBARELLA Looks are highly subjective. thing. All eyes are on her. She surprises the room as she steps atop the table. She kisses what could be his cheek.) CORNELIUS Throw yourself in and we have a deal. BARBARELLA Where is she? Cornelius is still staring at the cards on the table. He's looking at her as he plays his final card. sensuous. Revisions 10-11-07 21.. Totally distracted with Barbarella in his lap. BARBARELLA Thank you. drops herself into Cornelius's lap! BARBARELLA I'm in. Cornelius is taken off guard. The ROOM LAUGHS. His smile drops as he realizes what's happened. BARBARELLA Oh. Barbarella looks to the table. then takes a peek at the cards still in his hand. She's won. CORNELIUS Severin? Room 667. (She says this to the face of a being who is objectively disgusting. revealing her side arm. And leaves his lap. She walks across the table. She stands.. This is a big decision for her. (CONTINUED) .

CORNELIUS It’s a woman’s universe. seems to note something. BACK TO: CORNELIUS watching her. Revisions 10-11-07 22. as Severin fucks a CASINO GUARD. (smiles) Told you about luck. RAEL Is it true? Guess I'm yours now. HOTEL ROOM CRIES OF PLEASURE. (CONTINUED) . She writhes to his death spasms. BARBARELLA pauses by the screen... leaving Rael staring.. to his table. She is wearing a shiny tight black outfit. She takes a glance at a screen by the bar: CLOSE ON SCREEN: Lists of rooms and orders coming in: weird drinks and food. A KNOCK on the door. then slinks off. Wears a helmet. metal spikes protruding all over. a metal tag now concealing her blind eye. CONTINUED: (5) Rael comes up to her. She's as wild and lethal in bed as she is in action. BARBARELLA (shakes head) I won you but I don't own you. and A BLUE-HAIRED SERVANT GIRL enters with a tray of drinks. As the casino guard climaxes she unsheathes a blade and chops his head clean off. SEVERIN (shuddering and flexing) Put it over there. shaking his head. You're yours. CUT TO: INT..

SEVERIN I'm afraid only one person got caught today. Severin looks surprised: SEVERIN Barbarella. in the blue hair and new outfit unholsters her side arm. and notices the bloody mess. The girl goes to leave. They soon have her. Barbarella is restrained by one of the bots who has become a deadly machine. SEVERIN And it's not me. Taking me back to my death? Barbarella has her weapon trained on Severin.she hurls the DRINKS TRAY at Three . As one they DROP. ROLL - Barbarella blasts One . Revisions 10-11-07 23.elbows the bot behind her. expecting Severin has help at hand. (CONTINUED) . glances about the room. BARBARELLA Oh why not clean this up now. Severin approaches. Follows her gaze.Slices off his arm . while sitting her in his lap. knifing into his motherboard showering them both in sparks. in control. SEVERIN You can clean up this mess later. Two quickly knocks the gun from her hand.and blades shoot out of the elbows . Barbarella sees Severin looking up.his ARM goes flying. clings tight to her - Barbarella flicks a switch on her outfit . pretty one. but then shuts the door. Barbarella. But the bots are quickly all over Barbarella. SPIN.a series of monstrous BOTS cling to the ceiling. CONTINUED: The servant girl puts down the drinks. Severin is unfazed. .

Remember? They’re suddenly seeing the same memories. no matter how right. I rebelled. Then we see them running down an alley together.. So are we: SEVERIN There we are completing training. So then here I am being taken to prison.. Revisions 10-11-07 24.. Watch this. completely restrained in mechanical bondage. Barbarella stares back at her. CONTINUED: (2) A brace wraps tightly against her neck and pushes her chin upward. Our story. The sound of explosions all around. Doing whatever the Watchers asked of us. one eye a dark hole.. SEVERIN You think the Watchers must always be right? BARBARELLA They were right about you. Now how did we get from there to here? BACK TO SCENE: Barbarella is affected by all this. SEVERIN You left me to rot on Vulvaria.. Best friends.. Two young girls from opposite ends of the Universe. weren’t they? Severin holds her hand to Barbarella’s head. SEVERIN . or wrong it seemed. SEVERIN .. (CONTINUED) .. Watchers. SEVERIN Well then.. BARBARELLA I was just doing what I was told.the jelly of my eye gouged from its socket.Getting nutrition pods through at the Siege of Eon. Stealing sacred herds from Oleandra. She’s thrown into a cell. It hurts to see where they have now got to..

you don't even know who you are. pretty one. The Baal are the future. if not harmony! SEVERIN (cutting her off) There need not be anything! (she straddles her) Don't worry. (CONTINUED) . The blade cut a thin bloody trace across her skin. And you don't even question it. BARBARELLA There must be acceptance at least. We tilt down to see that wherever her mechanical eye moves. It eagerly looks Barbarella over. her plated breast’s eye follows. Revisions 10-11-07 25. not so soon. Plenty of time for that. I’ll fill you in. BARBARELLA So you’re with the Baal? You want a Universe of chaos? SEVERIN Chaos is already here.. Severin unsheathes her knife and SLASHES Barbarella clean across the face! Barbarella gasps. It's a long way to the Black Moon. not so soon. Even with the Watcher’s 'higher intelligence' decreeing what's best for the Universe. Severin leans down and her bad eye uncovers itself. Look at you .. SEVERIN But. a smile curling on her face. CONTINUED: (3) BARBARELLA So you’re going to end the story by killing me? SEVERIN The final chapter is missing. Her voice soothes as the breast plate sends a beam that instantly heals as it moves across the scar. The Watchers are the past.

.smashing the bots and sending Severin diving . Revisions 10-11-07 26. VEGA As Barbarella is taken along by the three slightly damaged bots... EXT. shooting upwards . Bots now in pieces. See? Not even your Watchers would tell you that... As Barbarella painfully escapes her binds and goes for a gun. SEVERIN Antarian approaching.just over Rael’s head! Barbarella kicks the bot’s gun away . Thirty feet.she kicks him in the back of the leg . Sealed with a kiss. twenty-five. A kiss of dominance.Secrets are for keeping. CORRIDOR. Then pulls back a little. Severin slips through a hole.. SEVERIN Your future..we wait for Rael to turn the corner into the corridor..sliding it to Rael. a kiss of desire. SEVERIN . CONTINUED: (4) Barbarella reacts to this enigmatic utterance. And then is stunned to hear: SEVERIN Why? Because you’re its daughter.. You know enough for now. Rael joins Barbarella. Severin consults a small radar. SEVERIN Yes... BARBARELLA I’m. Barbarella has to act. And she kisses her on the lips. Smiling.. As he appears and the bot presses the trigger . The bot prepares his weapon .huge holes appearing in the wall behind her. she closes in for a kiss..the bot buckles.. The Last Daughter of the Black Moon.. (to Bot) Take him out.. He picks it up and blasts away expertly . (CONTINUED) .

fires below where they’re sliding . he lets go. DOWN BELOW Severin fires spinning blades as she slides.creating a giant spread of blades that become unavoidable..Barbarella heads after her. Rael is in better shape. BARBARELLA You’re quite welcome.but brave . RAEL I came to thank you. determined to take her down. sees Severin far ahead. Barbarella takes his gun. Barbarella gets ripped up hard.. sees Cornelius' security force arriving. She starts its engines by remote.. Rael looks even more concerned as he follows too. sliding down the sloping hotel wall on the long journey down to the gambling floor below. as she shields Rael. Barbarella rips a few blades out of her torso. She slides off the end . but taking out some gamblers in the process. (CONTINUED) .. Her THEME MUSIC pounds as bloodied but unbeaten she heads off for Severin. Rael starts to lift Barbarella. attracted by the commotion..but SPIKES suddenly protrude out of her costume like a porcupine. Several other guards appear in front of her. His hands cut. BARBARELLA Is badly injured. CORNELIUS hears the mayhem off in the distance and sends his guards to investigate. grabs her . rushing through the heart of the Vega gambling area to get to her ship. ONE OF CORNELIUS’S GUARDS Surprises Severin.turns back . and pushes past him. just missing them. A little daunted by the height they’re at .. Revisions 10-11-07 27. CONTINUED: Barbarella looks through the hole to see Severin escaping.

Revisions 10-11-07 28. explode. who is thrown hard into a wall by the waterfall.. CONTINUED: (2) She turns and sees Barbarella staggering in hot pursuit.. cracking the giant water tank open.. Barbarella. She then spots the see-through swimming pool that hangs just above the section that Severin is running through. SEVERIN’S SHIP Severin is weak at the controls .. And now she glances back at the destruction they've wrought . Runs right past them.. fires a few rounds at Severin. Barbarella leaps atop two floating serving trays and uses them as floating skis. (suddenly concerned) You are male aren't you? (CONTINUED) . Rael checks her over. Their hearts. but as more water pours down - she loses sight of her quarry. LAUNCH BAY .VEGA Barbarella collapses inside her ship. sending tons of water (and swimmers) crashing down onto Severin. She’s lost a lot of blood.and sees Cornelius’s guards on their way. BARBARELLA (weak) I can’t fly us out of here. gets one final shot in.FIRES her spikes into the guards in front of her. a good clean hit. tearing through flesh. RAEL I can. INT. EXT. wiping blood from her eye. She and Rael struggle away to the AIRHEART. She fires repeatedly. AIRHEART. He starts powering the Airheart up: BARBARELLA Men can’t travel into deep space. Turns back and . Then fires the spikes protruding out of her back at the trailing Barbarella..but manages to blast her ship away from Vega.

Restore my functions immediately. VEGA Cornelius arrives just in time to see the Airheart leaving his city in the sky. AIRHEART What did you do to that girl? RAEL Saved her ass. weak) My perfect mate.. We do interplanetary. And he hits a BUTTON and THEY BLAST OFF. He starts to program a destination. Then he turns to look at all the damage to the hotel. Revisions 10-11-07 29. EXT. AIRHEART (CONT’D) You can't do that.... BARBARELLA (going under. CONTINUED: RAEL (nods) Antarian. Rael flicks another switch and she’s silenced.. (CONTINUED) . She passes out. And so do you. LAUNCH PAD. Gets handed a microphone device. AIRHEART But. RAEL She needs to rest.. AIRHEART The only person who can override me is sleeping in front of you. AIRHEART (to Barbarella) Did you give him permission to fly me? BARBARELLA Nnnnn. Rael flicks some switches.

.. CONTINUED: CORNELIUS Back to the pleasures we offer you.S.. her lifeforce returning. but he carries on.. Where all your dreams. and they magically seem to heal. AIRHEART . (off her puzzlement) It takes a little off our life. all your fantasies. Only not too often. all your imagination. The Airheart approaching it. Glad you woke before I got off. are realized.. Revisions 10-11-07 30. Rael seems to glow as he starts to reveal her naked body. This is all happening so fast: (CONTINUED) .LATER Rael kisses Barbarella softly on her forehead. Rising up from it is an amazingly high mountain peak.... We’re quits...BARBARELLA) How did I ... continuing to kiss away her pain.. CUT TO: INT... In orbit above it is the bedraggled equivalent of a MOUNTAINEERING BASE CAMP. RAEL Just something us Antarians can do.. He rolls her over. BARBARELLA (amazed) You gave some of your life for me? RAEL Don’t forget you got mine back off Cornelius.LATER Rael is gazing out the window at the planet VUULA. The name’s Rael. VOICE (O. takes a sharp intake of breath as if saving her is taking some kind of toll on his system.. INT... AIRHEART .. kissing her wounds.. . the wounds continuing to disappear.... get well? He turns to see Barbarella.

people don’t care. I've climbed the ten next tallest. Who are you anyway? BARBARELLA (trying it for size) The Last Daughter of the Black Moon? (troubled) But if that’s true. No- one has any lust for life. if not fatal.. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA You’re leaving? RAEL (indicates mountain) Mahar. BARBARELLA You’re the last of your species and you want to kill yourself climbing a mountain? RAEL (irritated ‘patience’) What would you recommend? BARBARELLA I don’t know. Revisions 10-11-07 31. He gives her a real second look. BARBARELLA You give up just like that? That’s why the Baal can just sweep through . RAEL Then good luck. RAEL You’ve got enough of that for all of us. the Watchers have been lying to me my whole life.. I guess I just don’t want to see the Baal win. It looks like he’s heading off. (CONTINUED) . Tallest peak in the universe. RAEL So ask them. The ride down should be incredible.

Revisions 10-11-07 32.

I can’t. They come to me through a

We see him register this. Hesitates, then, despite himself:

You can invert a Mindstream.
Project yourself wherever you
please. It’s not easy but it can
... be ...done.

He turns to see her staring at him blankly.

You can’t invert a Mindstream?

Irritated, she leans past him to fiddle with the
navigation controls:

No. But if you want to die on that
mountain, you should get going.

He looks out of the window at the fabulous mountain -
then back at the fabulous Barbarella.

I figured it would be the ride of
my life.
But now I look at it - it’s just a
She doesn’t smile - outwardly, at least.

So find me a proton storm.


By the way. Did you turn Airheart

As she pilots them away...

She was annoying me.


Revisions 10-11-07 33.

(to self)

She clicks a button.

Thank you Barbarella. You have no
idea what I've been through. I...

Barbarella clicks her back off. Smiling to Rael.

Get some rest, Airheart.


Outside, the storm silently rages. The Airheart is being
rocked about.


Rael has stripped down the MINDSTREAM CRYSTAL and has it
hooked into the ship's power supply.

Every thoughtform that's moved
through this crystal will have
left a trace. The proton
agitation we're moving through
will make the pattern stronger.

Is it dangerous?

I’d say...exciting.

As he fiddles with the crystal and the circuits:

Where did you learn this?

My people have -
(corrects self)
- had ... a distributed brain.
Someone learns something, it’s
transmitted to all others.


Revisions 10-11-07 34.

So ... when they were all killed,
you felt their pain?

He doesn’t answer. Deep. But she doesn’t get the hint:

How terrible. No wonder you want
to die.

The Watchers may have trained you
up but they sure didn’t teach you
much about life.

She doesn’t really hear, nervous about what she’s about
to do.

He shaves a sliver off the crystal and drops it into a
glass bowl of silver liquid. As the crystal dissolves, a
swirling IMAGE appears in the bowl.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you.
(sensing her anxiety)
Think they won't want you just
dropping in?

(putting on brave face)
They're my guardians. It's part
of the deal that I annoy them once
in a while.
And so saying, she touches the CRYSTAL

BLAM ! -

She's slammed into another world.


Clytus, Casanova and Matthias are huddled in a circle and
turn when Barbarella comes in:

(insulted and hurt)
Hiding from me?


Revisions 10-11-07 35.

No my dear. We knew well enough
this day would come.

But I’m from the Black Moon! Why
didn’t you tell me before?

We calculated it would have been

I have a right to know about
Even if it could cause the end of
the universe, my child?

And then she notices the reason they were in a huddle:
they are each holding phials - now almost empty. Liquid
traces on their lips.

What are you doing?

What we knew we would have to do.
You will have been followed. The
Baal will be here within minutes.
We cannot let them absorb us.
Our knowledge would make them
unstoppable. Goodbye my child.

You can’t leave me! What am I
supposed to do!?

You will find your way.

Go now. Goodbye, Barbarella.

She stares as they fall down. Dead. Then comes to her
senses as the air begins to darken. She looks across the
ornate room - Severin walks in...


Revisions 10-11-07 36.


Barbarella suddenly VANISHES.


And finds herself back on the Airheart.

What the hell are you doing?!

It wasn’t a good place to stay.
And Airheart tells me we’re being

He’s at the controls, speeds the ship along... they’re
starting to lose transmission as they begin to leave the
proton storm...

But on the GLASS SPHERE, Barbarella watches in horror as
Severin walks among the corpses of the Watchers. She
leans down and kisses the dead Casanova.

You think you’ve defied us? Not
while Barbarella’s out there.
Extrapolate that, with your
supreme intelligence.

brief moment we glimpse something behind Severin: scary,
sinister - elusive... two creatures - The BAAL!

Now Severin comes up close to the screen image, knows
Barbarella is watching... the image is breaking up.

Go to the Black Moon, Barbarella -
like the Watchers told you to.
After all, you’ve YET to disobey
their wishes.

Barbarella grabs a ray gun, BLASTS the mindstream

(suddenly panicked,
to Airheart)
Are we still being followed?


Sealed with a kiss. then rubbing her lips. I led them there. And now they’re dead. yes. CUT TO: MOMENTS LATER Barbarella is running water on her hands. Scrubs them hard . She stares at the glittering traces of the kiss in the mirror. Revisions 10-11-07 37. She buries her face in his shoulder.. BARBARELLA (chilled to the bone) Without them. She takes a mirror to her lips. BARBARELLA It’s how she tracked us. flicks a switch on the mirror: HER LIPS GLOW WITH SMALL PARTICLES. Rael comes in. CONTINUED: AIRHEART Distantly. RAEL They had the poison ready. The enormity of it all is sinking in: BARBARELLA How could they kill themselves? They’re the only ones protecting the universe. RAEL The Watchers also told you to go to the Black Moon? (CONTINUED) . A FLASH TO SEVERIN’S LIPS ON HERS: BARBARELLA (remembers) My future. The safety net of her life has suddenly been cut away..shades of Lady Macbeth. They must have calculated you would come. the Baal can do what they want. (forceful) It’s not your fault.

BARBARELLA It’s what I have to do. RAEL You’re not gonna go? She looks at him. EXT.. RAEL Few have ever escaped alive. finding strength from somewhere.and suddenly all is clear to her: BARBARELLA I have to know for sure. VEGA . INT. And then her eyes go to the glinting shards of the shattered Mindstream crystal . Weary. (to Airheart) Set a course for Lythion. still buzzing with life. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA (she nods) Yes. He moves to a window to look out at the approaching horror.. RAEL Says. But not for much longer. The Intuition Chamber. but why would the Watchers AND the Baal want me to go to the same place? It has to be a trap. Revisions 10-11-07 38.EDGE OF THE CHAOSPHERE The giant floating casino cruise liner. on its way to absorb and destroy. A BAAL SHIP moves across the screen.? BARBARELLA My OWN intuition.. he addresses his customers: CORNELIUS (booming) Last orders! .. resigned to their oncoming fate. VEGA One of Cornelius’ men whispers in his ear.reminiscent of the mirror-shards early in the film .

. Barbarella walks outside.And smashes down in a hot steamy clearing. holds back... The trees are amazingly high. BARBARELLA No.they shudder to a stop. Looks about him. oddly shaped . rubs them over him. turns quickly .as are their fruits.MORNING The door to the spaceship opens.. She hears a noise. RAEL Was following. RAEL steps out of the ship to help when he feels the earth vibrate. LYTHION. EXT.THREE HUGE STUNNING MENACING AMAZONIAN WOMEN One of them stops. AMAZONIAN 3 There is another. LYTHION .. BARBARELLA feels it too. Finds some wet leaves. Barbarella and Rael look at one another: a sense of foreboding at this strange place.. illuminating strange luscious foliage. BENEATH THE TREES . AIRHEART.. trying to take away his odor. racing over a rain-forest canopy. . sniffs the air like a wolf.. INT. Spins. She peers around her ship.DAY The Airheart traverses the colorful waves of Lythion's atmosphere. AIRHEART. (CONTINUED) . diving through a small gap in the mass of leaves. Strips of light shaft down.. Revisions 10-11-07 39. A rough landing .and falls over some twine. in her almost transparent costume (notable for its plastic breastplate). Swivels her eyes to see.

As they walk on and see more of the denizens. but is tall and strong - clearly she has never lost. In the center an amazing sight: a HUGE BATTLE ARENA . AMAZON LEADER Your future is death. LYTHION . They surround . AMAZON LEADER You have come for the Chamber. She shows the scars of many battles. There are several violent FIGHTS going on between beautiful athletic women. what is your want? BARBARELLA My future. Now they’re the servants. There doesn’t seem to be anything other than eating and fighting to this world. AMAZONIAN CAMP. The forest opens onto an Amazonian camp.. but not many spectators. BARBARELLA True of everyone. EXT..SCARRED. the losers of past contests. cleaning weapons.and shove Barbarella forward. Revisions 10-11-07 40. She looks up to see a beautiful woman with entrancing violet eyes. head down. arranging food on tables for the warriors. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: THE AMAZONIANS still look about but the smell seems to have disappeared. LIMBS TWISTED OR MISSING . AMAZON LEADER Before you die. Barbarella starts to notice an underclass . washing savage armor.four bleachers reaching up high into the sky like giant petals.DAY Barbarella is dragged. something else dawns on Barbarella: BARBARELLA Where are the males? The sniffer turns to her. Barbarella looks around at this place of savagery and violence: BARBARELLA Why else would anyone come here. SPITS.

whom she dismisses with a flinch of the head. eat them? The word ‘male’ affects the leader. Revisions 10-11-07 41. AMAZON LEADER There is nothing for you here. BARBARELLA Will it work with these? AMAZON LEADER You return them? BARBARELLA If you let me consult the Chamber. though she’s skilled and doesn’t give this away to her cohorts. We have made ourselves strong to repel anymore. Ten have come here . (CONTINUED) . They killed many. Barbarella carefully produces a pouch. Making a decision. pillaged. AMAZON LEADER We do not talk of them. It cannot help you.each time to pillage the jewels from the Chamber. AMAZON LEADER How do you speak of males so easily? BARBARELLA I’ve ‘met’ more than my share. The Amazon Leader becomes very still in the presence of this manna. The two women are left alone. The Chamber is broken. CONTINUED: AMAZON LEADER Who are you to judge our ways? BARBARELLA What did you do to the males. and pours out the GLINTING FRAGMENTS she took from the Priest. I’m heading for a trap and I don’t want to go in blind. (reading her) Are you here to steal? BARBARELLA Only knowledge.

COURTYARD . Unarmed combat. anoint her naked body in exotic oils. Women ritualistically strip her. To them all males are killers and must be killed.DAY Incense burns. yes? Barbarella is not sure whether to say anything.. One of the women who brought her in: AMAZONIAN These. All the women are huge. But she has a grudging respect for this brave. Agreed? BARBARELLA You’ll admit me to the Chamber? AMAZON LEADER If you pass the test. I need it to stay that way. Perfect athletes.. . BARBARELLA (faint) Agreed. Barbarella smiles. ‘males’ you speak of. EXT.. You need the downs to appreciate the ups.. They are. Revisions 10-11-07 42. BARBARELLA They’re another side of us.. Barbarella is prepared for her ordeal. BARBARELLA The question is which is down.. disgusting. which is up? The woman doesn’t understand. but not one to be dictated to. CONTINUED: (2) Moved. the Amazon Leader slams her giant hand onto the fragments... but cannot allow herself to perpetuate the Amazon Leader’s negative propaganda..... fair adventurer: AMAZON LEADER The price of your knowledge will be my people’s ignorance. Now Barbarella looks around at what she’s just agreed to.

BARBARELLA Really.LATER As Barbarella waits in the covered courtyard of meditation. I’ve scouted the area. (CONTINUED) .. RAEL You don’t think that’s on the cards already? We find this place and go in takes her breath away. Rael steps out of the shadow. RAEL (smiles) Can't hide my feelings. Revisions 10-11-07 43. transparent. BARBARELLA (shakes head) I go alone... making love to an Antarian will give you an extra boost in strength. He looks to her. calming herself before the inevitable storm - she hears a noise in the shadows ...she looks to the door then back to the shadow. BARBARELLA What about giving the condemned girl one last kiss? RAEL I’ll admit. As he closes in to kiss her. Then all is revealed. she touches his cheek. We can find the Chamber ourselves. She can just see a vent grille lying behind him . If they catch us we’ll be torn to shreds. Then sees where her hand is his skin is becoming glassy. EXT. Anxious. This is about what's hidden in me. BARBARELLA No. He kisses her . Worried this may be the last time he sees her.. RAEL Come with me.his way in.. COURTYARD OF MEDITATION . She's never experienced a sensation like it.

DAY A FEMALE GUARD hears a muffled noise inside the courtyard . seemingly in the middle of a devout prayer . CONTINUED: BARBARELLA Ooh. that’s very good.. BARBARELLA Coming. hmm. goes INSIDE THE COURTYARD GUARD'S POV: Barbarella looks round.. Just. Revisions 10-11-07 44...opens the gate... do it again. good..slow down.... GUARD It is time. WALL OF COURTYARD .. facing the other way until Barbarella joins her. What is that? RAEL A secretion is emitted which stimulates the - Barbarella holds up her hand. Oh. As things heat up he becomes more transparent..... (CONTINUED) .. a gentleman uses his elbows. slow. in your short life you need to savor these moments. EXT/INT. At the height of their passion. BARBARELLA You’re heavy.. BARBARELLA . BARBARELLA Enough... She rolls over.the Guard does not realize that she is in fact straddling the invisible Rael.. Remember.. That’s better. The Guard steps aside. she is making love with a man who isn't there. Good. Don't say it.

. Barbarella looks to the Amazon Leader - BARBARELLA You said it would be 'unarmed' combat? The Leader smiles: LEADER I only meant you. The fighting ground is filled with posts that rise and fall to make the battle more ‘interesting’. two bearing a mighty sword. The three Amazons immediately recover and are one person again. When she's about twenty feet away.. and Barbarella walks out into the arena lined with the Amazon-filled bleachers. They descend on her. AMAZONIAN CAMP. LYTHION . the Amazon jumps high in the air. whispered) Good luck. CONTINUED: RAEL (invisible. Then a BEAUTIFUL YET TERRIFYING SUPER-ATHLETIC WARRIOR WOMAN steps into the arena. So low that Barbarella can barely see where it is down below. Possibly the most perfect specimen of this tribe we have yet seen. a ROAR goes up. does a somersault and then suddenly there are three of them! THE THREE AMAZONS LAND SIMULTANEOUSLY! Their extraordinary coordination makes them look like one person. She surprises herself at her abilities. The air is dripping with moist heat. (CONTINUED) . EXT.TEN MINUTES LATER The door opens. And now the Warrior starts running at Barbarella. the other a spear. Their skins shine with the jungle-wet air. Revisions 10-11-07 45. An excited hush falls. ARENA. Barbarella grabs the spear. The post the Amazon stands on drops. (beat) It's the way it is. She is carrying a huge sword. pivots and scissor-kicks the two other Amazons.

Up above the Amazons search for her. who reaches an incredible height. reaches her friend's corpse and pulls out the spear. smashing through more and more of the trellis. Now Barbarella leaps up and confronts the last Amazon. who in turn throws up the third Amazon. At this point the Amazon Leader stands and calls: AMAZON LEADER You want knowledge? Kill her! (CONTINUED) .. and the Amazon strikes Barbarella as her post takes her even higher. THE CROWD GO WILD. Barbarella manages to use one of the thorny vines to trap an Amazon's sword and then loops her legs and swings her under so she's suspended . CONTINUED: (2) The post shoots upward again. so she leaps from post to post. A new ferocity has emerged in her character. Revisions 10-11-07 46. she looks around . Holds the tip of the blade to her throat. Barbarella lies back on her post as it rises as well. Without a weapon. She disarms her but the Amazon zooms up on a post.sees a latticed area that might help.who crashes down. so that the spectators in the pigeon seats get a wonderful view of the fight and scream wildly for it. UNLIKE BARBARELLA WHO FEELS SICK. Maybe slightly crazy. knocking her out. But as she comes back down Barbarella surprises her. prepared to kill.. leading the Amazons that way. drawing blood. As she gets there she swings under the trellis. moving fast above a LONG DROP. The Amazon jumps high in the air again and throws the second Amazon in the impales one of the Amazons . The prostrate Barbarella uses all her strength to hurl the spear high into the air .but as the girl is close to releasing herself Barbarella rips the Amazon’s metal bra off and whacks her with it. rips the spear away. dead.. BARBARELLA Don’t make me do this.. has her covered. THE LEADER IS IMPRESSED. The posts are all rising and falling now.

. DROPPING the pouch. Another inch and she would have been dead. you are strong - but you’re .. twisted with blood-lust. Barbarella looks at their frenzied faces. She pulls the spear away and we see a small trickle of blood. AMAZON LEADER You are weak. (CONTINUED) . Look at you! They fall silent. agog. she lowers the spear. The Leader stares. motionless for a while. BARBARELLA (against chants) No! This is not my destiny! Nor yours. Looks up through her wet straggly hair. I will help you see. broken. Revisions 10-11-07 47. The Amazon Leader stands.who tries to catch it with both hands. Love isn’t weakness. Even the crippled servants want blood. it’s strength. gripping the spear. which Barbarella catches before it falls into the pit below. But kill. The crowd stares. KILL HER KILL HER KILL HER! Barbarella stands there.why not finish her off. AMAZON LEADER You set yourself as better than us. Barbarella considers her injured. breathing hard from her exertions. BARBARELLA (CONT’D) You are beautiful. I swear. But let me in the Chamber to find an advantage in the battle I have ahead. for the good of everyone? And then she realizes what she is thinking and shakes her head. But quite suddenly Barbarella HURLS the spear at the LEADER . CONTINUED: (3) The CROWD takes up this chant. vicious victim . and you will be one of us. (holds up POUCH) Here lies the way to knowledge - will you pay the price? For a moment.

Until at the end of the path. ADJUST ANGLE If Barbarella could see what our now-rising angle sees. She looks about her.And with that the Amazon Leader NODS. Revisions 10-11-07 48. She keeps walking... Passing through the door.. she would make out a series of ragged HOLES in different rocky outcrops. BENEATH LATTICE/DOOR/PATH Barbarella recovers her senses and slowly draws herself back to her feet . she reaches what looks like the MOUTH OF A CAVERN.. falling hard onto the leaf strewn floor! INT. a hole in the rocks.. judging from the ancient vegetation draping the rocky holes. sending her tumbling thirty feet. tracing the CRASH TRAJECTORY of something very hard which has punched its way through meter after meter of rock. onto: A SUN-DAPPLED TREE-LINED PATH. curiously even-shaped. CONTINUED: (4) AMAZON LEADER So. Up above.finds herself near a stone door built into a rock-face.. tall trees bending over. BARBARELLA Fortunately for you. . All is peaceful.Due South. and the post which Barbarella stands atop RETRACTS. The crash must have been a long time ago. she opens it... As she calls: BARBARELLA Rael!! (CONTINUED) .now let me in! The Amazon Leader removes the spear’s point out of herself and moves to Barbarella.. she walks along The Sacred Way. I threw at half strength.. Darkness inside. I’ve paid the entrance fee . AMAZON LEADER You’ll be needing the Sacred Way - (smiles) . WITH BARBARELLA. amazed at the colorful environment. A METEOR? Or some kind of spacecraft. close. Cautious.

But you weren’t always an orphan. places the pieces in the breaks in the mirror.. she enters the darkness.. expecting something to happen. what do I have to do to make you work? Suddenly: MIRROR (O.. BARBARELLA REFLECTION You're a lonely girl. holding our hand (this is a child’s POV) (CONTINUED) .Though it is smashed and misshapen. She opens the POUCH. CHAMBER . CONTINUED: Her voice echoes.and on one wall. This is some kind of ancient crashed space ship. Cautious..the pieces that Barbarella recovered at the start of the film. She walks about. A HUGE MIRROR. INT. Just be you. BARBARELLA (wary) And who am I? And now she sees her reflection moving on its own.) (her own voice) Nothing. waiting. As she closes on it. He’s not about. deep inside the gloom... coming closer to her. Revisions 10-11-07 49. candles have been placed all around .. Shards are missing .S. seeing her reflection. she finds the CHAMBER WIDENS.. The reflection in the mirror is swimming. She is suddenly plunged into SILENT FLASHES - A WOMAN. closer to the mirrored surface. BARBARELLA (thinking aloud) Now. towering over us. She sees a flickering light up ahead. she can make out the remnants of an orderly structure..DAY . kind..

Inside the ship are TRANSLUSCENT PODS: each contains STRANGE YET FAMILIAR FACES. rocked by these memories.. three years old. There is a kindly man there as well - perhaps a scientist? (We will later know him as DURAND). They look tense. The door of the craft closes. BARBARELLA REFLECTION Had you forgotten? Her mirror image walks up to the magical surface .and steps through it ..into the candle-lit cavern.... and we see a REFLECTION of the CHILD. nervous.. BARBARELLA What are you? BARBARELLA REFLECTION Reflection. CUT TO The CHILD’s POV of being shut into the POD. WE SPEED AWAY . Revisions 10-11-07 50. and suddenly the view through the window changes as the craft SHOOTS ALONG A TUNNEL . glowing creepily. The reflection walks about the real Barbarella. see the huge ship was just one of an ENORMOUS FORMATION.. more tears from the woman .. and with distance. CONTINUED: A TEAR in the woman’s eye as she and the girl step over the threshold of a spacecraft (very different to this ancient wreck).. THE WATCHERS... CASANOVA. Truth. (beat) You are the Last Daughter.. An armada. BARBARELLA So I must . confused . MATTHIAS. BACK TO NOW: BARBARELLA stares. AND EMERGES INTO SPACE . beautiful.LOOKING BACK AT THE GIANT SPACE SHIP IT HAS JUST BEEN EXPELLED FROM. YOUNGER VERSIONS OF CLYTUS. And now we see a different POD. return there? (CONTINUED) . Essence.

BARBARELLA REFLECTION (gentle) There is another side to you however. Revisions 10-11-07 51. In your heart you carry love. But . Who does as she’s told. very close. (smiles) If not. BARBARELLA Don't play with me. we’d be fighting now. BARBARELLA What’s that? BARBARELLA REFLECTION The girl that tries to please. BARBARELLA REFLECTION I’m just revealing you to your true self. But suddenly she's walking on perfect grass. She moves her face away.. BARBARELLA REFLECTION Its light can brighten even the darkest places. reluctantly. CONTINUED: (2) BARBARELLA REFLECTION Yes. Caught up in the dreaminess. A child's dress. BARBARELLA And what good is love at a time when there is so little of it. And suddenly Barbarella’s mind is shattered by broken fragments of memories: IMAGES of HOME? A BLACK CARBONISED WASTELAND. Somehow the proximity is arousing.. Barbarella nods faintly. She kisses her shoulder and moves to her neck to whisper. She slinks around her. (CONTINUED) . Her reflection leans in to kiss her own lips. A pristine verdant planet. The candle light flickers across their faces. don’t rush off just yet.

We don’t know where she means.. Barbarella swings to look at the mirror.. The reflection smiles. around him. The Watchers. In it.. Shine your light. a strong man. Revisions 10-11-07 52... But Barbarella somehow comes to her senses and pushes her reflection away. But from a flicker in her reflection’s eyes we know she’s done as she was told. BARBARELLA REFLECTION Very good. CONTINUED: (3) BARBARELLA REFLECTION Now touch me there. BARBARELLA I have to go there . decorated with gild and frescos. And suddenly the reflection vanishes. (CONTINUED) . And a MAN IN A FUTURISTIC REGAL HEADDRESS.. BARBARELLA REFLECTION (enjoying it) See how it soothes to yield? They move in to kiss as Barbarella loses all will to resist. He’s turning. Above them a CEILING . And strangely. Go...elaborately vaulted. Then it STARTS TO SHAKE.. Severin. Find your King... THE IMAGE FADES. Now. his face hidden in shadow. but half- lit images: THE NAKED BACKS OF MANY MEN WALKING SUBTERRANEAN! BARBARELLA REFLECTION But that’s just doing what everyone told you to. makes it shudder. men and women.and we see the CARBONISED GROUND OUTSIDE BEGIN TO CRACK UP AS A FORCE HITS THIS WORLD. the Baal.. no reflection. silent SNOW is now drifting down onto her shoulders.. BARBARELLA It’s my destiny.. CRACK UP .

But they are also entranced by the HUMMING of the CHAMBER... AIRHEART Barbarella stares back at the receding planet. then heading up and up. recovering) My family is on the Black Moon. expertly fires at a tree branch. crashing through branches. as a male hand reaches around her .. brings it down. throwing spears - Rael turns. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Revisions 10-11-07 53. zipping low through the trees....DAY Rael drags Barbarella out of the cavern. You've been gone for days. AND FACING THEM . Barbarella can’t help but notice his accuracy.but it's Rael - RAEL (quiet) Come with me.a whole array of AMAZON WARRIORS - staring at this male.. He runs through the rain. blocking their way. She hears the HUM of the Mirror. It's raining. As in the distance THE AIRHEART lifts off and away. EXT. A few of the more hardbitten warriors give chase.she struggles . They part to let the Amazon Leader through. A MONSOON.. Seeing his chance Rael looks to Barbarella and lifts her over his shoulder. bursting up out of the giant green canopy and off toward the twinkling darkness of space. AMAZON LEADER The Mirror has awoken. CONTINUED: (4) Abruptly the peace vanishes. She left it for us.. INT. The other Amazon girls remain staring at the Chamber.. CAVERN .. BARBARELLA (beat. back along The Sacred way.

I never have. didn't you. Revisions 10-11-07 54. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA (CONT'D) It’s going to disintegrate. BARBARELLA (beat) You saved me again. Another be-heading. SEVERIN'S SHIP . She kicks the body of her bed and turns to a mirror. Their naked bodies covered in reflecting stars. Puts an arm around her. realizing something) You’re right. Rael can see how confused this makes her feel. She slowly accepts its comfort. We have to get there as fast as we can.revealing her dead eye. Severin is looking at her reflection. Sex over. you don’t close your eyes. Through the kiss: BARBARELLA (to Airheart) Airheart.and a kiss begins which we know will end in heaven.takes it away . But don’t take it personally. She smiles at him ... When you kiss.full throttle. Then her face hardens: she flicks a switch on a control - and SUDDENLY SHE’S HEARING THE SOUNDS OF RAEL AND BARBARELLA MAKING LOVE.LATER Another wild orgasm. I saw it all. you can’t let go. BARBARELLA Don’t I? (thinks. INT. set co-ordinates for the Black Moon . Severin is at it again. She deflects: (CONTINUED) . RAEL You’re wary. INT. RAEL I wanted to ask you. AIRHEART Rael slowly reappears. She reaches up to the patch covering her eye .

RAEL (cutting to chase) You want to know how long I've got? (off her nod) In your years .. really.but.. (slightly troubled) .. A suspicion begins to grow.You’re seven years old? Rael smiles and shrugs. like you said. And inverting the mindstream. You’re pretty skilled with a blaster for just a random roaming guy. fishing) So this thing of you being Antarian ... Did. looking up. send you to help me? A long beat. BARBARELLA Rael.. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA (curious.. angry. I couldn’t do it . BARBARELLA I’ve been thinking. BARBARELLA I don’t believe it! How could you? And you were meant to sleep with me too?! RAEL No! BARBARELLA Why did you do it? Money? - (realizing something) (MORE) (CONTINUED) ..... Rael is quiet. She makes a quick calculation: BARBARELLA That makes you.. neither could you. Rael’s silence says it all... Revisions 10-11-07 55... Barbarella lies back. the Watchers. Barbarella gets up. no-one could - that know-how could only really have come from one source.another five.

fake. Hugs her. BARBARELLA Us? This is all just. RAEL I’m one of the last of my race and I don’t have long to live. still getting the audio from The Airheart: (CONTINUED) . Stands by one of the huge windows. She’s still not convinced. He gets up and comes over to her. So. I’ll be there to watch your back and I’ll help you find your family. Rael backs off. looking out. She resists a little. If I could help someone against the murderers of my people then I’d be crazy not to. no I didn’t do it for money .they knew about my powers. Airheart? INT. RAEL And when we get to the Black Moon. He doesn’t have to say ‘you’. SEVERIN’S SHIP Severin...and what I got out of it is something I never could have expected. BARBARELLA How long. She leans back against the did you know I would help you? RAEL They told me you’re interested in hard-luck cases. CONTINUED: (2) BARBARELLA (CONT'D) Losing yourself to Cornelius . BARBARELLA (half-joking) She’ll see right through you. I was able to keep you alive . (beat) Wonder what your mother will make of me? She’s resistant to his kisses. Revisions 10-11-07 56.

ALARMS SHRIEK! Decompression is instant.. The creature is shot out.. AIRHEART The sharp-nosed creature shoots through space.. some small objects zoom toward the hole. straight for The Airheart.) Fifty hours. The vial is put inside the tip of a missile.S. ROOM. Revisions 10-11-07 57. starts floating. and Rael looking out of it. We now see this as the exo-organism’s weird hand reaches inside and pulls out the creature. Our first experience of one. collecting his vital juices... CONTINUED: AIRHEART (O. section Delta 22 -- Repair procedures initiated -- CREATURE POV: Burrowing through Rael’s internal system. (CONTINUED) .. which is loaded into a launch chute. EXT/INT. Amid the sound of the air rushing out: AIRHEART Hull breached.. and then heading up towards his brain. INT.. closing on the window.. It’s made of TWO PARTS: a walking exo-organism woven from many different species’ dna ...and shoots straight into Rael’s throat.and a biomechanical scorpion-like creature that lives in the fold of the skin around its neck.. SEVERIN’S SHIP BRIEF CLOSE-UPS: we can’t see the whole creature but this is a Baal. It pierces the window ..the creature is placed inside.. Everything not fixed. Contrast this with the perfect skin on Severin’s hand as it reaches out with a vial . SEVERIN Raggio! I have a target.

she watches in horror as the scorpion creature burrows out of the nape of his neck - then shoots back toward the hole in the window . in total fear . CONTINUED: BARBARELLA Is freaking out.... She cradles him. She stays cradling him.escapes just before the ship’s rescue process seals up the opening. AIRHEART BARBARELLA How many hours? (CONTINUED) . A SCREEN lights up: an incoming transmission. It floats there a moment . beautiful alien.. SEVERIN No more help now. intent on holding the dying Rael tightly. INT. Then his light goes out completely. A few days with you was worth a lifetime.then moves her hand as she feels something where she is holding him. hugging him. The light beneath his translucent skin starts to fade. Severin’s face appears. AIRHEART . She is more alone than ever. pretty one. BARBARELLA ignores the transmission.. looking out into the stars. Objects flying around her. Rael is on his knees. at the top of his spine . Final chapter on its way. RAEL Goodbye. as it is caught by a barely visible vortex which whisks it through the gas belt in a vertiginous ride that Rael would have loved.GURALAJI VORTEX We see Barbarella through the window. A HATCH opens and Rael's bound corpse drifts out.then something magical happens. Revisions 10-11-07 58. DISSOLVE TO: EXT.. Gravity is returning but it is low: a beautiful tear drifts up from her eye.

There’s a glistening CRESCENT MOON high above. grabbing a RED RAY GUN. Revisions 10-11-07 59. means business.the SOUNDTRACK GOES SILENT as the spaceship swoops through dark valleys and hills.S. INT. EXT. Looks out of the window.IT IS ONLY A CURVED SHARD OF SPLINTERED ROCK suspended in the sky. BARBARELLA It can’t be.. AIRHEART (O. nothing? And through the mist.. Barbarella is affected. dark misty skies. armored outfit ... BARBARELLA Can I be from here? A place that has . BARBARELLA I’ve seen that before.. She looks up to that crescent moon and now we see more clearly .) Black Moon dead ahead.. BLACK MOON . charred land. AIRHEART. SPACE/BLACK MOON The Airheart glides through the mist shrouding this terrifying haunted place. INT.. Long decayed.LATER The ship speeds toward the Black Moon as she moves among the myriad outfits floating in her wardrobe. Black seas.LATER Nothing but blackness. and enters the Black Moon's atmosphere .. AIRHEART . What’s it doing here? AIRHEART This is planet Earth. An Earth landmark. And the stars that swallowed her love tug away as the ship moves on. The rest of it is gone. CONTINUED: AIRHEART Forty-eight... MOUNT RUSHMORE. She settles on a red.. Then moves to the weapons bay. Barbarella looks down to the rubble-strewn surface: (CONTINUED) .

the WHITE HOUSE. Gazing about at the scarred earth.and confused. AIRHEART. BARBARELLA Great.) Why gather these together? BARBARELLA The Baal. They take trophies from every culture they absorb. PETRONAS TOWERS. among all the iconic debris hundreds of old abandoned cars: from people trying to escape or more museum pieces? INT. Revisions 10-11-07 60. Barbarella walks down the ramp.S..CONTINUOUS The Presidents' faces aren't the only landmarks here. BLACK MOON . AIRHEART (O. THE EIFFEL TOWER lies horizontal .and towards the bizarre collection of landmarks.. Airheart. Are they still here? AIRHEART Uncertain. the TAJ MAHAL. the STATUE OF LIBERTY (as well as a few more modern buildings we've never seen before).near THE SPHINX. BLACK MOON . EXT. A number have been collected together. (CONTINUED) . then THE BASILICA from Venice. BLACK MOON Airheart lands in this strange place. AIRHEART.CONTINUOUS Barbarella is amazed at the scenery . CONTINUED: BARBARELLA (awed) That’s why it’s black .. something exploded the moon. EXT. (deep breath) Take us down.. The way things were. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE. across the desolate landscape .. Just as curious. AIRHEART. she is SUDDENLY TREATED TO IMAGES OF A PRISTINE EARTH FROM HER INTUITION CHAMBER DREAMS...

SCIENTIST Phew. scared. BARBARELLA Why would they? SCIENTIST Because they’re looking for something . (beat) The name’s Durand.... This room is incongruously full of hi-tech equipment. DURAND Barb. I thought you were the Baal returning.arella! You may find this hard to believe. but. He looks like a wild. (CONTINUED) . Climbs over part of the Eiffel Tower. amazed to see me.can see through the stained-glass window - SOMEONE WORKING. AND SUDDENLY SHE HAS A FLASH OF THE GILDED CEILING SHE SAW IN THE INTUITION CHAMBER. INT.which he is. He holds his chest. Revisions 10-11-07 61. Barbarella holds her gun at him. BASILICA. working on some radio contraption. Who are you? And now she remembers she’d seen him in her Intuition Mirror dreams. relieved. BARBARELLA You knew my mother. CONTINUED: SHE PICKS HER WAY THROUGH THE BROKEN ICONS. BARBARELLA Who are you? You don’t look much like a King. Durand is shocked. He shakes his head. and paranoid Scientist ... She moves close . He turns. BLACK MOON Barbarella enters the church-like room.. BARBARELLA The name’s Barbarella. The men. The ceiling is just as she saw it in the chamber. set at an angle. she sees the VENETIAN BASILICA. A man is huddled over.

merely an image. Revisions 10-11-07 62. Perhaps one day.A SHARD OF MEMORY CUTS INTO HER BRAIN. Face to face. said more than he meant to.. A WOMAN. By a strange chance that child is mine. I can see my little Barbarella all grown up. Considers her. Her mother smiles. entranced. closing the door on the young girl. She sent a commun - Then he holds himself back.. With the others on the escape fleet. He presses a few buttons and an image appears in the center of the room. The face she saw in the intuition chamber. carrying the hope of mankind. looking out at her grown daughter but not seeing her.. makes a decision to show her something. WOMAN . I was at a space lab when it all happened . (CONTINUED) .. Durand exhales. By this point the all grown-up Barbarella is standing right in front of her mother's holographic image.. BARBARELLA'S MOTHER That would be heaven. The face is familiar from Barbarella's dream .So we know we cannot make it. BARBARELLA'S MOTHER Maybe someone will find them - maybe someone will find us. left. She puts down her gun. DURAND You might as well see. She's staring into nothingness. tears in her eyes. Now all we can do is to put one child in a survival pod with the three surviving Watchers. Her mother is there but she's not. CONTINUED: DURAND She .I’ve only been back here a short - BARBARELLA When ? DURAND Many moons ago. As she talks Barbarella walks around the holographic image..

I imagine you're here for a similar reason? BARBARELLA I'm supposed to find the King. The Robot fires his DEATHRAY eyes. Barbarella BLASTS at the Robot. CONTINUED: (2) As Barbarella lifts her hand to touch the ghost-image. because I don't want to accept I'm the last man in the universe.. BARBARELLA The men. checks a monitor . Then speeds on. dents it . but as she tries a second deadlier shot. BLACK MOON The Robot speeds fast across the black plains . SOMEWHERE.. looks about his desk of equipment for something .quickly flicks a couple of switches. it disappears..and watches an AERIAL VIEW OF THE SPEEDY PURSUIT OF THE ROBOT. consumed with soon smothers her. Barbarella stares.. INT. Revisions 10-11-07 63. EXT.. until. Durand struggles to his feet. a metal hand snatches the gun from her.but he slips away before the ray can hit him. KERRASHH!!! PART OF THE WALL IS BLOWN OUT AS A GIANT SHINY BLACK ROBOT COMES SMASHING THROUGH INTO THE BASILICA.but that's all . melts the tiny spy lens in mid air. swings at the machine. UNDERGROUND ROBOT and BARBARELLA emerge in an underground cavern. He lifts a giant rock and they disappear under it. (CONTINUED) ..A FLYING LENS. She grabs an iron candelabra off the wall.. Did any of them survive? DURAND I've been searching with all this equipment for years....then senses something behind him . The first thing it does is aim its DEATHRAY eyes at DURAND . lifts her into the air. Then starts moving back toward the hole in the wall.

He steps back and tentatively bows: MAN . holsters gun) Do you have. (beat. regal? (CONTINUED) . She eyes it.. Then the bravest male picks up the pistol as if it is a strange unrecognized artifact.Is this the correct greeting? We have never seen a woman in the flesh.reflected light emanating from a fissure in the cave wall: the source of all light. They stand amazed at this beauty. Strangely. BARBARELLA Aren't Kings supposed to be . BARBARELLA (unimpressed) YOU'RE the King? HANDSOME Unless there's another leader here I don't know it's as if the sky is made of wood..CLUNK. That is the correct greeting. Then . Behind them. Now get up. looking out as the sea of men uncertainly copy him and bow. a forest grows from the roof . and hands it to her. An entire city has been carved into the stone. wearing a rather un-extravagant outfit. as if she is an exotic but dangerous new zoo exhibit. So do the men. BARBARELLA Yes.. There is an underground well. The stone is riven with shimmering quartz ... as the ROBOT unexpectedly drops Barbarella’s pistol on the ground before her. Well done. CONTINUED: As he puts her down.. In this strange world the remnants of mankind now live. Revisions 10-11-07 64. a King? A handsome man steps through the crowd. They have vegetation (even if it is upside down). Barbarella ponders. Barbarella can see the cavern is gigantic. A THOUSAND SEMI-NAKED MEN stare at her.

. as the King gives Barbarella a tour of the place.. Revisions 10-11-07 65. INT.. KING . Through a small window she can see a few children playing down below. I'd be a 'Wang'. happy with their lot. I was lucky. But they do seem a peaceful group. Now she realizes that every child she sees is male. If they'd followed the pre-imperial Chinese. The men chose me to lead. The men can’t help but keep their eyes and ears open to their exchange. Some men are carrying their clones in makeshift backpacks. Barbarella smiles. We’ve got used to it down here..DAY We are in one of the carved rooms high up in the cavern wall. Barbarella gives him the look of someone staring at a sexist loon. They considered the different ones used across this planet over the years . CONTINUED: (2) HANDSOME It's just a name. (CONTINUED) . reproduce? KING We clone ourselves. HANDSOME And you are? BARBARELLA (smiles) Confused. and chose me a title.. BARBARELLA How do you. UNDERGROUND . KING Somehow the fact there are no women makes things work.When the women and children left we were driven underground - the Baal were too strong..

A man comes to the King. Revisions 10-11-07 66. (CONTINUED) . leave this place. (a realization) But then they realized they were wrong. KING (CONT’D) I had to know what you were doing here .but now I see you carry this tool of pain. KING That was the first punch thrown in twenty-two years. And as she looks out . You must go before it gets throws a punch at the other and they are pulled apart. BARBARELLA Listen to me! You must fight! She moves to the door . They thought you were better off hiding. (to Aide) Take her away. whispers in his ear.addresses the watching men below.down below. you are my people! I’ve lost my family - you’re all I have left. KING But we don't want your help. I realize I made a mistake. BARBARELLA The Watchers hid all this from me - in case I came and led the Baal to you. agitated. CONTINUED: KING They’re worried what's left of their world will also come to an end with your presence here. two of the men watching her start arguing . I was wrong to bring you here. The King takes her gun from her. You’ve got to move on. BARBARELLA But this is my home. This is not our way. I was sent to help you.

or in hand to hand battle they can be ripped from the folds in their neck. They have never seen a woman much less someone that would handle their King this way. some amused. find weapons . She lets the King stand. She grabs her gun back from the King and aims it at his throat to point it out. CONTINUED: (2) BARBARELLA Men! All these years without women. BARBARELLA The Baal are many. At a close distance. Barbarella reverses the move. beyond the Baal - is your future . pinning his arm behind his back. Many are bewildered. He’s in sufficient pain.but you must earn it. BARBARELLA Then they can be crushed and destroyed. Rise up. families. they can be shot. But this is not life. Out there. A FEW SHOUT PROTESTS. BARBARELLA Under the jaw. The Baal itself lives just below the head of the exo- organism. KING Enough! (CONTINUED) . Revisions 10-11-07 67. She rubs her hand up and down his throat and then RIPS her hand downward to demonstrate.and escape this living grave. His feathers clearly ruffled. You've had nothing to defend. A voice from the men: MAN The Baal cannot be defeated! The King steps up and grabs her arm to pull her away from the gathering men. but they can be defeated.

There’s murmuring from below. Then as she searches. UNDERGROUND The robot drops Barbarella inside the room.and starts fashioning something that could be a zip gun. ROOM.. CONTINUED: (3) BARBARELLA (low. (CONTINUED) . Angry. CAPSULE ROOM. Have her words had any effect? She doubts it. KING (to Robot) Take her to a secure room. INT. INT. UNDERGROUND She is lead into a room housing a strange kind of capsule at the mouth of a tunnel. It is time for you to be Men again. UNDERGROUND A man opens the door to Barbarella’s ‘cell’.. BARBARELLA (faint smile) I had to at least try. looking innocent. He snatches it back. A rumble spreads amongst the men. Then her eyes drift across the electronic trash. raises an eyebrow at what she sees. She offers the gun to the King. She tries a few robot FINGERS to act as the barrel but nothing seems to fit right.. Revisions 10-11-07 68. INT.. A thought forming. takes bits from different parts of these robots . She sits down on the body of one looking at the door. powerful) That’s right. Inside are the remnants of old broken down robots. She walks about. She’s sitting back down. (to Aide) Gather the Quorum. CORRIDOR. she pulls back a covering low on a discarded torso.

THE INCLINE INCREASING. FLIES HIGH INTO THE DARK SKIES. Revisions 10-11-07 69.. EXT. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA This is a mistake - KING It is the will of the Quorum. The King looks sombre as a couple of men push her back into the capsule. KING I am sad to say goodbye to you. Lying back in the capsule. Then a SMALL EXPLOSION as a parachute emerges . last daughter of the black moon.. She looks despondent as she starts traipsing back to her spaceship. NEAR AIRHEART As she closes on her ship a figure comes running towards her: Durand is excited to see her again.. I wish you success. Our relationship must end. Barbarella opens the door to the capsule.. SURFACE... the mockery of a crescent moon hanging above idea where the underground world is. It's reminiscent of when she was sealed up by her mother and cast into space. (CONTINUED) . They retreat as a button is pressed and . BLACK MOON THE CAPSULE ROCKETS OUT OF THE EARTH. gets out. (the journey reminding Barbarella of when she was shot out in her pod).the capsule floats to the ground.. EXT. KING In time you will see why this was necessary. All she can see is scorched earth ..the capsule is shot along the tunnel! THE CAPSULE HURTLES ALONG THE TUNNEL WHICH STARTS TO BEND. she looks straight at him: BARBARELLA You're taking away any chance of success. He closes the capsule door.

Durand but I've got to go.. Cowering underground. I . If they fought maybe they wouldn't win - but at least they'd die men. Her journey has come to nothing. Barbarella keeps heading for The Airheart. really. (CONTINUED) . pissed off. maybe I can talk them into helping themselves? BARBARELLA It was nice to meet you. Revisions 10-11-07 70. DURAND Go where? What’s out there for you? You’ve got nothing! A little blunt but he’s right. DURAND Where are they? Take me to them. And she hugs him - BARBARELLA (smiles) But not that much. DURAND Oh. BARBARELLA The men here are pathetic. DURAND Half-joking.. Nowhere to go and no-one to go with.. Durand tries to keep up with her. BARBARELLA I like you Durand. DURAND Stay here. how I wish you could see me differently. CONTINUED: DURAND What happened? Thank God you're still alive. You and I could re- populate the Earth together? (off her expression) Of course I'm only joking.

Durand. She doesn't see the weird effect her hug causes. ROOM. And just then .. But a rock is swiped against the back of her head. INSIDE THE SHIP: A room angled around a glowing pit in the floor. HORRIFIC SPACESHIP appear in the black see a HUGE. And now out of the pit rises the same creepy metal apparatus we saw Severin exposed to early in the movie. But she’s going: BARBARELLA I’m not screwing with their choices. DURAND But I’m not like you. They look up . black mistrals chasing each other across the land. Barbarella. Revisions 10-11-07 71. You will tell me where they are! She crashes to the black earth. Her eyes show a determination. Shadows of horrible Baal aliens approach. THE SHIP LANDS. She turns as she falls ... A familiar figure helps remove her clothes . Barbarella hears voices as she comes round: (CONTINUED) . And I’m not alone. Like me. DURAND One last time..Severin.Durand is holding the rock.S. losing consciousness. you’re on your own now.) Take her to the ship and strap her to the orgasmatron! INT.. Where are they? His request seemed tinged with a threat. BAAL SPACESHIP THROUGH THE WINDOW OF THE SHIP: a windstorm kicks up. Words echo in her head: DURAND (O. Whoever is on board is not going to take them.a HORRIBLE ALIEN SOUND SURROUNDS THEM. CONTINUED: (2) BUT WE SEE HIS REFLECTION IN A BLACK PUDDLE. Barbarella is being stripped. IT FLICKERS TO REVEAL A MORE HORRIBLE IMAGE BENEATH THAT KOOKY EXTERIOR.

ready for use. SEVERIN The machine is peaking. holds her hand to Barbarella’s head. planets? (CONTINUED) . horrified. BARBARELLA (groggy) So you’re the Leader... Barbarella looks at her. Then . Give in to the machine - and we can be friends again. helped your mother and the others escape. Hate in her eyes.) Until with his knowledge I found them and killed them! BACK TO the Baal Leader as he leans into her. CONTINUED: BAAL 1 No weapons. treats her to THE IMAGE OF HER MOTHER CRAWLING THROUGH SMOKE. DURAND/BAAL LEADER (V. DURAND/BAAL LEADER Strip her.carnal desire.O.. I absorbed the scientist Durand a long time ago. DYING. Barbarella struggles with her binds. BARBARELLA Why are you doing all this? Why do you murder.. Revisions 10-11-07 72. DURAND/BAAL LEADER Certain species like yours have a weakness . SEVERIN Sshhh. THE ESCAPE ARMADA DESTROYED.DEAD HULKS. He was a clever man. yes. DURAND/BAAL LEADER Of this small phalanx of the Baal... I thought his kind face might appeal to you. The Endorphin Feedback Accelerator magnifies those desires. Severin leans over. curious: DURAND/BAAL LEADER I’m disappointed...

If you reveal the whereabouts of the KING. BRIEF SHOTS OF HER BODY. Nestling in the Baal’s neck she sees the same Sacked Scorpion that attacked and killed Rael. you embody a purity and sexuality we don’t want to absorb. CONTINUED: (2) DURAND/BAAL LEADER (equable) To absorb is our evolution. (CONTINUED) . And maybe he did. slowly revolving. although it deranged her quite considerably. DURAND/BAAL LEADER (beat. we’re unifying... She glances at Severin for this. . We are not conquering. One day all the finest genetic matter shall be united in us.. Revisions 10-11-07 73. Not even the Watchers. like Severin. DURAND/BAAL LEADER Unlike her. pleasant) Now Severin enjoyed this machine. no species cares about others..... He nods to Severin . Who confirms with a nod.. HER FACE INTERCUT WITH THE PLEASURES DRIFTING THROUGH HER MIND.and a Baal steps out that resembles RAEL.. DURAND/BAAL LEADER Nobody. BARBARELLA Everyone will join against you one day. FROM ABOVE: Barbarella is in the fetal position.. in fact it’s a quality we must abolish.. But. Except you.. BARBARELLA INHALES FAST AS THE CONTRAPTION CONNECTS TO HER... BARBARELLA No one species has the right to decide the destiny of others. we’ll allow you to coexist with us.the Orgasmatron is adjusted and Barbarella rises gently into the air.

MAKING LOVE TO IT. The Baal crawl away from our stark naked heroine.. HER BODY SHAKES AS AN ORGASM WRACKS HER. KISSING IT. And through the smoke . FEATHERS BRUSHING HER FLESH. The machine is being over-stimulated. SEVERIN She’s reversing the polarity of her own sexual gratification.. WHIPS FLAIL HER MEN RAVAGE HER. BACK IN THE ROOM: The Machine fizzles. The Baal Leader's Voice sears through it all: DURAND/BAAL LEADER (O. Where is he? As she spins slowly her body experiences another orgasm.. Revisions 10-11-07 74. The Durand 'mask' disappears completely.. the machine is driving her to insanity. Your perversions will devour you Barbarella..S.pulls it out .a sweat-drenched Barbarella RIPS HERSELF FREE. IT IS AN ELECTRONIC 'THING' AND SHE IS EXCITING IT.and triumphantly leaps into her iconic stance. CONTINUED: (3) SHE FEELS TONGUES ON HER BODY. Barbarella is concentrating her mind on the machine. Until IT SPARKS AND EXPLODES. the Alien Baal Leader beneath is fully revealed.. reaches between her legs to where she hid her ZIP GUN . But then something starts happening. (CONTINUED) .. WOMEN RAVAGE HER. Barbarella getting the better of it. DURAND/BAAL LEADER Something’s wrong. THE ELECTRONIC BRAIN OF THE MACHINE IMAGINES ITSELF WITH BARBARELLA.. FIREWORKS GO OFF IN ITS CIRCUITRY. The Baal and Severin are captivated by the sight of this gorgeous creature. The Baal fall back in shock and horror.) You are dying from a thousand little deaths.

BAAL LEADER (dismissive) Built from spare parts? How powerful could that little thing possibly - KERBLANG! .. Soon they are starting to succumb. trying to keep them from their ship.. but then past her.before he can finish his sentence she fires off to his side. quickly zapping the robots . When the first Baal dies. she turns to look: THROUGH THE WINDOWS OF THE ALIEN SHIP: Men running toward the ship. and causing a massive explosion. The Baal stare at her. Seeing this returns the Leader to his senses. the creature in his neck scutters out. and the men start blasting the Baal themselves. Every dropped Baal weapon is picked up by a human. The men see this and their vigor is drained. BARBARELLA You of all should know size isn’t everything. Carrying blunt instruments. (CONTINUED) . Revisions 10-11-07 75. an entire army risen from underground to attack their foe! BARBARELLA'S HEART SWELLS AS SHE WATCHES: The monstrous Baal guards advance upon the men. BAAL LEADER Deploy the Gravity Cannon! And from the top of the Baal ship a CANNON-LIKE WEAPON emerges.made from spare parts. seeking a new host . the barrel surprisingly formed from what must be the robot's dick.only to be STOMPED ON like a bug by one of the robots.who are instantly FLATTENED into dense blobs of black matter... Durand. swiping the Baal aside. CONTINUED: (4) Getting to his feet he stares at her gun . In the vanguard of the human attack are a handful of the slick black robots. sending a Baal guard flying 20 feet back.

TO WITNESS THE CHAOS ON THE BLACK MOON Men are dying. She goes to look at the scene . As ray-gunfire is directed at her.. CARGO BAY. BARBARELLA fires her gun. CONTINUED: (5) MEANWHILE.causing the cargo door to start opening. She shakes her head: BARBARELLA Shit! Then saddened by it all. Revisions 10-11-07 76. taking off men’s heads while firing spiral blades with the other hand... Still naked. she blasts another couple of guards. jumps through the smoke and fire. More Guards try to take her on . being captured. Dressed again.but ANOTHER EXPLOSION nearly takes her head off. . She fires at a control unit . shouting to his dazed men: BAAL LEADER She must not leave the ship! EXT.. Grabs her ragged clothes. she runs away down the side of the building. Like a devil. Severin stands atop a small black hill swinging her spiked whip.but accurate shots and a few whacks take them out of the game. she avoids the EXPLOSIONS and dives behind a building. THE BAAL LEADER Strides after her. blasting a way clear.. It’s hard to watch. BAAL SHIP A few Baal Guards flying through the air is followed by Barbarella's appearance in the cargo bay. She runs down the cargo ramp.. She lies back against a wall as the sounds of the battle rage on.

. until she peers out over a boulder . You can't be. knowing what she's thinking. EXT.. Tears fill her eyes. I’m well aware of what you're capable of. She keeps the gun directed at him. she swings her arm. NEAR AIRHEART Barbarella moves through the see her beloved Airheart .Know you at all? Ah. (CONTINUED) . BARBARELLA You’re a Watcher.then turns to look at who she has in her sights. BARBARELLA Or are you - KING .. points her zip gun to the side . Wipes away a tear. BARBARELLA . She slumps back on the ground. without looking. KING Hello to you too.superfast. Revisions 10-11-07 77. but I can guess. No. I wanted to talk to you. keeping low.ON FIRE. Just like I knew you'd come here right now. He nods.. Now what? SHE HEARS A MOVEMENT TO THE SIDE OF HER . KING Don’t worry.Just hiding from the battle? No. Destroyed. the King. BARBARELLA You don't - KING . You can't be. BARBARELLA Why do you keep finishing my - She waits for him to say 'sentences' but he doesn't. She lowers the gun.I don't believe it. Merely smiles.

. BARBARELLA You know if I killed you now it would make sure the Baal couldn’t absorb you. they will immediately have the intelligence to find and destroy every lifeform in the universe. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA That's why the Baal want to find you.. That was why your guardians had to kill themselves. BARBARELLA So you sent me out KNOWING I'd be tortured?! I don't believe this! KING Yes. If they absorb me. Revisions 10-11-07 78. KING You were the bait to draw us out. Barbarella pauses. I had to send you back out without knowledge . BARBARELLA I had to build my own weapon! KING As I knew you would. Right now she'd like to flatten him with a punch. why they haven’t destroyed the Earth yet. (CONTINUED) .Didn't I tell you this before? BARBARELLA Stop doing that! KING Sorry.. BARBARELLA But why - KING . but I knew you would escape. So she aims the Dick Gun at his head. KING This is not the time for you to hit were going to reveal it all under torture..

. an OMINOUS CHARGE OF STATIC: (CONTINUED) . Which is sensational. He surprises her by holding up a NEW OUTFIT... In the distance. CONTINUED: (2) KING But then who would be left to protect the galaxy from the Baal? BARBARELLA You? KING (sincere) With you. thoughtful. KING (with a smile) It belonged to my mother. you have about ten minutes to save mankind. Revisions 10-11-07 79. (Her clothes are torn and tattered). then together) This is no time for sincerity. Together. can hear the battle raging: BARBARELLA So what do you calculate the Baal will do next? KING Point their gravity cannon up at that moon and issue their ultimatum: if I don’t come forward they’ll drop it on earth and destroy the last remnants of the human race.. BARBARELLA (beat. She looks at the dress. BARBARELLA But they’ll do that either way? KING (nods) Which means .. She glances back to the landmarks. KING But you can’t go anywhere in that.. As Barbarella considers the amazing outfit.

resulting in the destruction of these icons: she leaps from the Eiffel Tower onto the Basilica. Her eyes focus on the Taj Mahal where the battle still rages.she rides it as it topples. jumps off it onto the mane of the Sphinx - She is already shooting a Baal while behind her the Statue of Liberty is smashing down. As she moves on. stepping out in her full glory. She ducks and dives.. illuminating her. dark clouds move. LANDMARKS Barbarella in her most iconic outfit yet. CONTINUED: (3) KING Don’t mean to hurry you . shadows shift.. Revisions 10-11-07 80.this is it..then running across the roofs of old cars . The final push. rolls and jumps from one great landmark to another .but that’s a proton storm approaching. Again and again. EXT. A couple of deep breaths.. They come out to take her on. UNDERGROUND The King emerges from the old hiding place. straight through the White House! EXT.the Baal attempt to hit her. Whatever happens -. carrying something in a satchel.what did you use to communicate with the other Watchers? The King smiles. Stands there. Her strides gain in purpose until she reaches the tip of the tower. BARBARELLA Tell me something . some light breaks through the gloom. then. destiny written across her face. Barbarella starts blasting. . She walks the vast length of the horizontal Eiffel Tower. then dives onto the Statue of Liberty as it's blasted .

maybe. uneasy.) You can still change. She turns to look at Severin. But he fixes a determined jaw - and resting his gun arm on a broken icon.. The girl I knew. SEVERIN Drop the gun.Once. She drops the gun .. He swings that satchel on his shoulder. almost wistful - SEVERIN . (beat) You’re still in there. BARBARELLA turns a corner and is face to face with the RAEL BAAL. The cornered men look to each other then see the King and cheer like hell. Misses completely. The Guards look to each other wondering what just happened. is a stronger drug than love.. He smiles. SEVERIN (O. Up on the horizon . The spikes slowly emerging from her outfit.the PROTON STORM is sweeping this way. Revisions 10-11-07 81. about to fire out and impale Barbarella. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM. The Guards perish instantly. Braces himself even more. BAAL SHIP Races to the ship.. something on his mind. Lifts it up..S.. Finally they have a King with balls! The King smiles as the men grab the Baal weapons.. blasts away at some Baal who have some men cornered by the Taj Mahal. BARBARELLA You’ve got to let me stop them. not used to the weapon. For an instant she freezes. Not used to violence..and for a moment there is a tenderness in Severin’s eye. Steadies his hand. Then he looks at his watch.. (CONTINUED) . The King stops breathing. EXT. But hate . Stamps on it then blasts it. She pulls the creature from his neck.. holding the gun he'd confiscated from her. He lunges at her and she comes to her senses and blasts him.

Revisions 10-11-07 82. BAAL LEADER (to Baal Engineer) Give me the remote.and as Severin fires she dives away. Barbarella’s eyes cloud with tears. swarming around the White House. she drops to her a spike comes flying back at her . His suspicions grow to certainty. CONTINUED: Barbarella sees that there’s no hope . into the raging proton storm: he urges his men into the fight. EXT. surround the white building..and hits her in the throat (just like the creature that killed Rael). Ready the gravity cannon. And illuminated weirdly by the storm he sees the figure of the KING.. catching a spike en route. BAAL LIEUTENANT He’s inside. rallying the men outside the White House. BAAL SHIP The Baal Leader comes off the ship. WHITE HOUSE. Severin looks surprised .. INT. (He means The White House) EXT. Coughing blood. The others ran when they saw us coming. Barbarella runs. BAAL SHIP The Baal Leader looks out as static shocks chase across the landscape with the arrival of the proton storm. millimeters from piercing her skin. BAAL LEADER There is their King! We have him! Don’t bother with the others.. BAAL ENGINEER What target? BAAL LEADER That! The Engineer follows his finger to look at the sliver of moon above. (CONTINUED) . BLACK MOON The Leader and his Baal warriors move through the storm. But there’s no time.

The Baal Leader smiles despite himself. And then. His body disappears into the shadows. But I just couldn’t trust you to kill yourself before they absorbed you.ready to absorb the last Watcher. (CONTINUED) . Barbarella points the gun at the King . She steps out of the shadows.when suddenly there is a flurry of fire from the shadows and the Leader’s bodyguard are blasted into oblivion. WHITE HOUSE. CONTINUED: With contempt and victory. getting control of it. Unfazed. The King turns to face them . The Baal Leader takes his creature from his neck . surprisingly. BLACK MOON The Leader . INT.. KING Hold on. KING You were to be a rallying point for all resistance against the Baal. right in front of the startled Baal Leader. the Baal Leader heads in flanked by bodyguards. Revisions 10-11-07 83.and his men enter.. the Leader holds his thumb over the remote: BAAL LEADER Shoot me and I will bring down the moon! BARBARELLA (IN SHADOWS) I know. OVAL OFFICE. And she shoots the King point blank. An end to apathy! BARBARELLA I know.who looks suddenly anxious. this isn’t how it was meant to be! You’re supposed to be leading everybody onto that ship.clutching the REMOTE CONTROL . BAAL LEADER What are you doing?! BARBARELLA Had to make sure.

. The Baal Leader hardly notices. devastated to have lost his prize like this. BLACK MOON . WHITE HOUSE. my guardians.SAME TIME The Baal Leader swings his blaster in Barbarella’s direction and FIRES. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: And now they hear DISTANT EXPLOSIONS.. CUT TO: INT. You let the last Watcher slip through your grasp. Whatever happens. The proton storm. BARBARELLA You’ve lost.some winning.. My parents. this is a trick! He isn’t dead. You couldn’t have shot my men without being real. But your superiors aren’t going to be happy. It doesn’t matter about me - you’ve destroyed everything I had. my lover. ‘Had to make sure’ of what? That I didn’t press the button? (smiles) Too late. Revisions 10-11-07 84. OVAL OFFICE.. some dying. It’s is a desperate race against time: KING Get to the gravity cannon! BACK TO: INT.SAME TIME The real King (alive) drops his mindstream crystal into his satchel as he leads his men in storming the undermanned ship. blasting the dick gun from her hand. They battle the Baal . Just a mindstream projection! In her face he sees he’s right. The Baal Leader looks out to the proton storm and has a sudden insight: BAAL LEADER No. BAAL SHIP . BAAL LEADER But you .

It starts to plunge. blasting as he moves nearer to her.this time she DIVES behind a pillar as the blaster zaps hard.. THE CRESCENT MOON THUNDERING TOWARD EARTH. BARBARELLA . Barbarella rolls and grabs her dick gun back.. Just then the Baal Ship‘s engines ROAR. just as the SHIP skims down toward them: BAAL LEADER You bitc - (CONTINUED) . BLACK MOON They both look up through the broken roof as the CRESCENT SHUDDERS AND SHIFTS. EXT. As the Leader blasts over a pillar. Revisions 10-11-07 85. He knows that’s true and snarls. drawn toward Earth. picking up speed fast. It starts to lift off the ground... Scared. BARBARELLA (heartened) They’re going to get away.. OVAL OFFICE.. She blasts the Leader in the guts: He sinks down. BAAL LEADER How do you know it’s the humans? She suddenly feels very demoralized as the ship heads away. She missed most of the blast but is hit. WHITE HOUSE. She’s injured. CONTINUED: And he BLASTS HER AGAIN . hunting her down.Because your guys wouldn’t risk their lives to save you. And he PRESSES THE BUTTON. But then it arcs around and starts this way. BAAL LEADER We’re all going together. BAAL SHIP The gravity cannon pulses at the slither of moon - INT.

.. KING What’s wrong? BARBARELLA Nothing wrong.the EARTH DISINTEGRATING.. BAAL SHIP.. unaware of the figure sneaking though the corridor behind them. SMASHING THE PLANET - CAUSING A CHAIN REACTION OF EXPLOSIONS. He shakes his head. I didn't..just in time to see THE CRESCENT MOON PLUMMETS DOWN. The spaceship warps away . dead Baal lying around them. BARBARELLA Did you see that coming? KING Honestly? No. This ship can tell us all about the other Baal out there. as the ship races away from the planet . (CONTINUED) . Revisions 10-11-07 86. I’ll - Barbarella surprises him by pulling him in for a passionate kiss. BAAL SHIP Barbarella and the King get to the bridge of the Baal ship. SPACE BARBARELLA It’s a start.but my name is Barbarella.. Then she stares.. not understanding and not caring as they kiss again. I had my eyes closed. CONTINUED: BARBARELLA Call me anything you want . INT.safely running from the most gigantic explosion behind them . The ship races away as the shadow of the crescent moon looms large. KING It’s more than that. I just realized. He blasts at her just as the KING reaches down from the ship and she grabs his hand. INT. hit with a thrilling realization..

Dead. but Severin falls to the ground in a heap.LATER The stars. levels her Blaster at the unaware Barbarella. She walks down the ramp and plants the spear in the ground. The Cargo door opens and a SPEAR comes flying at it. She blows smoke from the barrel. The Baal ship whizzing through them. LYTHION -. They’re wary. as the GIANT ALIEN BAAL SHIP LANDS. too late to react herself.dried blood at the neck. Our heroine is alone on the bridge. BARBARELLA There’s hope for you yet. The Amazon Leader watches the Men Of Earth emerge. Forced to grow up through her adventures. armed. ZAP! Barbarella turns. He holds the gun up. He used that zip gun in her was none other than the KING. The ship shoots forwards. CONTINUED: SEVERIN .DAY The Amazon Women emerge. Barbarella has impressed her influence on the men.. her new family currently in hypothermic suspension. BARBARELLA watches through the window. ready to defend themselves. sad to have lost her old friend . She brushes one’s hair from his face as he walks by. Revisions 10-11-07 87. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BARBARELLA’S HAND CATCHES IT.. With a new knowledge of her past.then looks to see who shot the fatal blast . The innocent beauty perhaps not so innocent now. rounds the corner. into the future. CUT TO: SPACE . She shakes her head. (CONTINUED) . Keeping them presentable. stepping out with a certain 'just-defrosted' gait. for their hair is shorn and they are clean and groomed.

taking them to the ground. try them. Stand up.With that she kisses him.their almost female-like disposition. Had it. They look at one another. BARBARELLA Then we'll just have to do shallow orbital maneuvers. . AMAZON LEADER I suppose we could. The King takes this opportunity to kneel and bow to Barbarella. CONTINUED: The men bow at the Amazonians' feet. KING Barbarella. KING I can't fly. The Leader studies them . is it not? She smiles. some of them carrying their babies in backpacks.. KING Can I be your King? BARBARELLA Why ask if you already know what my answer will be? KING It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. She smiles. but enough with the kneeling. and I'll give you my answer.. He stands. and a beat passes before the Amazonians jump them in glee. BARBARELLA Take me around the universe once. Revisions 10-11-07 88. Will you be my Queen? BARBARELLA I know I said it earlier. The men stand. (CONTINUED) .

Almost. This goes on throughout the credits (which cover almost everything.) . Revisions 10-11-07 89.THE END - BARBARELLA WILL RETURN IN BARBARELLA & THE GARDENS OF EDEN . TO HER FULL THEME MUSIC. CONTINUED: (2) ROLL END CREDITS ..Barbarella’s striptease. The King is in the corner. watching all.... The scene continues. and they make love in Zero Gravity.