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When did you wife go ut asked Jenny logan. She loked at the man across the table form he was
tall we dark Brown hair yesterdar el replied. At lunchtime, i thing . i was not at home at the
time i went out just afer twelve and got back a bout two.

And she did not come home last night. Said logan that is right said the man is hes aften our all
night asked logan no said the man never

Jenny logan sat bach in her cahir and looked at the man. Is was a cold Monday afternoon in
april and it was her first day in her new job she was an ispector in the Edimburgo pólice- a new
job in a new city. Sergeant grant sat kon her right he had a pen and some aper logan looked at

Your name sir grant asked the man Robert kerr

Yor wife name


And where do you live asked grant.

On royal terracee replied the man roya trrrace was a prety Street the looked down across the
royal terrace gardens to the pólice station on London rada rerr lool grant the namber of the
building and the flat and grant wrote in on the paper