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Republic of the Philippines

Region 02

Seminar-Workshop on Action Research for School Administrators
August 5-7, 2015, SDO conference Hall
Action Research Proposal Titles (Secondary Level)

No. School/District Name Title of Training Proposal Remarks

A Qualitative study on student absenteeism of the Alfonso Castaneda National High
1. ACNHS (Main) Criselda Erana
K to 12 Secondary Science Teachers Profile and 2014 NCAE Results in the District
2. ACNHS (Abuyo) Anna Marie Jasmin
of Alfonso Castañeda: a Correlational Study
3. AMBAGUIO NHS Rita A. Gangano
4. ARITAO HS Rodrigo Rosete Did not attend
The Extent of Compliance of Bagabag National High School Students in the
5. BAGABAG HS Victor G. Taleon Implementation of Solid Waste Management Program of the School in Relation to
their Personal profiles
6. BAMBANG NHS Romy Baladad Reasons of Teachers in coming to School Late: A Basis for Seminar Proposal in
Motivating the Teachers to Come to School on Time
Tendencies of Cyber Bullying Among Selected Students of Bascaran National High
7. BASCARAN NHS Alvin Culanag
8. BELANCE HS Donald Gaston Lanang
Work attitude and stress level of Teachers in Binalian High School and their
9. BINALIAN IS Saturnino Calansi
Competency-Based teaching Performance
10. BINTAWAN NHS Genevieve Estees 1. Mistake-Handling Activities’ Effects on the Performance of Grade 8 In Algebra:
An Experimental Study
Dr. Merlita Padilla 2. Students’ Profile and Drop Our Rate: A Correlational Study
11. BONFAL HS Albino Tallase Factors Affecting the Drop Out Rate of Grades 9 and 10 Students of Bonfal NHS
12. BUGKALOT HS Oliver Inocencio Tamani
13. CAROLOTAN HS Noemi L. Bulan Students Profile in Relation to their Attendance in School
14. CASAT HS Dr. Loudes Abansi
15. CASECNAN NHS Marlou M. Erana Academic Performance of 4Ps Students Staying in Boarding Houses
16. DIPPOG HS Georly Tugade
17. DIADI NHS Dr. Marilyn B. Magno Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Grade 8 Students of Diadi National Approved Permit to Conduct
High School in Relation to the Sustainability of Low Dropout Rate
18. DUPAX DEL NORTE NHS (Annex) Guilbert R. Orcales Factors affecting Dropout and Absenteeism in Dupax del Norte National High School
– Annex: Basis for program development
19. DUPAX del Norte NHS (Main) Dr. Luviminda M. Cordero Facilitation Skills of the Science Teachers on Dupax del Norte National High School Approved Permit to Conduct
– Main as perceived by the students enlisted in Science Technology and Engineering
program and as they perceive themselves.
Teaching Style of the Science & Mathematics Teachers of DDNNHS-Main as
Dr. Luviminda M. Cordero perceived by the students and Teachers in STE Program, Towards a Teacher
Development Plan
Factors influencing absenteeism among Grade – 10 students of DDSNHS: Basis for
20. DUPAX DEL SUR NHS Dr. Ignacio D. Dumangeng
Preventive Measures
21. EASTERN NVHS Osmundo Espejo
22. GANAO HS Celia Addun Improving the Monthly Percentage of Attendance of Students at Ganao National
High School
23. KAKIDUGUEN NHS Ophelia Farinas
24. KASIBU NAS Ernesto Pinkihan The Implication of Grade 9 Students Profile in their Attendance During the First and
Second Quarters
25. KAYAPA HS Felicidad Lasaten
27 KONGKONG VALLEY NHS Marcelina De Guzman
1. Incidence of Drop Out and Its Correlate: Basis for the Development of School
Intervention Programs (SII’s)
28. MALABING VALLEY NHS Christopher Bullanday 2. Addressing Communication Apprehension and English Speaking Performance Approved Permit to conduct
through Appreciation of Cultural Phonetic System Among Grade 10 Students in
an Ifugao Upland Community
Learner’s Profile and their Learning Area Performance in the first Grading Period for
School Year 2015-2016: Towards The Improvement of schools Services
30. MUNGIA NHS Agnes Ilarde Factors Affecting the Drop Out Rate of Mungia NHS: Bases for Management Approved Permit to Conduct
31. MURONG NHS Dr. Amadeo B. Dulay
Learning Styles of the Grade Seven Students of Nansiakan National High School: A
32. NANSIAKAN NHS Roger Sebastian
Basis for Designing Instructional Materials
The Trend of NAT Mean for the Last Five Years of Grade VI Pupils at Napo-Tuyak
33. NAPO-TUYAK IS Dolores Dodon
Integrated School
34. NVGCHS Dr. Trinidad Logan Difficulties Encountered by the NVGCHS Teachers in the Action Research Process:
Virgilio Gragasin A Basis for an Action Research Development Program
35. PAIMA NHS Baby Juicy Corpuz Written Communication Skills of Grade 10 Students of PAIMA HS in Relation to their Approved Permit to Conduct
36. PANIKI HS Roberto C. Cutillon
37. QUEZON NHS Larry Bergado Students’ Profile and the Monthly Attendance of 10 Mayumi and 10 Marikit Students
Student Profile and the Monthly Attendance of 10 – Mayumi &10 Marikit of the QNHS
39. RUNRUNO NHS Elmar Balallo
40. SALINAS HS Teresita M. Taboy Profile and Academic Performance of Students who Escape from their Classes
The relationship between the student’s profile and the school’s three Ls: Last, Lost
41. SOLANO HS Dr. Eloisa Ang and Least student’s in relation to student achievement, school’s completion and
dropout rate
42. STA. CLARA HS Mrs. Medy Bianzon The Relationship of SARDO’s performance to its Profile Approved Permit to Conduct
Work Habit, Values and Social Skills of Teachers in STA. Crus Pinkian High School:
43. STA. CRUZ PINGKIAN HS Rayda Joy Calansi
Their relationship to classroom Management
44. STA FE HS (Main) Maritess M. Villamor
45. STA FE HS (Canabuan) Ronaldo James Prevalence of Absenteeism among Secondary Students in Relation to their Personal
Personal profile of Grade 10 Students in relation to their career Preference along the Approved Permit to Conduct
46. TUAO HS Ronnie Bibas four tracks of the Senior High School Program: A basis for a proposed enhancement
The concepts and Experiences of selected Grade Seven Students on Bullying in
47. UDDIAWAN NHS Glenda Salunat relation to their academic performance and number of absences for the first and
second grading period
Republic of the Philippines
Region 02

Seminar-Workshop on Action Research for School Administrators
August 5-7, 2015, SDO conference Hall
Action Research Proposal Titles (Elementary Level)

No. School/District Name Title of Training Proposal Remarks
1. Alfonso Castañeda Loreto Alaman
Romeo G. Arcibal Improving the Reading Performance of Grade III Pupils in English and Filipino
Lina A. Donio
2. Ambaguio Lucia M. Balahiw Pupil classroom behavior: Its implication to the performance of Grade I – IV During
the third grading period in relation to their personal and family background profiles
Nazario R. Kimayong Behavior management strategies to improve the academic performance of Daclig
Elementary School
Arnel Panganiban
3. Aurafina Galindez Classroom Management of Grade VI Teachers in Aritao I District in Relation to
Aritao I Personal & Professional Profile
Juan de Guzman
Cecilia G. Alafriz
James O. Lamsis Relationship between the pupils profile and the mean percentage score of grade six
pupils in the national achievement test in Mathematics
Marissa M. Fragata Performance of grade VI pupils in the NAT in English
4. Rosie Calacala Improving the NAT Performance in Math, Science and English of the Grade VI
Aritao II Pupils of Aritao II District
Arnel M. Batalla The problem encountered by the Newly Hired Teachers on Classroom
Management and Classroom Instruction of Aritao II District: Basis for Intervention
Elsie Napaod The Level of Reading Comprehension of Grade VI Pupils in Beti Elementary School
5. Bagabag I Marivic Bacud
Mary Grace Fernandez Level of performance of the grade VI Pupils in Filipino NAT in relation to their
personal profile
Rosie Calip Level of performance of grade VI pupils in Science in the NAT 2014 in Relation to
their Individual Profile
6. Imelda Moreno Level of Compliance of the Teachers in the Implementation of the English Grade II
Bagabag II Curriculum in Relation to their Professional and Personal Profiles and to Their
Lerner’s Performance
Joyceline S. Celestino Compliance Level of Tuao North ES and Singian ES Teachers in the
Implementation of the ESP Curriculum in Various Grade Levels
Joy A. Salting Performance in English of the Grade VI Test Takers in the National Achievement
Test VIS-À-VIS their selected Personal Profile
Factors Affecting the Reading Levels of the Intermediate Pupils: Towards a
7. Bambang I Trecy Ucol
Proposed Reading Enhancement Program
Catherine C. Tactay Work Performance and Job Satisfaction in Relation to Personal Variables of Salinas
Elementary School
Melody Limbawan
8. Bambang II Marlon Butay
Dante P. Andrada
Jason F. Redulfin
9. Edward Santiago
Bayombong I
Irene B. Bosque
Eileen Ventura
10. Monaliza Cabato
Bayombong II
Celia Valera Level of academic performance of the Grade IV pupils in improving the Skills in
Multiplication in relation to their personal profile
Nora Tomas
11. Merlyn Abat
Eddie Tumacder
Elvira L. Soto
12. Josie Conde Students performance in Grade IV Math in the First Grading Period of First
Dupax Del Norte I Quarterly Assessment to fourth Quarterly Assessment
Betty Campos
Dalita P. Galanta
13. Roland Mabitasan
Dupax Del Norte II
Dr. Bentriz P. Cayat Poor Study Habits among Grade III – Pupils of Oyao Elementary School
Myrna Guzman
14. Singasing Valdez
Dupax Del Sur
Alano Mendoza
Dolores A. Baguidudol Assessment tools in Science VI of Dupax Del Sur: Its relationship to class
Jennifer B. Tagure Improving Study Habits of Grades V & VI of Yabbi Elem. School
15. LIna Pal-ec
Kasibu East
Adeline B. Lunag Relationship between the teacher’s profile and the average performance of the
science and Health subject
Remedios T. Humiwat Relationship between the Teachers profile and their performance in English
Reading Comprehension of Grades IV-VI of Wangal Elementary School
16. Cesario Mariano
Kasibu West
Adelina J. Gaspar The performance level of Araling Panlipunan IP Teacher and their Relevance to
Professional Profile
Jomar Calibuso
Catherine P. Bullong Intermediate Teachers profile in relation to their teaching performance in English

17. Jonathan Fronda
Kayapa East
Mia S. Ingusan
Marites E. Delio Study habits its relevance to academic achievement in core subjects among Grade
VI Pupils
Marcos M. Banih Performance of Pupils in the National Achievement Test in Grade 6
18. Wilhelmina Castro
Kayapa West
Alma Nisperos Utilizing Teacher-made Test: It’s Effects in the NAT Performance level of grade VI
pupils in English
Antonina Palma
19. Cecinia Manzano The effect of Grade III pupils profile to the oral reading ability with comprehension
Felicitas L. Padua
Sandra S. dela Cruz
20. Rosalina Marinay
Solano I
Ruby C. Gajo Relationship of Grade V Teacher’s Personal and Professional Profile: Basis for
Implementing Project Smile
Gemma N. Sta. Inez Teacher’s perspective to instructional supervision towards the improvement of
learners achievement in in Solano I
Marites C. Acierto Relationship of Grade V General Average to the Level of Performance in the
Teacher-Made NAT-Like Test: Basis for Intervention in Improving the Scores in
Araling Panlipunan
21. Fabian Evangelista
Solano II
Adelina D. Julian Tardiness of Pupils of Solano South Central School, Its Relationship to their Class
Jovelyn G. Lacangan Impact of feeding program on pupil achievement at Uddiawan Elementary School
Marilou Roderos School-Based Feeding Program of Solano II District: Its Impact to the Performance
of Severely Wasted and Wasted Pupils
22. Dolores Catanauan
Sta Fe
Allan L. Paclit Reading performance level in English of intermediate Grade Pupils of Santa fe
Ester B. Agllibat
23. Evelyn A. Castaneto The Instructional Leadership and Management Skills of School Head of Villaverde
Villaverde District
Mary Jane B. Tolentino The Reading Performance of Children at Risk (LL2) in Grade 4
Carlina B. Alayu
Carmelita Pale Profile in Relation to the Performance of the Grade VI Pupils in the National
Achievement Test (NAT)
Marilou C. Roderos School-Based Feeding Program of Solano II District: Its Impact to the Performance of
SDO (SGoD) Severely Wasted and Wasted Pupils.