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Scene 1

In the year 623BC, there was a kingdom by the name of Lumbini in
Nepal. The villagers lived together in peace until they started
becoming very materialistic and selfish. The level of greed and
disregard grew and through this, lifelong friends turned against
each other for things as simple as sharing salt or sugar. Things
weren’t shared and the sense of ownership fuelled hatred and anger.
1st Angry person:” This is MINE!”
2nd Angry person:” How dare you claim my hard work!”
1st Angry person:” Your hard work means nothing. I have riches and
that surpasses the worth of hard work. It is
Simple arguments turned into physical fights that disrupted the
peace of the village greatly.
The devas, observing this from the heavens could not see the once
prosperous kingdom fall apart because of attachment to physical
objects. They approached Lord Vishnu for his Assistance.

Deva:” My Lord, the residents of Lumbini are creating havoc for
themselves and there is no one to prevent the total
destruction of selflessness or any form of care left. Their
egos have reached the highest of heights and they cannot
recognize divinity in themselves or others anymore. Please
help us, my Lord. ”
The Lord saw the desperation in the Devas and decided to lend his

Scene 2

And so, Lord Vishnu, the preserver of all, took form as the 9th
DasAvatar as Siddhartha Gautama in Lumbini, Nepal. The king and
queen were overjoyed at the birth of their first son and heir to the
throne. The entire kingdom celebrated this new addition to the royal
** Hermit Asita enters the palace
The king quickly stood up from his throne.

King:” Happy, indeed, am I! Truly, this child of mine will enjoy
distinguished favor, for the venerable Asita has come
purposely to see me. Command me. What must I do? I am your
disciple, your servant.”

O king. If I weep. You say that his birth was a wondrous thing. and I came” With these words. that in the future his glory will be supreme. He pondered on this for a very long while before deciding that he would shower his son in all the worldly luxuries and shield him from any kind of suffering that might lead him to turn to spirituality. that my son differs little from that of a God. My life draws to a close and he is born. Therefore do not grieve. " Although the king was joyous on hearing the news of his son leading such a pious life. To those tormented by sorrow. armed with the true law. O king. then. and error will disappear in the world. it is for myself. O venerable one. he will be the cloud that brings refreshing rain. He will surrender sovereign power. that his family line would end with his death. Is his life. he will master his passions. though rich in land and rich in gold. to those enslaved by the senses. In the air I heard a divine voice speaking and it said: 'A son has been born to the king of the Sakyas. To those burning with the fire of passion. a son who will have the true knowledge. he will point out the road to salvation. He alone is to be pitied who will not hear the voice of your son. and he began to fear for his son. to be a fragile thing? Was he born only to bring me sorrow? Must this new branch wither before it has burst into flower?” Asita:“Be not distressed.Asita:” This has happened to you. This has happened to you because your ancestors. he was bothered by the thought that he would not be the heir to his throne. in spite of my meditations. he who will destroy the evil of rebirth. and rejoice. to those wandering in the forest of existences like travellers who have lost their way. in spite of my austerities. Asita began to weep. and that is why I weep. King:”You say. The king saw this. He questioned the man. O king. were above all rich in virtue. . He would keep all knowledge of sickness and death from his son so that he would know no grief. he will go to the prison of desires where all creatures languish. he will understand truth. will never know his message and his law. For he who will have perfect understanding will set the world free. I who. What I have told you is true: this child will know great glory. yet you look at him with eyes that are filled with tears. O noble. and he will break down the evil gates.' I heard these words. because you love duty and because you are ever kind to those who are wise and to those who are full of years. Know the reason for my coming. generous and hospitable king.

too. O prince. he staggers." Buddha:"So old age destroys memory and beauty and strength in man. his eyes are dull and his limbs falter. he became curious as to what was on the outside of the palace walls. He gasps for breath. Time saps our strength and steals our beauty. Buddha:"What is this man with a swollen paunch? His emaciated arms hang limp. One morning he asked the charioteer to give him a tour of the kingdom that he will soon rule. he is deathly pale and pitiful cries escape from his lips. Charioteer. then he reached the twilight of his years. he was young. and yet the world is not frantic with terror!’’ They then came upon a sick man. he had strength and beauty. He too. that which weakens the memory and destroys the senses is old age. or is it chance?” Charioteer: “That which ruins vigour. and he asked. to you. for he has the king's evil. what is this man? Chaarioteer:"My lord. and now you see him. The young prince observed very carefully every person and scene. the prince began to tremble. once crawled upon the floor.Scene 3 When Siddharta grew older. will come troublesome old age. charioteer. Sickness weighs heavily upon the world. youth will also leave you some day. the ruin that is old age. It has seized this man and broken him. Buddha: “What is this man with grey hair and body so bent? He clings to his staff with scrawny hands. was once healthy and strong!" The prince looked at the man with pity. also?" Charioteer: ”My lord. may be visited with similar effects. which causes sorrow and kills pleasure. Is he a monster? Has nature made him into this. or are all creatures threatened with sickness?" Charioteer: “We. Buddha: "Is this special to this man. Buddha: “Will that be my fate. He is weakness itself. yet he. this man knows the torment of sickness.” The prince was deeply moved." When he heard this painful truth. . see. too. too. he grew. he is falling.

Scene 4 The following day. Who will speak for you?” Then Siddhartha reached out his right hand to touch the earth. Mara's demon soldiers cried out together. Mara however. did not give up there. and they can still laugh and be merry!’’ They then came upon a corpse. what came next and when would it stop? He came to realize that his life full of riches and material possessions meant nothing to him and they were nothing but trinkets that he would lose over time through old age. He travelled to the state of Bihar and sat under a sacred fig tree and began his meditation. old age and death. they returned to the palace. the prince thought long and hard about the events of the day. There was a new found interest in escaping the suffering in this world. Then. one that would not allow suffering at all. and the earth itself spoke. yet they never lose their self-confidence! Oh. neither is there a heartbeat. (BHAJAN) While in deep meditation. There is no breath. Mara’s soldiers: "I am his witness!" Mara challenged Siddhartha. That night. He sent armies to distract Siddhartha. Mara claimed that the seat of enlightenment rightfully belonged to him and not to a mortal.Buddha: "Men see suffering and sickness. Buddha: “And what has happened to this man who looks as if there is no breath left in him?” The charioteer hesitated before answering.” With these thoughts. He has completed this segment of life. He will not awaken and continue his activities. how great must be their knowledge! They are constantly threatened with sickness. he left the palace in search of the true essence of life. Mara: “These soldiers speak for me. sickness or death. kept his focus and sat still through it all. . the demon Mara wanted to disrupt his quest. He wondered what more there was to this cycle of birth and death. one that would not be tainted by suffering. Charioteer: “This man has reached the end of his life. about sickness. Mara sent his two most beautiful daughters to try to seduce Siddharta but he remained untouched in his meditation. He wanted to search for an everlasting sense of fulfilment. He decided to embark on a journey to enlightenment.

we must be free of all worldly attachment. Siddhartha became Buddha.Earth: "I bear you witness!" Mara disappeared.” The prince lived the rest of his life under the same tree with his 10 disciples wanting to share the gift of liberation with all that he could. With this declaration. for attachment only leads to expectations. I will be known as Buddha. Lakshmi House Script . The key to Nirvan is detachment. To be free of pain. I will share the teachings that will eliminate all suffering. Buddha: “From this day on. which lead to anger and frustration. which only leads to disappointments.