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This Contract to Sell is entered and executed on 28th day of December 2016 at
Puerto Princesa City, Province of Palawan, Republic of the Philippines by and between:

OFELIA BLANCAS - LAYFIELD of legal age, Filipino citizen, married, with
residence and postal address at Pandalla, Nueva Ecija, Philippines and they are
hereinafter referred to as the VENDOR;

- AND -

ELENA PAYOT GABI, of legal age, Filipino citizen, single, with residence and
postal address at Alimanguan, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines, hereinafter referred
to as the VENDEE;


WHEREAS, the VENDOR is the registered owner of One (1) Parcel of land and
improvements thereon, located at Brgy. Alimanguan, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines
and more particularly described as follows, to wit:


(P1,850, 000.00) Philippine currency, the VENDOR by these presents agree
to bind herself, her heirs and assigns, to SELL, CEDE, CONVEY AND TRANSFER
to the VENDEE the parcel of land covered by Katibayan ng Orihinal na Titulo
Blg. E- 34070 , Kaloob na Patente Blg. 045319 -09- 25896 issued by the
Registry of Deeds of the Province of Palawan, and more particularly described
as follows, to wit:

Katibayan ng Orihinal na Titulo Blg. E-34070
Kaloob na Patente Blg. 0453319-09- 25896
Lot No. 3052, Cad 860-D

“Beginning at a point marked “1” of Lot 3052, CAD 850-D, Being,
N.38-26 E., 11,464.60 N, from BLLM No. I, CAD 860-D, San Vicente
Cadastre, San Vicente, Palawan:

Thence S. 09-37 W., 22. 96 m. to point 2;
N. 81-31 W., 28.51 m. to point 3;
N. 11- 28 E., 20.88 m. to point 4;
S. 87- 02 E., 28.05 m. to point 1 point of


00) which shall be the EARNEST MONEY in this sale. Containing an area of SIX HUNDRED NINE (609) SQUARE METERS. Wide) . 3. All corners are marked on the ground by P. along line 3-4 by Imuruan Bay and on the West and on the North. The Original of Owner’s Duplicate of OCT No. heirs and assigns. Philippines. Mons (10.000. Provided that the Capital Gains Tax and Documentary Stamp Tax shall be for the account of the VENDOR. if any.2. 1989. 1988 and was approved on May 22. The balance of ONE MILLION FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (P 1. 4. shall be on the account of the VENDEE. the VENDEE shall pay the VENDOR an amount of EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P800. 2 . Beginning. That the consideration shall be paid in the following manner: 2. 3052 shall be surrendered by the VENDOR to the VENDEE upon full payment of which shall be on or before JUNE 2017. 2. 2.3. That that upon signing this Contract the VENDOR shall allow the VENDEE to occupy and develop the area after the illegal occupants have had cleared the area. at Puerto Princesa City. Bearings Grid. imposed by the government on the property. Palawan. Cyl. That this agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective legal representatives. along line 4-1 by Lot 3053. Elotilde on February 8 to March 30.S. 5.00 N. 000) shall be paid in the following manner: APRIL 2017 – FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P 500. This lot was surveyed in accordance with law and existing rules and regulations promulgated thereunder by Mariano V. Conc.00) JUNE 2017 – SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P 550. 2.050. transfer taxes and special assessments. along line 2-3 by Barangay Road (10. Upon signing of this Contract.00) Provided that the VENDEE shall pay the VENDOR on the last week of the month. both parties have hereunto set their hands this 28th day of December 2016.1.00 m wide) on the West. on the South. All realty taxes.000.000. Cad 860-D. IN WITNESS WHEREOF.

:________ Book No. 3 .S. EC2952272 Signed in the presence of: ____________________________ _________________________ ACKNOWLEDGMENT REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES) CITY OF PUERTO PRINCESA ) S. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL. LAYFIELD ELENA G.:________ Page No. TAN Passport No. Doc. a Notary Public in Puerto Princesa City and in the Province of Palawan in this 28th day of December 2016. has been signed by the parties and witnesses on each and every page thereof. and relates to an Contract to Sell of a parcel of land. personally appeared the above-named individuals with their competent evidence of their identification indicated below their names who are known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing CONTRACT TO SELL and have acknowledged to me that the same is their free act and voluntary deed. This instrument consisting of three (3) pages including this page whereon the acknowledgment is written. E. Vendor: Vendee: OFELIA B. at the place and on the date above written. No. BEFORE ME.:_______ Series of 2016.B6684535 Passport No.