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1. Much of the machinery on these farms ___ unusable.

2. Of all the grammar points I have studied in my seven years of English, the most recent unit

___ me the most for a variety of reasons.

3. Neither the students nor the teacher ___ worried about this trip.

4. Far from being a poor city with little diversity, New Orleans certainly ___ as one of the most

interesting spots in the United States.

5. Some of this book ____ not very entertaining.

6. Despite the bad weather we have had in the past days, there ___ no doubt that the

tournament will go on.

7. That Shakespeare was one of the most talented writers ___ an understatement to those who

are really familiar with the field of literature.

8. What ___ the impetus behind tonight's meeting with members of the committee?

9. Swimming in heated pools ___ very common in this part of the country in the winter.

10. Without the new taxes, houses built before World War II ___ lower costs than more modern

homes do.

11. As most sports magazines can attest, playing sports such as tennis and basketball ___ not

only mental ability but also physical strength.

12. According to the information on this page, items bought before 1940 ___ more than items

made after that year.

13. Neither the teacher nor the students ___ to use this book again.

14. Of all the countries in that area of the world, perhaps Nigeria ___ the most potential.

15. According to the police, the killer of the boys in both cities ___ probably between the ages of

40 and 50.
16. Common knowledge to anyone who studies science, the earth ___ on its own axis once every

twenty-four hours.

17. Never ___ the weather been so bad in the months of June and July.

18. Some of the books on the table ___ to me.

19. The large companies in our area ___ a cheap source of labor.

20. Unlike similar kinds of pets such as neon tetras, the guppy ___ very little food and attention to


21. The sun is one of the stars that _______ light to the planets.

22. None of the group _______ missing.

23. Either the flight director or the astronauts _______ at fault.

24. A group of astronomers _______ meeting today.

25. Most of the stars _______ billions of years to burn out.

26. Everyone with binoculars _______ craters on the moon.

27. One of the planets _______ a year to complete an orbit.

28. All the reports on the mission _______ on the desk.

29. Every one of the other planets _______ denser than Saturn.

30. All students in that class _______ the stars.

31. Astronomy club members _______ with evening viewings.

32. Someone from the astronomy club _______ the telescope.

33. Aylin and her sister ________________ shopping every weekend.

34. Every man and woman ______responsible for his actions.

35. A lot of the people ___injured.

36. Their furniture ____ badly damaged during the flood.

37. I need a little more time Sir. Just 5 minutes _____enough.

38. Most people _____ spending a night alone.

39. The police ______always late in films.

40. Some of the girls in our school_____ over 18.

41. One of the cities she would like to live __________ Toscana.

42. Some of the countries they may have visited ______to be Nigeria and Egypt .

43. Each one of us ____ our own characteristics.

44. The weather in some African countries ____boiling hot in August.

45. None of the them _____shoes to wear.

46. The number of casualties _____increasing.

47. No news ____good news.

48. Your jeans ____ torn. Let me mend them for you.

49. A red and yellow car _____waiting outside.

50. One of her friends ____from Tokyo.

51. There____ several ways you may solve this problem.

52. There ____ an easy way to solve it. Let me show you.

53. The United States____ a rich country.

54. Statistics _____ hard to learn.

55. Chinese _____ very hard to learn.

56. The Chinese ____hard to understand.

57. Neither of you _______ suitable for this task.

58. Everybody ___ his/her own life.

59. Some of the grain _______gone bad.

60. Either Kate or her mother _________ a car. I dont know which one.
61. Gymnastics ____ her hobby.

62. The child _____ very sick.

63. The children _____ playing with their new toys.

64. The statistics _____ the company lost a lot of money.

65. One of Janes parents ________ a teacher.

66. Billiards _____ my favourite game.

67. Most of the flour ____ used to make the cake.

68. Either Martin or his two sisters _____ at home.

69. Romeo and Juliet ____ a famous love story.

70. The team members ____ having fun time.

71. Ted and Lydia _____ their uncle every weekend.

72. There ____ no time to escape, lets hide behind a rock.

73. My brothers or my sister _______ the key. I will call them and ask.

74. Nobody ____ perfect.

75. All that glitters _____ not gold.

76. His recent success _____ him more arrogant than what he used to be.

77. His coach tells me that he _____ in the league since he was sixteen years old.

78. He ____ in wearing the old fashioned coat in spite of his wife's disapproval.

79. The agnostic ______ proof before accepting any statement.

80. Some of the money ____ missing.

81. Somebody _____ forgotten to turn off the TV.

82. Each of the cars in the street _____ new.

83. The President as well as his brother ______ a guest.

84. Neither of the computers _____ working.

85. Either wine ____ fine, thank you.

86. The pair of gloves _____ not mine.

87. Twelve miles ____ a long distance to run.

88. The cost of mattresses ______ gone up lately.

89. People often ______ the importance of free time.

90. Brown rice _____ nutritious.

91. The homework for those classes _____ very time-consuming.

92. The equipment in those storage rooms _____ used by gym classes.

93. Unfortunately, many children in Mexico City _____ on the streets.

94. My notes from that class _____ not very hard to read.

95. Iron _____ easily in wet weather.

96. The buildings under the bridge _______ empty.

97. The students in her class ______ not like her exams.

98. They ______ in a city which ______ a high crime rate.

99. She _____ to Douglas College which ______ three campuses.

100. John and his friend Lisa ______ at a restaurant which _____ near the sky train station.

101. The man that ____ in the front row is my father.

102. That movie _____ not for people who _____ scared easily.

103. Claire and Amanda ______ an apartment which _____ two bedrooms.

104. There ____ ants on the windowsill.

105. When ____ the movies starting?

106. Under the pillow _____ a quarter.

107. In the sky _____ millions of stars.

108. There _____ 25 students in that class.

109. Why _____ the student always come late?

110. One of my friends ____ from France.

111. Everyone in my family ____ bright colours.

112. Both of those teachers _____ a lot of homework.

113. Each of the girls _____ wearing her best dress.

114. Nobody _____ that restaurant.

115. Something ______ worrying them.

116. On top of the mountain _____ two small cabins.

117. Nobody ____ in the cabins.

118. Outside one cabin, ____ a table and some chairs.

119. Hikers often ____ there to eat their lunch.

120. On rainy days, hikers on their lunch break often ____ on the porch.

121. They love the view of the river valleys which ____ in three directions.

122. From the mountain top, everyone ______ to see something different.

123. Paul _____ the sky, and Terry _______ the rivers paths.

124. Both of the children _____ to look at the houses which sits/sit on the hillsides.

125. Neither ____ the sky.


126. She always offer her food to the poor and needy.

127. Fishermen is spotted catching fish on the bank of the river.

128. The meeting adjourned abruptly by the CEO after about three hours of deliberation.

129. A tie is a very important part of formal dressing for every men.

130. It is true that God helps those who helps themselves.

131. He and I believes in everyone easily.

132. Dr. Jennifer and her mother teaches music.

133. Neither Dr. Jennifer nor her mother know how to cook.

134. There is the list of courses that you were looking for.

135. Either you or your sister have to take notes on the lecture.

136. Both the instructors and the students has left for the day.

137. Spring classes was announced last week.

138. Here are the list of supplies which you ordered.

139. Everybody in this school have taken the shot that prevents measles.

140. Some of the students in her class enters the essay contest every year.

141. The women who registered early are going to get extra credit.

142. Mr. and Mrs. Smith has been attending that conference for many years.

143. The students and Dr. Lee prepares the bulletin each month.
144. There goes one of the men who will conduct the research.

145. Some of that paper are going to be presented at the workshop.

146. Each of the children was promised a part in the play.

147. Neither of the women has been late to class this semester.

148. The section of paper which I read most often were missing.

149. Several of the faculty takes roll every day.

150. Everything in this room fit with the decor of the home.

151. All of the signs along the highway was removed.

152. Everyone are excited about the party.

153. Sara and Desmond is organizing the food.

154. Many of my classmates are arriving early to decorate the party room.

155. The party start at 8:00.

156. Each of us are bringing a small gift that cost less than $10 for another person.

157. Mike, like many other students, have been trying to decide on the best gift to buy.

158. Mike doesnt want to get something serious; he like to make people laugh.

159. Unfortunately, all the funny things is too expensive.

160. Soo Min is making a cake, and Moses is buying some special chips.

161. Calcium, which is one of the worlds most common elements, are important for growing strong

bones and teeth.

162. Every animal requires calcium for its health.

163. Calcium are also used for many other purposes.

164. As far back as Ancient Egyptian times, historians tells us of the use of calcium as a building


165. In nature, this important element is always found as a compound such as calcium carbonate

and calcium fluoride.

166. Lack of calcium can be a serious problem.

167. Calcium-deficient bones is brittle and breaks easily.

168. Older people, especially older women, frequently gets osteoporosis.

169. Osteoporosis are a condition which cause calcium deficiency in bones.

170. In Canada, one in four women over the age of fifty suffer from osteoporosis.