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汽轮机盖缸条件 Precondition for Turbine Box-Up

编号 No. 检查内容 Contents 检查结果 Result
1 汽机厂房进行封闭,;
MPH (turbine house) shall be a enclosure space;
2 所有汽轮机部件清洁度达到要求;
Cleanness of all the turbine components shall meet requirements.
3 全实缸状态下轴系找中合格;
Shafting alignment shall be qualified in trial box-up when turbine proper is fully assembled.
4 前箱,主油泵找正调整完;
Alignment and adjustment of Front bearing housing and MOP shall be completed.
5 高中压外缸下半的高、中压导汽管安装完,且与汽缸相连的大口径管道须安装至第一个支吊架后;
H&IP steam pipe for HIP outer lower half casing shall be installed; big diameter pipes connecting (incl. the cross pipe) with the casing
shall be installed to the place beyond the first support & hanger.
6 凝汽器与低压缸连接并完成
Condenser and LP casing connection shall be completed.
7 密封(灌水及水压)试验;
Tightness test, i.e. water filling/ hydro test for condenser shall be completed
8 低压缸内的抽气管道安装完;
Installation of Extraction pipe of the LP casing shall be completed.
9 小机排气管道与凝汽器连接完成;
Connection of TDBFP turbine exhaust pipe and the condenser shall be completed.
10 所有与凝汽器壳体相连接的管道必须接至一次门;
All pipes connected with the condenser shell shall be connected to the root valve.
11 汽轮机扣大盖前除应完成现场记录和格式记录外,还应完成已规定的签证书;
Prior to turbine final box-up, all site registers and formal protocols, as well as stipulated protocols, shall be completed.


编号 No. 检查内容 Contents 检查结果 Result 12 水泥垫块与基架间的接触记录,基架与汽缸或轴承箱的间隙记录符合厂家要求; Mortar pad and soleplate matching records. 16 转子定位记录符合厂家要求; Rotor locating records shall meet manufacturer requirements. 2 . 13 滑销系统间隙检查: Sliding pin system clearance inspection: 13. 15 汽缸水平、扬度及转子扬度记录符合厂家要求(包括凝汽器连接完的记录); Records of leveling and uplift of casing as well as rotor uplift shall meet manufacturer requirements (including records after connection with condenser). 13. casing vertical pin and casing lug horizontal pin shall be measured to be in accordance with design requirements. 20 汽封及通流部分间隙符合厂家设计要求; Clearance of steam seals and flow passage shall meet manufacturer technical requirements. 18 联轴器找正心记录符合厂家技术要求; Coupling centering records shall meet manufacturer technical requirements.1 台板纵横滑销、汽缸立销和猫爪横销最终间隙的测定要符合设计要求; Final clearance of soleplate vertical and horizontal sliding pin. vertical and horizontal sliding pin and axial locating pin shall be in accordance with design requirements. 19 隔板找正记录符合厂家技术要求; Diaphragm alignment records shall meet manufacturer technical requirements. 14 汽缸水平结合面间隙记录符合厂家要求; Clearance records of Casing horizontal parting surface shall meet manufacturer requirements.2 内缸猫爪、纵横滑销和轴向定位销间隙的测定要符合设计要求; Clearance Measurement of inner casing lug. soleplate and casing or bearing housing clearance records shall be in accordance with manufacturer requirements. 17 转子在油挡洼窝的找正记录符合厂家技术要求; Records of rotor alignment at oil retainer bore area shall meet manufacturer technical requirements.

29 所有螺母无顶底、间隙无相碰,符合膨胀要求; For all nuts. 28 各轴承安装符合厂家技术要求并做好记录; Installation of Each bearing shall meet manufacturer technical requirements and records shall be made. 30 所有的内部部套清点齐全并摆放整齐; All internal components and parts shall be counted without shortage and put neatly. ultrasonic and metallographic examination reports shall meet requirements. steam chamber. 31 参与汽轮机本体扣缸的热工测温元件校验合格并试装无误; C&I temperature measuring elements involved in turbine proper box-up shall be calibrated and trial-installed without error. inspection and adjustment of HIP inner & outer casings shall be completed. 23 推力轴承间隙记录符合要求; Thrust bearing clearance record shall meet requirements. 25 汽缸内本体设备缺陷消除完并做好记录; Defect elimination involved with components and parts in the casing shall be completed and records shall be made. 26 汽缸内部清理检查认可并记录(包括:汽缸内部、管段、蒸汽室、仪表插座及堵头的封闭); Casing inside cleaning inspection shall be verified and recorded (including interior of casing. there shall be no touching between the screw and the nut inner ceiling and no clearance fouling. 检查内容 Contents 检查结果 Result 21 高中压内、外缸所有内部测量、检查、调整工作结束; All internal measurement. 22 内缸及其他部套的疏水管道等安装完成; Drain pipes of inner casing and other parts shall be installed and completed. 32 内缸疏水管、低压缸喷水管路缸内部分安装完。 Part of inner casing drain pipe and LP casing spray pipe that are located in the casing shall be installed. 3 . 24 合金部件光谱、螺栓硬度、超声、金相检验报告符合要求; PMI for alloy parts. And they shall meet expansion requirements. bolt hardness test. pipe section.编号 No. instrument socket and dummy sealing) 27 汽缸外露孔洞临时封闭完; Casing exposing openings shall be temporarily sealed.