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Article-1: The Guardian Business News

[Graeme Wearden] “Stock markets hit record highs as fears over North Korea and Irma recede -
as it happened”, The Guardian Business News, 11SEP17.
 The S&P 500 has gained 1.1% (26 pts to 2,488 pts) led by insurance and other financial
firms which is consider biggest jumps since march.
 In London, the FTSE 100 finished 0.5% higher at 7413 pts which shows that world markets
by MSCI are all time high.
 The US dollar is also in favor, gaining almost 0.5% against other currencies, whereas, The
British pound is creeping higher this morning, as traders prepare for an influx of data later
this week - and an interest rate decision.
 In coming few days, the UK inflation rate is expected to rise to 2.8% from 2.6% since July.
According to some financial analyst, there might be possibility of Bank of England about
the possibility of levitation borrowing costs from their current record is short.

Article-2: Al-Jazeera Dubai News
[Simeon Kerr] “Al Jazeera to cut 500 jobs”, Aljazeera Dubai News, 27MAR16
 Government revenue is declining on the oil price crash.
 Average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is forecasted to fall more than 9% during 2010 to
2014, whereas, in 2015 to 2019, it is expected to decline 4%.
 According to the predication of the Al-Jazeera News’ Director, in past few months there is
huge technological development is going to undertake in the next few months in the global
world which creates the technological war.
The decline in the staff is due to hitting hard in the crude oil industry.

Correlation between News’s Articles and Finance Course -3100:

The above article 1 is the articulate the impact of economic and political and economics
pheromones on the stock market and international currencies. Whereas, article No. 2 is explaining
the effect of fluctuation has happened in the natural resources and economic slumps due to
evolution of technological development which is going to undertake in the global world.
Collectively, the both above News’ Article are the real incidents of the financial markets, and
explaining the impact of political, economic and social relation with investment and stock trade
markets. As this Finance course (i.e. FIN 3100) is best description of A survey of financial markets

according to the economist point of view. which is very important to understand in order to have command in the financial market. short fall of labor can ultimate suffer the real GDP Growth. Role of Federal Reserve system is discussed in these articles. and resultantly. unemployment and unbalance credit spending in the economy. In these case the economics growth and wages rate is declining. When the price of the natural reserves decreased ultimately the financial crises happened in the economy. Further. the S&P’s 500 index reflect the position sign in the stock exchange and the measuring momentum improve again in the volatile market and promote upward price trend. one of the real factor which contributes the economics factor is wages and employments. Theses highlighted economics growth factor such as decrease in the crude oil prices. to declining in the employment level. social justification. Further. the stock market affected. Further. Due.and intermediaries with emphasis on their structure. . and status.