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PART PDF ISSUE Kyowa Measuring Instruments for Stress Solutions KYOWA ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.

UCAM-500A Data Logger
● Number of connectable scanners: 1 to 20 (1000 channels max.)
● Functions:
• To control scanners
• To collect and store data sent from scanners
• To transfer data to the personal computer
● Data update rate: See table below.
● Measuring modes: • Real-time • Interval • Trigger • Monitor
● Measuring functions: • Initial value • Original value • True value
● Range of initial value available for storage: Same as the measuring
range of scanner
● Conversion to values in engineering units: Values in engineering units
are obtained by multiplying measured values (strain, voltage,
potentiometer value) by defined coefficients.
Personal computer should be prepared by the user. ● Memory: 64M-bytes (backed for approximately 4 years at 20°C). It
stores data except for calculation channels.
The UCAM-500A realizes a high-speed multichannel data logging
● Interface:
system together with USB-500A scanners and the UCS-500A con-
• Dedicated interface between UCAM-500A and USB-500A, total
trol software installed in an existing Windows 95/98-compatible per-
extended cable length up to 185m
sonal computer. The UCAM-500A can connect with up to 20 USB-
• GP-IB interface between UCAM-500A and personal computer;
500A scanners and each scanner can accommodate up to five 10-
prepare the GP-IB cable which is commercially available.
channel measuring units. Thus, the full-fledged system provides 1000
● Real-time clock: Year, month, day, hour, minute, second (for interval
measuring channels.
measurement, etc.; backed for approximately 8 years at 20°C)
Conventional data logging systems have serially measured signals
● Operating temperature range: 0 to 40°C
of multiple sensors, thereby making them improper for measurement
● Operating humidity range: 20 to 80%R.H. (no dew condensing)
of dynamic phenomena due to a time difference between channel to
● Power requirements: 85 to 264Vac (no switchover required), 50/60Hz;
channel. On the contrary, the new system simultaneously samples
approx. 50VA
signals on all channels and updates the data at certain intervals. If the
● Dimensions: 426 x 88 x 300 mm (excluding protrusions)
number of measuring channels is 100, for instance, data are updated
● Mass: Approx. 6kg
50 times per second, thereby allowing for measurement of not only
static phenomena but also dynamic ones occurring at several cycles Dedicated Scanner USB-500A
per second. ● Applicable sensors
Applicable sensors include strain gages, strain-gage transducers, (1) Strain unit USS-51A
voltage-output sensors, potentiometer sensors and thermocouples. Strain gages/strain-gage transducers
To input signals from these sensors, three types of measuring units 1-gage method/1-gage method (true dummy method):
are available: strain unit for strain gages, strain-gage transducers and 120Ω, 350Ω
potentiometer sensors; voltage unit for voltage-output sensors; and 2-gage method (active-dummy & active-active methods):
thermocouple unit. 120Ω to 1000Ω
Signals measured by these units are digitized in each scanner and 4-gage method (active on opposite sides & full bridge methods):
then transferred to the UCAM-500A via the dedicated interface. A 120Ω to 1000Ω
large-capacity memory in the UCAM-500A can store up to 33.3 hours Potentiometer sensors: 1kΩ to 10kΩ
of data, if the number of measuring channels is 50 and the number of (2) Voltage unit USV-51A
measuring times is set at 1 time/sec. ±20.0V
By sending the command from the personal computer, the operator (3) Thermocouple unit UST-51A
can review numerical or graphed data in real time or replay stored Thermocouples: K (CA), T (CC), E (CRC), J (IC), R
data as required. Since UCAM-500A control commands are open to ● Number of measuring channels: 50 max. (with 5 measuring units
the public, each user can create his/her original software program for mounted)
each individual application. ● Frequency response: DC to 7.8Hz (–3dB ±0.5dB)

Max. Data Update Rate, Number of Measuring Times and Data Acquisition Time vs. Number of Measuring Channels
Max. number of Number of Number of scanners
Max. data update rate measuring times, approx. Data acquisition time measuring channels required
50 times/sec (50Hz) 60,000 20 min. 100 2*
10 times/sec (10Hz) 30,000 50 min. 200 4*
2 times/sec (2Hz) 12,000 2.1 hr. 500 10
1 time/sec (1Hz) 6,000 1.7 hr. 1000 20
*Synchronous cable US-50A should be used for connection between scanner to scanner.
Data Acquisition Time vs. Data Update Rate
Data update rate Number of Number of
1 time/sec 2 times/sec 10 times/sec 50 times/sec measuring times measuring channels
33.3 hr. 16.7 hr. 3.3 hr. 40 min. 120,000 50
16.7 hr. 8.3 hr 1.7 hr. 20 min. 60,000 100
8.3 hr. 4.2 hr. 50 min. — 30,000 200
Data acquisition time 5.6 hr. 2.8 hr. — — 20,000 300
4.2 hr. 2.1 hr. — — 15,000 400
3.3 hr. 1.7 hr. — — 12,000 500
1.7 hr.. — — — 6,000 1000


with the dedicated scanner integrated and external ● Number of measuring channels: 30 max. is for civil engineering measurement. The phenomenal UCAM-20PC can do as much work as an expensive stand-alone data logger does—through setting measuring Dedicated Scanners USB-21A and USB-23A conditions. If the demand calls for more than 30 channels. just attach USB series scanners.7 x 250mm (excluding protrusions). and the user can command as many as 230 channels. measuring. with external scanners connected come standard with the terminal protection cover. (with 3 scanning units scanners connected mounted) ● Scanning speed: ● Number of USB scanner mountable into UCAM-20PC: 1 Comprehensively set for all channels— ● Operating temperature/humidity range: 0 to 40°C. Or.2kg max. 2400. 6.6 x 86. strain-gage transduc- ers. approx. 230 max. approx. USS-22A and USS-23A ● Operating temperature/humidity range: 0 to 40°C. accepting or 9-16Vdc. ● Interface RS-232-C approx. civil engineering transducers with temperature measuring function. 1. can be carried out interactively with the computer. 50/60Hz. Personal computer should be prepared by the user. and presenting measurement data The USB-21A is for general strain measurement and the USB-23A in the numeric or graphic form. 4800 or 9600 bps Scanning Units USS-21A. With a dedicated scanner integrated: 323.7 x 250mm (excluding protrusions). but it readily connects with a notebook-size personal computer. USS scanning units 200 max. with NDIS connectors ● Power requirements: 90-132/180-264Vac. measuring function Voltage DC voltage-output sensor Temperature Thermocouple K (CA) T (CC) E (CRC) J (IC) R Resistance-based Pt100 (new JIS) temp. Comes with a 320 x 40 x 250mm (excluding protrusions).5 channels/sec (0. 50VA USS-23A: for civil engineering measurement. The measure. including setup of measurement conditions.9kg built-in arrester. Matchable sensors include strain gages. The compact and lightweight mainframe incorporates a 30-channel scanner. 30W (as specified) civil engineering transducers which can measure temperatures ● Dimensions & mass: using the temperature-sensitive platinum resistor.9kg Transfer rate 1200. Each of these scanners can accommodate up to three 10-channel scanning units for measure- ● Number of measuring channels: ment in a maximum of 30 channels. thermocouples and DC voltage sensors.6 x 86. create programs tailored to special needs. All operation. Use the optional software to achieve easy and quality standard measure- ments. with the dedicated scanner integrated mounted into the mainframe of UCAM-20PC. The USB scanner will be 30 max. So the user can save time and money to build an efficient measuring system at any job site. measurement JPt100 (old JIS) Thunder-resistant terminal Scanner Interface —** USI USI-25A —** USI USI -27A -27A -25A **Not required 12 . 20 to 85%RH 12. 1. Data UCAM-20PC Logger The UCAM-20PC is unique in that it has neither operating keys nor display. approx. 20 to 85%RH USS-21A: for general strain measurement (no dew condensing) USS-22A: for general strain measurement. Windows 95/98-compatible Software UCS-25A Scanners and Measuring Objects Scanners General purpose Civil engineering USB USB USB USB USB USB USB USB -21A -70A -51A -51AT -20A -23A -70A -20D Measuring Objects -10/20 -50A -30 -50D Strain Gages 1-gage method 120Ω 240Ω 350Ω Strain-gage 1-gage method 120Ω Transducers (true dummy method) 350Ω 2-gage method Active-dummy method 60 to 1000Ω Active-active method Common dummy method 4-gage method Active on opposite sides method 60 to 1000Ω Full bridge method Civil Engineering 4-gage method Constant-current excitation Transducers 350Ω Transducer with temp. approx. ment data can be printed out on an external printer.2 channel/sec (5 sec/channel) ● Dimensions & mass: 323.08 sec/channel) (no dew condensing) 1 channel/sec (1 sec/channel) ● Power requirement: Supplied from UCAM-20PC 0.

● Measuring channel: 1 mocouple) ● Switch boxes: SS-R (12 or 24 channels). approx. UCAM-70A-20 for civil engineering Models: USB-70A-10 and USB-70A-20 for general Processing: Calculation using coefficients.5 x 155mm. approx.900V (4 ranges) ● External scanners: USB-51A. 16kg UPS-70A is required. 20 units connectable to Models: UCAM-70A-10 for general purpose UCAM-70A in cascade. When an ex- Other functions: Triggering. Data UCAM-70A Logger ● Connectable to a variety of sensors ● Internal scanner provides 10 measuring channels as standard and is extensible to a maximum of 30 channels. USB-20A. each providing 50 measuring Strain: 0 to ±199000 x 10–6 strain (2 ranges) channels DC voltage: 0 to ±19. ● High-speed measurement. 1kg 13 . E. ● Measuring ranges: 0 to ±199990 x 10–6 strain.001 x 10–7 to –9999 x Resistance: 0 to 19900Ω (2 ranges) 107 Insulation resistance: 1 to 500MΩ ● Interval measurement possible ● Dimensions and mass: ● Power requirements— 1488 x 50.. 10kg Subject variables Strain Civil Engineering Transducers Remarks DC Voltage/ Temperature with Temp. approx. USB-51AT. approx. J. 20 channels/sec ● Small and lightweight handy package with EIA-232-D (RS-232-C) ● Connectable to a variety of sensors ● SMD-10A (bridge excitation with constant voltage) ● GP-IB and self-test function as standard provisions SMD-20A (bridge excitation with constant current) ● Subject variables: Strain. 20W Handy ● Dimensions and mass: 425 x 88 x 421. T. 1. approx. USB-50A Temperature (thermocouple): K. inter. ● Variety of useful functions ● Data can be saved on the floppy disk or 1Mbyte PC memory card. 30 types of trigger table available engineering transducers): –50.0 ● A constant can be individually set for all measuring points in a to 200°C range of 0. 0 to ±199990µVdc ● Power requirement: R6P dry cell x 4 or 100Vac (via optional adaptor) ● Dimensions and mass: 110 x 60 x 300mm. USB-70A-30 for civil engineering automatic unit conversion Power requirement: Supplied from the UCAM-70A. tension cable is used or when more than 3 val triggering and storage units of USB-70A are connected in cascade. ● Subject variables and measuring ranges— 10 external scanners connectable.4kg USB-12A: 300 x 55 x 70mm. Power requirement: 90-132Vac or 180-264Vac (as specified) an optional AC power supply Dimensions and mass: 427 x 177 x 420mm. ● Dimensions and mass: USB-11A: 300 x 55 x 140mm. Measuring Function Current (Thermocouple) Transducer Thunder Gage Transducer Gage Temperature Connector Arrester UCAM-70A-10 UCAM-70A-20 UCAM-10B Data Logger SMD-10A/20A Handy Digital Static Strain Indicators ● High-speed measurement. approx. ● GP-IB and EIA-232-D (RS-232-C) interface as standard provisions Scanner USB-70A Specifications— UCAM-70A Measuring channels: 50. Dimensions and weight: 302 x 170 x 500mm. 750g 100V version: 85-132Vac. 35VA 220V version: 170-264Vac DC version: 11-30Vdc.5mm. interchannel data calculation. Temperature (SMD-20A with civil ing value). graphic purpose display. 8kg UCAM-1A Static Strain Meter ● Built-in printer and data memory ● Designed for 1-channel measurement but external scanners allow a maximum of 100-channel measurement. 50/60Hz.0001 x 10–7 to 99999 x 107 or –0. approx. N ● Measurement can be triggered by a relative value (a certain chang. internal scanner for 10 channels. approx. ● External scanners provide 50 measuring channels each and allow a maximum of 1000 measuring channels. max. temperature (ther. USB-12A is supplied from USB-11A. interval measurement. NS-H (12 or 24 channels) ● Measuring channels: 500 max. approx. 1kg Master Scanner USB-11A and Slave Scanner USB-12A ● 10 channels each ● Power requirement: R6P dry cell x 8 for USB-11A. DC voltage/current. 20 channels/sec ● Civil engineering model available ● Graphic display available ● Integral high-speed printer (14 lines/sec) ● Onscreen image can be hardcopied.