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Multi temperature data management

Supported on partition level
Leveraging new extension node concept
Cloud deployment options
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Microsoft Azure
SAP BW/4HANA optimized Business Content
FI, CO, MM, SD, MDG, Utilities as the starting point *
Data Tiering Optimization (DTO)
Unified concept covering hot, warm and cold data
Based on partitioning- and temperature definition
Automatic data placement to extension nodes or NLS (SAP IQ)
SAP BPC support Standard and/or Embedded model.
SAP BW/4HANA optimized Business Content for Plant Maintenance *, Customer Service
**, Financial Statement**
Data Tiering Optimization (DTO)
Support for cold storage in SAP HANA Vora (disk engine)
API for temperature maintenance to enable Data Tiering Automation
Support for multiple extension nodes
Integration with SAPs cloud offering
SAP SuccessFactors, Ariba and Cloud for Customers
Data Tiering Optimization (DTO)
Supporting updates to cold data (external storage)
Enhanced Data Tiering Automation
Support of Inventory ADSOs
Enhanced BW/4HANA Cloud offering
Additional deployment options
Enhanced service offering
Data Tiering Optimization (DTO)
Support for several external storage destinations
Further cold storage options based on SAP HANA Vora and Hadoop

Modern Interface
BW/4 Modeling Tools

Transformation & DTP maintenance

Flatfile DataSource
Planning tools (DataSlice, Plan.Sequence)
Document Store

Web-based Administration & Monitoring

Process Chain maintenance
SAP BW/4 Cockpit
Web-based Administration & Monitoring
DTO Temperature Maintenance Cockpit

BW/4 Modeling Tools

Mass Modeling for objects in DataFlow and Semantic Group members

Planning tools (Planning functions)

Dataflow documentation generation (HTML)
System health monitoring and prediction
Machine-learning based DW administration
High Performance
Enhanced Master Data Loads
Further Query Parallelization
Query Execution Mode Optimize
Further push down of OLAP capabilities
Conditions (HAVING, Ranking, )
Stock coverage, Current member
Leveraging new HANA engine capabilities for Analytics and Transformations

Big Data / Data Lake Integration with SAP DataHub
Process and Data Integration between BW/4HANA and DataHub
Interoperability with native DW approach
HDI support
Metadata API for SAP BW/4 modeling objects Integration with SAP Enterprise
Designer (EAD) and DataHub
Big Data / Data Lake Integration with SAP DataHub
Metadata Integration & Governance enabling lineage and impact analysis
Enhanced BW/4 data acquisition into Data Hub
SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) API Hub
Availability of SAP BW/4 APIs
Interoperability with native DW approach
HANA View generation for Open ODS Views
CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) and PI (Process Integration) interface to SAP
Big Data / Data Lake Integration with SAP DataHub
Big Data / Data Lake Integration with SAP DataHub
Repository interoperability between SAP BW/4HANA and DataHub (common transports &
improved impact analysis)
OpenHub modernisation