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I am Marita, and I want you to join me in a quest for the human rights of a vulnerable group.

I am pretty sure you are very much aware of the struggles for the rights for LGBT+ people, but I
think it is also very likely that you haven’t considered this particular angle: when LGBT+ people are
outed, it is frequent that their families and friends break up with them. Beyond the emotional,
social, and existential anxiety these people suffer, they can find themselves with nothing and none
to resort t, and LGBT+ people also have problems that might add to their despair in such
situations—like myself, for I am an out LGBT+, disabled, atheist woman, all of which suffer
setbacks in our society. These people can and, sadly, do end homeless, beaten, killed, prisoners of
abusive relationships...

So, I want you to help me help others. I have set to build a safe house for LGBT+, and some
education programs both for the LGBT+ community as well as the general population, about our
rights, legal protection, sexual protection, and so on.

Together we can improve things. Together we can help. I hope you can join me and contribute to
fund this projects.

Thanks for joining and helping.

Marita Šupe