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Makanan tradisional mexico

1. Tacos dan Nachos

not complete it if you visit Mexico without
enjoying this meal. Almost everywhere in
Mexico, tourists can easily enjoy it. Although
both these snack made from corn but has
distinctive features of each.
Tacos and nachos from the city of Piedras
Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Tacos are typical Mexican snack consisting of rolls or folds
tortilla filled with a variety of dishes in it. Rodolfo De Los Santos makes culinary in
1943. One of the most popular breakfast menu is tacos. Mexican society usual eating
for breakfast. Tacos consisted of a fried egg and a combination of potatoes, sausage or
bacon (bacon).
2. Tamale
The traditional cake made with basic ingredients corn
flour in it filled with chicken, pork, vegetables, cheese
and wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. Tamale
is also commonly sold from house to house in Mexico.
Tamale is a snack that has existed since the days of
the ancient Maya, about 250 years before Christ. At
that time, the tamale is a provision commonly taken
by people of Mexico when they go hunting, traveling
and even war. Snacks have been selected for making a
simple and durable.

3. Guacamole

Avocado is preferred because of its
soft texture and distinctive flavor.
Mexican communities ordinary
process into a sweet and savory
sauce. Soft texture can give a
different sensation when you eat it.
There are many ways of processing
the fruit. In general, the avocado is
used for salads, stuffing sandwich or
juice but ordinary Mexican society
makes it a unique sauce called guacamole.Guacamole is a typical Mexican sauce made
of avocado mashed and mixed with lemon juice or lime. If you order Mexican dishes
are usually always juxtaposed with the sauce. In some areas also add tomatoes, onions

is mainly used untu Margarita mixed with fruit and a glass of this type is also used for dishes such as guacamole or shrimp cocktail. and cilantro is finely chopped. While in informal situations can margarita served with old-fashioned glass. One hump agave can weigh 50 to 100 kg. corn flour. If you want to add a fresh taste of fruit juice or orange liqueur. They call it "xocalatl" meaning warm or bitter liquid. alkanoid chocolate contains substances that can bring happiness. pudding. chili. Chocolate is also a symbol of love and affection. Tequila this drink comes from the area Tequila. According to investigators. To enjoy cocoa beans mashed and mixed with water. 6. 5. Chocolate You certainly like food made from chocolate. Margarita can be served in a wide range of glasses. These crops are to be harvested as the main raw material of this unique beverage. To produce one liter of tequila agave weevil takes 1kg. 4. jam and more. The result is a pasta made spicy chocolate drink frothy. Guadalajara west of Mexico City. Tastes sour and fresh with very strong lemon scent. There are plantations of agave plants are very spacious. Cocktail Margarita Margarita is one typical drink of Mexico. . especially pitchers of margaritas made from the stereotypical. and other ingredients. that part is used to produce tequila cob. Plants are still allied with pineapple but not fruitful and very large size. They take advantage of the agave plant that grows in Mexico. often served in a margarita cocktail glass standard with extra ice. Ordinary Mexican society serves as the opening presentation of his fancy. In a formal setting. Well. The Maya adopted the word "cacao" from the Olmec tribe. tequila and ice cubes are given. They cultivate them in the yard. Many dairy such as milk. Tequila has been recognized by the people of Mesoamerica for hundreds of years ago. classic variation of Champagne Coupe. In some areas normally blue margarita cocktail being mixed with blue curacao.

Rebozo is worn by women in Mexico. Puebla Puebla dresses and blouses generally has short sleeves and a loose fit. The sombreros farmers are . one can find the use of hand-woven fabrics in the quechquemitl creation. Rebozo Rebozo is another type of clothing that can be included in Mexican clothing. Not only women who adorn quechquemitl Mexicans. The origins Rebozo can not be placed correctly. When people talk about Mexican clothing. Cotton is generally used to Huipil but times can even see the use of wool. Only women generally wear Huipil. Brazil Costums The different styles of Mexican Traditional Clothing: Clear and strong colors are part of the traditional Mexican clothing. This term simply refers to a kind of cap that has an edge. Mexican traditional clothing of all comfort and let the body feel comfortable with the kind of temperature encountered. Wool and silk introduce Spanish later. 5. this plant is what is on my mind. Huipil can be drawn into a tunic sleeve or roughly speaking as a sack-like garments. sombrero Mexican sombrero which is an integral part of Mexican clothing. leather and agave. Rebozo is rectangular in shape and are found in materials such as cotton. Huipil Huipil is one beautiful garment that is part of traditional Mexican clothing. It is also noticed that the term Rebozo not appear in Spanish until 1562. either long or short. poncho is one of the apparel everywhere like it and often make a comeback in the fashion scenario. Quechquemitl Quechquemitl is another outfit as I encountered who could be called the traditional Mexican clothing accessories. This garment is one of my favorites and when one speaks of the people of Mexico. This garment is almost robe-like in appearance where the head though it must pass through the opening of the center and the corners of cloth left hanging on all four sides. silk. For those who do not get the basic idea quechquemitl. Puebla Puebla traditional Mexican dress is more about comfort for breathable fabrics. 3. Kind of long dresses and flared sleeves and have a little breathless. Here rectangular strips of fabric cut with varying length. Rebozo is also used as a shawl or a scarf. Experts say that Rebozos originated due to the intermingling cultures that were colonized by Spain. The original pre-Hispanic civilizations of Mexico and the fiber is mainly used to make traditional Mexican clothing. and it also can be wider or narrower width. Generally. 1. you can rummage through your wardrobe and look at a very stylish poncho. Full acts as a protection from the sun. wool or even articela. Women also use Rebozo to bring goods to market. Here woven and decorated with motifs that tell a story of old folklore. Also known as the Puebla dress Boho dress later 4. dress Puebla is also one type of which is owned by this category. Mexican clothing has a main user of fabrics such as cotton and fiber. sombreros as it's commonly used as part of traditional Mexican clothing. 2.

Sonora. Veracruz. Guerrero. which slopes toward the expensive side.generally made of straw. . while some are even made of felt.

270 birds. the lagoon with golden sand beaches. Chichen Itza This pyramid is a relic of the ancient Maya. The shape is almost similar to other pyramids in Mexico. This museum houses a collection of drinks from various regions of Mexico. Disina you pull menikamati traditional dances by the descendants of the Aztecs. 70 mammals.the turtle eggs to protect them from predators. There are 1. 19 amphibians. and others. This tourist destination located on the shores of Costalegre. alligators and cougars. The emergence of the Toltec nation expected to mark the emergence of civilization in Mesoamerica. Since then. Cuixmala a protected forest area in Mexico. 6. Curious? In the city of Tula rating can be viewed directly sculptures antlantean which is the oldest archaeological sites ever. City of Tula A region in Mexico that is currently known as the city of Tollan. a building with a glass exterior in pairs this effect visible area of the building as they are entered. forests. Beach Cancun Cancun is a beach located in the southern part of Mexico. The place to host the world's largest mural called "La Marcha de la Humanidad". This is a privately run institution. as well as some building luxury villas. The sculptures will be proof if ever Tula became one of the greatest civilizations in Mexico in ancient times. If you want to see the picture of nature as it could not hurt to visit Cuixmala. If lucky. Design is a very charming place was designed by David Alfero Siqueuros. The well is also included Mayan. It is the only pyramid still complete and well maintained. The building has a building Teather.42 square kilometers and is dominated by hilly topography became one of the tourist attraction. In total. Historically. There is also a habitat for endangered species such as sea turtles. you can swim taste the freshness of this water. Cenote Ik Ki Is a well keadalaman berdimeter 60 meters by 35 meters. Tequila Museum. Zocalo A city of the Aztecs. Located not far from Itza pyramid. becoming one of the leading tourist spot of the country. the place is also the largest square in the world. Berlatarkan aztec magnificent palaces they dance and sing with joy. 3. in the state of Quintana Roo. This place you should not miss granted 5. 4. Cuixmala Imagine a place with spectacular beaches. 2. Rural .Object Tourism 1. the area is about 131. 7. As a leading nation and a strong end they dominate other societies in the region. Mexico City If you visit Mexico City you missed some places in Mexico City such as Cultural Polyforum. lagoons and a variety of flora and fauna. as mentioned in a number of post-conquest sources. In certain biologists would collect the eggs . you can see the process of releasing hatchlings (baby turtles) off the coast of Costalegre. The atmosphere may be kalaian seemed to feel you are part of them. and thousands of species of insects and invertebrates. The place is surrounded by lush vegetation.200 species of plants. 68 reptiles. the city was formed towards the end of the classical period. Toltec nation is one that is able to survive in their natural state at the time. Mexico. It is said that there are many found evidence of the nation's long- lost Atlantis. These wells contain underground fresh water is clear and clean. At that time humans began to migrate from the north to Mesoamerica. the city of Tollan or Tula became the capital of the legendary Toltec nation.

The beach is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. You can feel the unforgettable memories for couples. Hijo: boys Hija: girls. The name 'cancun' comes from ancient Mexico. Most office workers complete with a suit and tie. They do not know Islam and Islamic rule in hijab. With all the natural beauty of the exotic. And so. to provide electronic goods would like to buy boiled peanuts because with this installment system. to the extent there sitting in the trunk. Whereas the logging is happening in Mexico should create millions of butterflies are blurred. 6. It is also like the culture in Indonesia. HAL UNIK 1. Every year many tourists who want to celebrate a honeymoon. Travelers can along the white sand stretching along the beach with a partner. There we can also swim in the blue sea and bright sunshine illuminated. Every year millions of giant butterflies migrate to Mexico from the United States and Canada. 4.The friendly enough with the greeting "good morning". Although the names of Cancun beaches like wild beasts. 8. As in Indonesia. Although there is no customer service. . many Indonesian language film that comes with the English translation to appear worldwide 2. Cancun beach will look like a snake winding . 5. which means golden snake. Mexico . SAPAAN Abuelo: grandfather Abuela: grandmother Padre: father Madre: mother Tío: uncle Tia: aunt Hermano: brother Hermana: sister Primo: cousin guy Prima: a girl cousin Sobrino: nephew guy: Sobrina: niece girls Nieto: grandson Nieta: granddaughter. Purchase more goods using the installment system.Municipality of Benito Juarez.contortion golden color because of light reflection sunset if we see it from the top of a cliff in the afternoon. Films in CD rental mostly speak English with a Spanish-language translation. Sometimes it happens that the hijab would be a strange sight for those people of Mexico. Many stores off Sunday. there we will not find the snake. There public transportation is often full of passengers. deservedly Cancun included in the list of honeymoon destinations. 3. even though they ride public transportation 7.

as it has done in the past. In this process. Selected as godparents or Padrinos and madrinas is a matter of honor Mexico. the girl was not allowed to meet other youth. WEDDING PARTY 1. Although the family when the child can not be seen formally approaching a girl's family. 10. The Padrinos and Madrinas Traditionally. 11. a Mexican couple can choose their god parents. Better check first made of chips that seems renyak and the savory. This is to prevent incidents of elopement until marriage alliance resolved. they can visit the girl's house several times. But actually they are eager to practice English if there are tourists who come. Traditionally. Some young people who can speak English. and also later when they face problems in their married life. they state directly adjacent to the Americans. 9. So beware if you have a prohibition against pork. to ask for her hand in marriage. Pork chips are everywhere and quite tasty apparently. In the case of long engagement. Selected as godparents or Padrinos and madrinas is a matter of honor Mexico. as a sign of respect to them. godparents are given a special place by the couple in the wedding ceremony. The Padrinos and madrinas gift couples Bible and a rosary as a symbol of their blessing. As a sign of respect. not all wedding traditions are strictly followed today. before ringing the commitment given as a sign of formal engagement. The Padrinos and madrinas gift couples Bible and a rosary as a symbol of their blessing. In the case of marriage. still common in Northern Mexico. according to Mexican tradition. who sponsor the wedding. as such action is considered a disgrace to the family. for the family to be in the conversation. a Mexican couple can choose their god parents. it was already quite saggy. in many cases the child was still meets the girl's parents to ask for her hand in marriage. the boy gives his fiancée as a 'promise ring'. Godparents are considered sages who help and advise couples around the engagement. Marriage and Customs Pre Wedding Mexico hold their customs and family honor in high regard. As a sign of respect. In fact. Godparents are considered sages who help and advise couples around the engagement. The Padrinos and Madrinas Traditionally. Banks and restaurants will be full by the time the 15th and the 1st of each month for payday there twice per month. 2. who sponsor the wedding. However. it is the boy's family who immediately approached the girl's family. . and also later when they face problems in their married life. Most of the Mexicans could not speak English. godparents are given a special place by the couple in the wedding ceremony. which is reserved only green chilies. No chili sauce at the restaurant. 12.

the El Lazo. candy distributed among all the guests. Right from the engagement to the wedding reception. the guests throw red beads in pairs. Dollar Dance is also an integral and enjoyable part of a Mexican wedding. Traditional Mexican food served include tortillas. dance and celebration. Lasso signifies the union of two unbreakable bond of love and trust. beans and rice. his mother says a prayer to protect and guide her daughter when she goes to take her wedding vows. then attended a Mexican wedding is a chance that one should never miss.3. . Sometimes Lasso bound at the wrist and they wear it well couples in the wedding ceremony. it is customary for the groom to give the bride Trece Monedas de oro or '13 gold coins' blessed by the priest. and sangria. or Lasso. The Wedding Reception Mexican wedding reception is full of music. A container made of paper called the pinata filled with candy and hung for children. In this custom. chicken. During the wedding. which hit it. Wedding ceremony Before she leaves for the wedding. Acceptance of coins by the bride. Mexican wedding is a grand affair. After the couple had exchanged their vows. the guests hold hands and gather around them in the shape of a heart. the guests take turns dancing with a partner and pin up a dollar bill (or a larger denomination) as blessing for their happy married life. 4. This action is believed to bring good luck to the newly married. Salsa. as a sign of trust and confidence is questionable. the white ribbon or rosary. During this ceremony. As the couple leaves for the wedding reception. is placed in the neck of the couple in the form of eight. in turn symbolizes her consent to maintain trust and care for them and stuff with great dedication. After the break the pinata. If someone wants to witness the strong family ties and the willingness of everyone to be a part of their happiness. meringue and flamenco dance styles add to the spirit and life to the party. Dancing usually begins with the newly married taking the stage for their dance as husband and wife. These coins of gold symbolizes all the wealth and possessions that the groom gives to his wife. traditional drinks are served as an aperitif.