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2009-YIKPercMTK2 susahnya mencari soalan yang susah

Section A (b) The sequence -17, -11, -5, ..... is an

arithmetic progression. State the three
2 consecutive terms of this arithmetic
1. Solve the simultaneous equations + = 4 and
progression where the sum of these three
x+6y=3. [5 m][5] terms is 93. [4 m][0]
2. Section B
(a) Given 0 (15 2 + 8 + 2 ) = 2, where k is
a constant. Find the possible values of k. 7. Table shows the value of two variables x and y.
[3 m][3] Variables x and y are connected by the equation
(b) Given = 12 + 5, when x=-1, y=-2 and + = 1, where a and b are constants One of the
value of y is wrongly recorded.
= 1, find y in terms of x. [4 m][4]

x 0.5 0.6 0.75 1.0 1.25 2 4
3. Diagram shows a rectangle PQRS. y 1.00 0.50 0.43 0.33 0.30 0.25 0.22
1 1
R (a) Plot the graph of against , using a scale of

1 cm to 0.5 unit on both axes. Hence, draw a
line of best fit. [5 m][5]
S(-2,4) Q (b) Use your graph to find the value of
(i) y which is wrongly recorded and state
it correct value,
(ii) a,
Given that the equation of the straight line PR is (iii) b. [5 m][4]
4y=4+7x, find
(a) the equation of the straight line SR, [3 m][3] 8. Diagram shows a semicircle ABC with centre O.
(b) the coordinates of points R and Q. [3 m][3] Given that AOB is 1.2 radian and length of OA
(c) the area of rectangle PQRS [3 m][3] is 5 cm. A

4. B
(a) Sketch the graph of y=|2sin2x| for 0<x<2.
[4 m][4]
(b) Hence using the same axes, sketch a suitable
horizontal line y=k such that the number of O
solutions is exactly 4. Find the value of k.
[3 m][3]

5. The table shows the frequency distribution of

children in a nursery according to age. C
Age 1 2 3 4 5
(a) BOC in degree and minutes, [1 m][1]
Frequency 3 6 2 y 1 (b) the shortest distance between the centre
Find, O to the straight line of BC, [2 m][0]
(a) the maximum value of y if the mode is 2 (c) the perimeter of the shaded region,
years. [1 m][1] [4 m][4]
(b) the minimum value of y if the mean age is (d) the area of the shaded region. [3 m][3]
more than 3 years. [2 m][2]
(c) the range of value of y if the median age is 2.
[2 m][2]



(a) The above diagram shows a pendulum

released from the position OP. It swing freely
through the angle of 650, 520, 41.60 and so
on. Calculate the total angle it covers in 8
swings. [3 m][3]
2009-YIKPercMTK2 susahnya mencari soalan yang susah
9. Diagram shows a triangle OAB. Point P lies on
OA and point Q lies on AB. The straight line BP Section C
intersects the straight line OQ at point S. It is 12. Motion along a straight line.
given that OP:OA=2:3, AQ:QB=2:1, = 9 13. Diagram shows a qudrilateral ABCD.

and = 12 B
9.5 cm
O P A A 10.5 cm
14 cm
(a) Calculate the length of
(i) AC
Q (ii) AD [4 m][4]
(b) Point A lies on AC such that AD=AD.
(i) Sketch ABC,
B (ii) Calculate the area of ADC. [6 m][6]
(a) Express each of the following in terms of x
and y 14. Diagram shows the bar chart which represents
the monthly expenditure on four items, P, Q, R
and S of a household in the year 208. Table
[3 m][3] shows the price and the price indices of these

(b) Using = and = , find the items.
values of h and k. [5 m][5]
(c) Given that |x|=3 units, |y|=2 units and
AOB=900, find | |. [2 m][2] 150

10. Diagram shows part of the curve y=x2+3 and 100

straight line 2y+3x=20. 50

Price (RM) Price index

A(k,k+5) for 2009
2008 2009 based on
2y+3x=20 2008
P 1.20 1.50 125
Q 3.00 x 110
(a) Prove that k=2. [2 m][2] R y 4.20 105
(b) Calculate S 0.60 0.78 z
(i) the area of the shaded region, (a) Find the value of
(ii) the volume generated, in terms of , (i) x
when the region bounded by the y-axis, (ii) y
the curve y=x2+3 and the straight line (iii) z [3 m][3]
2y+3x=20 is revolved through 3600 about (b) Calculate the composite index for the items
the y-axis. [8 m][8] for the year 2009 based on the year 2008.
[3 m][3]
11. (c) The price of each item is expected to
(a) X is a discrete random variables such that increases by 10% from the year 2009 to the
X~B(n,p). Given that the mean and variance year 2010. If the total expenditure in 2008 is
of X are 6 and 2.4 respectively, find RM1200, calculate the corresponding
(i) the value of p and n, expenditure in the year 2010. [4 m][4]
(ii) P(X<2) [5 m][5]
(b) The mass of a packet of biscuits produced
from a factory is normally distributed with a
mean of 80 g and standard deviation of 5.8 g.
(i) Find the probability that a packet of
biscuits chosen at random has a mass of
between 75 g and 82 g.
(ii) It is found that 500 packet of biscuits D:\Mata Pelajaran-080207\MatTamb\Koleksi
each have a mass greater than 72 g. Find Kertas\PercubaanMT\KoleksiPadat\2009-YIK-PercMTK2-
the total number of packets of biscuits
produced. [5 m][5]