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a /ei/ n /en/
b /bi:/ o /u/
c /si:/ p /pi:/
d /di:/ q /kju:/
e /i:/ r /a:/
f /ef/ s /es/
g /di:/ t /ti:/
h /eit/ u /ju:/
i /ai/ v /vi:/
j /dei/ w /dblju:/
k /kei/ x /eks/
l /el/ y /wai/
m /em/ z /zed/
Introductions/ Prezentarea
Hello, Im Mr.

Hello, Im Mrs.
Brown. Im a

Im/My name is Maria Rogers. Im a/an/the [1] [2]

secretary. [1] an operator Accountancy
I work in the Deans office, room number a technician Rectors office
115. [2] a librarian Deans office
Deans secretary Library
a Lab technician Laboratory
Rector Social service
Dean hospital
an Erasmus coordinator International
a student relations
a resident Registry
a PhD student Cash Desk
an accountant
a chief accountant
an asset manager
a porter
a registrar
a cashier

Formal Informal Others

Good morning, Sir! Hi! Pleased to meet you!
Good afternoon, Madam! Hello! Nice to meet you!
Good evening, Miss! Bye! How do you do!
Good night!

The verb to be Verbul a fi

Affirmative Interrogative Negative

I am [ai em] Am I? I am not

You are [iu ar] Are you...? You are not

He is [hi iz] Is he..? He is not

She is [ii iz] Is she? She is not

It is [it iz] Is it? It is not

We are [uii ar] Are we? We are not

You are [iu ar] Are you? You are not

They are [zei ar] Are they.? They are not

black negru
white alb
red rou
yellow galben
blue albastru
green verde
brown maro
orange portocaliu
purple purpuriu/mov

0-zero 11 -eleven 22-twenty-two 60-sixty

1-one 12-twelve 23-twenty-three 70-seventy
2-two 13-thirteen 30-thirty 80-eighty
3-three 14-fourteen 31-thirty-one 90-ninety
4-four 15-fifteen 32-thirty-two 100-one hundred
5-five 16-sixteen 33-thirty-three 200-two hundred
6-six 17-seventeen 34-thirty-four 300-three hundred
7-seven 18-eighteen 40-forty 400-four hundred
8-eight 19-nineteen 41-forty-one 500-five hundred
9-nine 20-twenty 50-fifty 600-six hundred
10-ten 21-twenty-one 51-fifty-one 1000-one thousand
10.254- ten thousand
two hundred and fifty
236-two hundred and 1547- one thousand 1050- one thousand
thirty six five hundred and forty fifty 5847- five thousand
seven eight hundred and
forty seven
(IN) Months of the
(ON) Days of the Week Year (IN) Seasons
Monday (luni) January Spring (primvar)
Tuesday (mari) February Summer (var)
Wednesday (miercuri) March Autumn/ Fall (toamn)
Thursday (joi) April Winter (iarn)
Friday (vineri) May
Saturday (smbt) June
Sunday (duminic) July
1. Write the numbers:

54- 67-

78- 587-

85- 214-

95- 987-

19- 577-

125- 35-

654- 88-

974- 1178-

2874- 6547-

8745- 3614-

10.258- 75.689-

16- 55-

755- 9214-

50.247- 68.921-

77.177- 73.213-

2. Room numbers/Numrul camerei Jobs/Meserii

Secretary assistant Accountant Administrator Librarian Guard
(54) (68) (12) (112) (33)
Chief secretary Technician accountant Cleaning lady
(104) (157) (47) Human Legal (55)
resources Advisor
(27) (88)
Registrar Handyman Cashier Operator IT Porter
(114) (66) (159) Specialist (217)