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Task 8

Bletchley Park resides in the suburb of Southern River, 23km south of the Perth CBD. Bletchley Park
primary school has approximately 1000 students, this number exceeds the intended capacity of the
school and as a result, temporary classrooms (demountables) have been put up on the school
ground to accommodate. 30% of the students identify as having English as an additional language for
countries of South East Asia, Africa and Afghanistan. There are 33 students that receive Disability
Resource Service. Bletchley Parks attendance rate sits at 94%, higher than the state average. A
significant amount of the students parents hold FIFO employment.

Bletchley park offers specialist teacher lead classes

in Health and Physical Education, Science has two specialist teachers and a designated science lab.
and Music. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are integrated and support teaching in
general classroom teaching, such as Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE) and SeeSaw and
ClassDoJo, aiding in teacher-parent communication.

Bletchley Park uses results from NAPLAN to measure the success of the school. Results from 2016,
showed national averages were met across all testing areas with the exception of year 3-5 spelling
and 5-7 reading. This information is not used to inform the success of effectiveness of the teaching
programs used by individual teachers.

Having 33 students with disabilities, parents have commented highly about the commitment
teachers and staff show towards the care of their children. Having done Practicum at Bletchley Park
Primary last year, I can also say the same. The school offers staff professional learning and Parent
communication and collaboration opportunities.

The school had Opportunities Class which aimd to meet the needs of students with high academic
levels. Now, strategies have been put in place for teaching staff to differentiate learning programs to
meet all students needs while still accessing Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC).

Bletchley Park Primary also offer Out of School Hours (OSH) Club services, of which the school has
some of the highest attendance rates in the Perth metropolitan area. This club offers Play-Based
learning experiences that aim to provide students with safety and security, belonging and identity
through creative arts and crafts and outdoor sports games.

As for teachers, after school finishes on Fridays, staff organise social games of netball developing
health and fitness, social bonding and workplace enjoyment.