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Measurement 1 [QSB 60104]- Sr.

Ang Fuey Lin

Building Materials [BLD 62003]- Puan Hasmanira Mokhtar
Construction Technology [BLD 60104]- Mr. Leong Boon Tik

Assignment: Site Visit Report

Name: Tan Chuu Yee
Student ID: 0315097

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On 20 th of June 2014, along with my course mates, we went for a construction site
which organized by our lecture (Ms.Ang) to visit the actual working environment on
site that located at Jalan Klang Lama, Mukim Petaling. It is somewhere nearby the
Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur prides. The main contractor of this project is
Encorp Construct Sdn. Bhd. On 26 th December 2013, Encorp secured a contract
from Aik Bee Sdn Bhd on the construction and completion of main contract works for
a 25-storey mixed- use development construction project. Construction is expected
to be completed by November 2015.

The size of the land is roughly 1 acres and the only one block that come with 25
level. It was a two years contract and the cost for this project is 101.6 million. As
research, we knew there are level 3 to 6 for car basement and for the business area
is ground first floor to second floor. Morever, the residential area is from level 7 to 24
and we authorized there are one bridge that build and combined to others building
which is pearl point.

We step into the ground floor level and then we went up to the car park on the third,
fourth and fifth floor which are meant to be the carpark for the residents.

Firstly, we saw a continuous row of cylindrical-shaped concreteat the basement for
the carpark of this building. Mr. Chong the guy who guide us walk around the
construction building breifly explained to us that bore piilling is commonly used for
high-rise buildings especially in the Kuala Lumpur state, switching the conventional
reinforced concrete pile (RC pile). The bore piles act as a retentive wall for the

In addition, when we walk around the site and there are actually plastic pipes lying
around the site and some of the pipe were installed upright and the upper suspended
slab. Mr. Chong told us those that were a pipe to transfer the concrete from the
ground floor to upper floors for convinience. The pipe able to transfer a whopping
30m cube per hour. Once raining, the concreting works are enforced to be stop as
the rainwater will insipid the concrete.

Accidently, one of my classmate has fall down on the site that near the bar benders.
Thats why we found that the bars benders bending the bars. They told me that the
bar benders had their own ways in calculating the amount of steel bars needed.

At the end we walking through the site, we went back to the ground floor of the site.
There are a cluster of concrete pieces cutting by the workers. They cut the big
pieces of concrete to small pieces and each of pieces are divided to 25mm or 50mm

Above had shown the informations of site and what we have explore on site.

To help us get more thoughtful on the basics of construction process while
paying a visit to the site.

To understand the practical aspect of construction techniques in comparison

to the theory aspect in books and its application on site.

To let us experience the actual working environment as a quantity surveyor on

site dealing with the uncertain circumstance such as the weather condition
and the risks that may take place on the site.

Awareness the importance of personal safety on site, and the safety

precautions that we need to take in order to avoid get injured or accidents
from happening. For instance, we are required to wear safety helmet when
visit the site.

Explore and identify the various type of building materials and type of
technology used in construction while constructing a building.

Upsurge our knowledge on the basic construction process by observing the

building team and gathering information on the actual practise that carried on
the site.

Observe the usage of machinery at the construction site such as mechanical

plants, concrete mixer, bar bending machine and excavator.

Recognize the construction drawings and details given based on the items
measurable for sub-structure and reinforced concrete frame works.

Project summary
The summary of the project is written below:

Project Title: Cadangan membina 1 blok bangunan bercampur 25 tingkat

mengandungi tempat letak kereta di tingkat basemen 1 dan 2. Ruang perdagangan
di tingkat bawah 1 dan 2.Tempat letak kereta di tingkat 3 hingga 6. Unit pagsapuri
(403 unit) di tingkat 7 hingga 24. Binaan jejantas di tingkat satu bersambungan
dengan bangunan Pearl Point sedia ada di jalan sepadu. Di atas lot 8354 (Lot asal
7517) & 9757,Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama, Mukim Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

For Pearl Suria.

Contract value: 101.6 million

Commencement date: 26th december 2013

Audit date: November 2015

Client: Aikbee timbers

Architecture: Lt Leong Sekudu

Main contractor: Encorp construct sdn bhd

Photos and descriptions
Various types of links, hooks and stirrups

Workers making fillings for the formwork of staircase

Pipes structure on the roof beam

The first step to steel building assembly is slab of concrete

Two types of scaffoldings (Putlog and Independent)

Independent scaffold

Putlog scaffold

Pipe for transfer the concrete to each level

Picture shown the plan of the building construction

Timber are used as formwork in construction of staircase

Bar cutting machine is used to cut down the 12m high tensile steel rods into certain

Temporary building built for contractors, engineers & quantity surveyors to make
discussions. It also acts as safety workshop to remind the visitors or clients to take
safety precautions

Date and work done during the construction process are recorded for referencing

Importance of safety on site (Sign Boards)

Steel bar come out from the column

Bore pile under construction building

Bend bar from the floor

Various types of building materials

Steel Pipe

Fittings and Pipes (For hot and cold water piping systems)

DHI hubless cast iron drainage pipes and fittings

High impact uPVC conduit

After visiting the construction site, I fully understand the practical aspect of
construction techniques in comparison to the theory aspect in books and its
application. It is a lot more tougher than I thought. There is the different between
woking on site, its helps me to gain more knowledge and the real experience that we
will never learn in the class. At site, I had learnt about to be patient as we have to
work under an uncertainly circumstances, especially the weather. However, I had
learnt also how to communicate with the constructionteam members on site to see
how importance of teamwork in the building team and also try to overcome the
problems faced during the construction process.

In the lifestyle of university, we only learn the new knowledge by memorizing the
important points or doing tutorial questions to improve ourself for getting a good
result for the next test or examination but as I knew that the real exam we will face is
during our actual working in a company. Thats why we dont really know how does it
feel like when we starts to work outside and experience the actual working

Last but not least, I had gained knowledge and understood about the basic of
construction process, the communication of team work between members,
experienced the actual working environment, the usage of machinery equipment,
able to know what type of construction technology is adopted, able to differenciate
the varius type of building materials used in the constructions and others.

Honestly, the site visits strictly brought lot of benefits to me as it preparing me to

overcome more troubles which may occur in the future of my life. I wish I could have
more practical knowledge as it will prepare a better me during my work time in the