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Part 1
There are less and less fewer and fewer students heading their studies towards
science. Meanwhile, there are more and more jobs that require scientist scientific
knowledge, in order to improve .

Children and young adults beeing non-interested in science can be caused by more
reasons. Nowadays, everyone wants to be like the TV stars, we can observe it best
on the makeup, hair and clothing fashion. These stars are mostly singers,
musicians or actors, we rarely see a scientist superstar. SCience needs more
advertising, so people know that they can earn enough money through it, and its a
quite exciting career.

On the other hand, most of the children loose their interest in science SCIENCE in
the school. Lessons should be more practical then THAN theretical and children
should have fun while doing experiments. In order to encurage them to improve
their tasks, it would be great if there were some shool SCHOOL projects, where,
maybe in groups, they could learn more. In my opinion, competicions
COMPETITIONS always give more motivation than lessons in the school.

In conclusion, teachers should give more attention to the ones who have some
talent in science and meanwhile show the etire ENTIRE class that science lessons
could mean fun too. People should teach their children to follow their dreams
instead of whats shown on television.

Part 2

Dear Mr Jones,

As you are the editor of the Arts newspaper, I decided to write you a letter about my
past exhibiton and your article about it.

I respectfully disagree with you. On the first side, the half of the money investegated
INVESTED was from sponsors, the part which was given by the council came back
with a profit. It was given as a recompensation to the neighbours who were
complaining about the amunt NUMBER OF PEOPLE of people and noise in the

On the other side, ON THE OTHER HAND a week before, I asked 200 persons if
they were interested in such an event, and 17 said they would come. According to
theese THESE dates, the arts day attracted twenty procent more of our willage
VILLAGE, which means an increase mostly caused by the advertising.

So, if you do not mind, I would ask you to re-think your article written in the
newspaper from yesterday. I do not want your article to distract people from my
next organisation, which will be even bigger, I am going to invite some professoinal
art teachers and give the oppurtinity to orinal CREATIVE people to try their talent.
Tomorrow I will send you an article about it, but I would be happy if you could write
to it some encouraging words, affirming that the last event was not so bad as you
wrote it before.