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Alliance Network

A P.O. Box 156

Syracuse, NY 13201

Dear Voter,

The Alliance Network is pleased to endorse Ben Walsh in the race for the position of Syracuse Mayor.

Ben Walsh has distinguished himself from the other candidates by demonstrating that he is a compassionate and
introspective thinker who is willing to challenge the current processes to achieve positive change. He is a staunch advocate
for the inclusion of diversity into every aspect of our government and values human rights for all. His ideas for Syracuse
address the concerns of those residing in every neighborhood and reflect a commitment to making the city a vibrant place to
live. The Walsh campaign staff is an organic movement that is comprised of Millennials, young professionals, Bernie
Sanders supporters and members of the faith-based community.

Syracuse hasnt had a mayoral candidate with such a high-level of economic development experience in recent
years. Under his leadership, the Hotel Syracuse was renovated and re-opened, creating 250 new jobs in the City of
Syracuse. His work to support economic development projects in communities of color is exemplary and epitomizes the
high standards that we must hold our elected officials to. Mr. Walsh actively championed the construction of a full-service
supermarket on South Avenue and provided guidance with navigating the financing process to bring it to fruition. His
willingness to support investment, infrastructure and prosperity in an aging commercial corridor marks a refreshing new
direction for the city.

When it comes to unemployment, the communities of color have always been affected at a greater rate than others,
creating large pockets of poverty. It is of the utmost importance that poverty-stricken neighborhoods receive a fair share
of the investment dollars that are currently poured into other areas of the city. Ben Walsh maintains an open dialogue with
neighborhood leaders and is laser-focused on addressing the underlying issues of poverty through economic and
community development endeavors which create jobs.

In two years, the City of Syracuse may have difficulty paying the bills. While this should be of grave concern to all
citizens, this fact is a particular issue for communities of color because it means that our neighborhoods might receive
fewer dollars and revitalization efforts could stall. We have only to look at the lead contamination in the drinking water in
Flint Michigan to know just how much is at stake when a city goes bankrupt and an outsider brought in to make critical
decisions. Mr. Walsh understands that our citys financial problems cannot be solved by simply overburdening the residents
with tax increases or trying to find ways to save money. Instead, he has proposed finding new revenue streams for the city
that build upon the strengths and assets of our resources and that will increase economic opportunity for all.

Despite the budget woes, a lot of money is set to flow through Syracuse. Each year, the Regional Economic
Development Council process awards millions in funding to area projects that can create jobs and stimulate the economy.
At the same time, our area is slated to receive $100 million each year for a period of five years to fund development
projects and programs to generate job growth through the Upstate Revitalization Initiative. A financial investment of this
magnitude is too important to squander. The Alliance Network believes that Syracuse needs a mayor with a solid record of
attracting and completing economic development projects to ensure that we are able to use these funds as a catapult to
move our city ahead.

Public safety and policing are of particular concern to our community. Mr. Walsh has expressed his willingness to
work with each neighborhood to ensure that all residents feel protected and supported by a law enforcement agency that
treats all citizens with respect. He has vowed to increase our police force and plans to look at implementing other programs
that some citizens have expressed an interest in. This will allow the neighborhoods to self-determine certain aspects of
crime prevention.

The rhetoric coming from the White House has been both dangerous and divisive to our community. The changes in
legislation to the DREAM Act and the Affordable Care Act have taken a toll on our citizens. While there is very little that
a mayor can do to push back against these measures, a good mayor can set the tone and ensure that our citys values are not
diminished. Mr. Walsh has demonstrated a commitment to living up to his campaign slogan: Rise Above. Throughout his
many public appearances and debates, he has often taken the high road by not responding to personal attacks by his political
adversaries and has remained focused on bringing diverse people together to address the problems faced by us all. This will
be a critical factor as the various factions of government must work together.
Alliance Network
A P.O. Box 156
Syracuse, NY 13201
As a community, we are charged with protecting our youngest citizens from harm and providing opportunities for
them to grow and thrive. Ben Walsh has a vested interest in the success and safety of our schools, as he and his wife
Lindsay, have entrusted the Syracuse City School District with the task of educating their oldest daughter and have planned
to do the same with their youngest. Mr. Walsh has further pledged to double the Citys youth employment program to
ensure that our children are able to find gainful employment and learn valuable skills. Programs like Say Yes to Education
and the Excelsior Scholarship have made a college degree an affordable dream for most Syracusans. However, our city is
not yet prepared to provide the type of lifestyle that our young, college-educated children need to see in order to settle and
grow families of their own. We see this every day when our children decide to move to places like New York City, Atlanta
GA and Charlotte NC. No city can survive without attracting and retaining the next generation. Mr. Walsh is plugged into
this demographic and has integrated their wants and desires in his plans for building our community. It isnt enough to
build up a city to the standards of the last generation, with no thought to the generation that will inherit it.

Mr. Walsh is politically independent and has never committed to or joined any political party. He is not a Democrat,
and has never been a Republican. This has allowed him to build strong, working partnerships with individuals and
politicians in all parties. His lack of affiliation allows him to select from the very best political ideas to find solutions to our
non-political problems. He has been endorsed by Syracuse Common Councilor Helen Hudson, Onondaga County
Legislator Monica Williams, and Katie Sojewicz of the Syracuse City School Board.

The Alliance Network takes great pride in endorsing candidates who support the community, as a whole. It is never
about party affiliation, but about our political representatives making good decisions and policies for the people in our
neighborhoods. Ben Walsh has garnered the support and backing of the Independent and Reform parties and has a large and
enthusiastic following among the Syracuse Democratic populace. This community is clamoring for a mayor with new ideas
and the skill to help the city to Rise Above!

Yours very truly,

Walt Dixie

The Alliance Network is a Multi-Ethnic Public Issues Advocacy Group. In 1996, a group of local leaders, business people,
activists, and other concerned citizens began meeting with the purpose of developing a strategic plan to begin working on
the social, economic, health, youth and political issues that affect our community. It was formed with the mission of
networking and connection with one another, whether it be through sharing resources or by helping to strengthen
organizations small in number but big in vision. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Central New York
Community politically, socio-economically, educationally and spiritually. We seek to improve the conditions of our
neighborhoods physically as well as mentally, recognizing that the health and viability of the City of Syracuse rests in its
neighborhoods and communities.