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Not any one who recite

Kalimah is a Muslim
Refuting Engineer Ali Mirza of Jhelum
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Engineer Muh:ammad Ali: Mirza: is a Great Mushrik . His Shirk is approximately equal to the Shirk of
any POLYTHEIST yet it is less detectable.In this article it is tried to expose and refute the his deliberate
distortion of Islamic Tauh:i:d [Absolute Unicity Of Deity].

What the Engineer Of Jhelum has alleged may be seen on URL given below:-

This is just one reference. The very same video may be found at other URLs as well.

First Preliminary
Engineer Ali: Mirza: Of Jhelum believes that IF any person who recites Kalimah [Calimah] and claims to be a Muslim believes
in at least one Article of Shirk [Shirc/Schirc] continues to be a Muslim and does not cease to be a Muslim.

This is the most dangerous part of his heresy. What he want to convey to his Audiences that these believes /articles of
Shirk are not Kufr. Since if a person believes in all Articles of Isla:m but additionally believes in a single Article of Shirk,
he/she becomes a Kafir. A single article f Shirk can make a Person Mushrik and Kafir both.

This means that Engineer Ali: Mirza: of Jhelum does not believe some Shirk/Shirc/Schirc as Kurf/Cufr.

This is the only Possible reason which can explain why the Heretic From Jhelum does not declare such persons whether
male or female as Kafir/Cafir and Mushrick/Mushrik.

Even Engineer Ali: Mirza: has to admit that a person who believes in Kalimah yet believes in some Kufr/Infidelity is a Kafir.

For example Mirza:is are Kafir since they deny the finality of Prophethood of Holy Prophet .
This yields the dangerous fact that the Engineer Of Jhelum Nounly/Namely Engineer Ali: Mirza: does not believe that some
Shirk are Kufr.

To disbelieve that a Shirk is Kufr makes a Person as Kafir and Murtadd. It is not necessary that a person is Mushrik and Kafir
only if he or she believes in an article of Kufr/Cufr or Shirk.

It is sufficient do deny that a Shirk is Shirk. Similarly it is Sufficient to be a Ka:fir ,Mushric and Murtadd if some one deny that
a belief of Shirk is not Kufr.

So the Engineers Heresy is in regard to the the fact that he denies a Kufr from being a Kufr.


Engineer Ali: Mirza: must have to define and explain the Critical line of Shirk which expels a person from the Domain of
Isla:m and below which theShirk does not expel a person from the folds of Isla:m.

It is evident that the Heretic Engineer of Jhelum does believe in at least one of the following believes.

1] Accodring to some Heretics Shirk is Confined [ H:-s:r] in only two believes.

1.1] To believe a Gh:airullah as Necessary Existent [Va:jib al Vuju:d].

1.2] To believe that a Ghairullah deserves to be Worshipped [Must-h:-q Al Ibadah].

According to these Heretics there is no third belief which is Shirk.

2] According to an other Group of Heretics there is an other Shirk.

That is to believe that a Ghairullah is attributed by at least one Essential Attribute [As:s:ifah Adh: Dh:a:ti:].

So it appears that Engineer of Jhelum does believe in both of these groups.

If Engineer Ali: Mirza: claims that even such a person who holds such believes and recites Kalimah is a Muslim then the Kufr
of the Heretic is Exposed .

But if Engineer of Jhelum claims that such a person is not a Muslim then indeed the Limits of the Heretic Man from Jhelum is

It is found that the noble Engineer is a Mushrik.

A Possible reply from the Heretic of Jhelum.

The heretic Engineer may say that he himself does not believe in any shirk but he only claims that any one who hold some
Shirk apart from the stated above is still a Muslim and does not cease to be a Muslim.

Some Kh:airabadis were also of this view, This does differentiate them from Barailvis,

But even this believe is a Kufr and any one who so ever he may be if says such a sentence becomes a Kafir ,a Mushrik and a
Murtadd immediately as soon as he/she utters such a sentence ora similar sentence,

There are some more types of Shirks. To believe an Incommunicable Attribute of Deity as Communicable is also Kufr and

For example only Divine Essence hath the Right to be asked for Assistance in events beyond reason [ Reason in the meaning
of Asba:b, and and not in the meaning of Argumentation, so Beyond Reasons means Ma: Fauq Al asba:b].

So this Divine Right is Incommunicable Attribute and any one who attribute this right to any Created Essence/Suppositum
regardless of his belief that this right is bestowed [Ata:i] becomes a Kafir a Murtadd and a Mushrik..

Any one who does not hold this belief but consider it heresy, yet does not consider this belief as Kufr/Curf becomes a Pure
Mushrik and Ka:fir/Ca:fir. Man Shakka fi Kufrihi: Fa Qad Kafara.

So Engineer Ali: Mirza: is making his audiences as Ka:fir ,Mushrik and Murtadd.

The recitation of Holy Kalimah cannot make them a Muslim unless and otherwise they repent from this Kufr and reject the
Kufr in EXPLICIT sentences. Even IMPLICIT sentences are not acceptable.


Engineer Ali: Mirza: missed the point. Shirk is the worst Type of Kufr , even worse that Atheism. So to consider a person as
Muslim and a Mushrik both simultaneously is a incorrect as to consider a person as a Muslim and Atheist simultaneously. It is
impossible for a person to be Muslim and Mirza:i: /Qa:dya:ni. Similarly . Muslim cannot be Mushrik and it is impossible for a
person to be Muslim and Mushrik.

This does yield the hidden conspiracy if Ali: Mirza: that he does not consider the believes of Those Mushriks who recite
Kalimah as Kufr.


What Engineer Ali: Mirza want to implant in the minds of his audiences that the believes which are Shirk are just Heresies
and Not Kufr. He did try to prove this point by arguing that Kharjites did declare some companions of Holy Prophet as Kafir
like Saiyiduna: Ali: RD:, Saiyiduna: Mua:viah RD: etc.but they were still considered in the domain of Isla:m.

He attempt to declare a similarity in the case of Shirk.

To respond the Engineer, it may be noted that Shirk is more dangerous and is Kufr with certainty,

Shirk is more dangerous than to agree with Kh:ava:rij and Ravafid: on the issue of Takfir of some S:ahabah like Saiyiduna:
Ali: RD: etc.


Engineer Ali: Mirza: tried to deceive his audiences by claiming that to ask assistance in events beyond reason is the only
Shirk which is committed by these Mushriks who recites Kalimah.

But there are some more types of Shirks which are listed below:
1] To believe that Gh:airullah is A:limul Gh:aib [Omniscient].

2] To believe Ghairullah is Omnipresent [Al H:a:d:ir Van Na:zir].

3] To believe that Gh:airullah is Omnivolent [Al Mukh:ta:r Al Cull].

[Not to be confused by Omnibenovolent].

4] To believe that Holy Prophet has Power to mutate Shariah. [Ikh:tiya:r Alash Shara].

5] To believe Holy Prophet is light issued from Divine Light.

6] To believe that Prophets and Saints have power over Nature and can suspend the Laws of Nature.

7] To believe that Prophets and Saints can hear any caller from any where in any time or in any space or both i.e space time

So there are some more believes which this person of Jhelum did not mentioned.

This is a great conspiracy.


Ali: Mirza: did mention some more problems but they shall be dealt in separate articles.

How ever it is reported that some of the close relatives of the Engineer held believes of Shirk till their entire life and the
Engineer does not want to declare them as Kafir and Mushrik.So he is propagating that these article of Shirk are not Kufr,


It is possible that this man from Jhelum may try to defend his heresy [Alimirzaian Heresy] by attemting to divide Shirk in
to two types. 1] Major Shirk 2] Minor Shirk

Then try to include these Shirks stated above in Minor ones. Any one who attempt to do such a thing becomes a Kafir and a
Mushrik since these are Major Shirk [Ash Shirk Al Jali:] with certainty and not Minor Shirk [Ash Shirk Al Kh:afi:] with