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9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030
6035 6030
SCORPION. You're serious about what you do You're serious about what you do and so are we.

and so are we.

As key machines used for materials handling, telehandlers can

offer crucial benefits on many farms. Accordingly, the main
focus with every telehandler is on performance, economic
efficiency and convenience.

The SCORPION meets all the requirements for an efficient

telehandler. With a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tonnes and a
maximum lifting height of 8.75 metres, it is the perfect solution
for all kinds of work.

At the heart of the machine is the intelligent VARIPOWER

PLUS drive train, delivering unmatched standards in terms of
driving comfort, precision and sensitivity.

The overall SCORPION package is impressively rounded off

by a cab design that provides detailed solutions and optimum
ergonomics, ensuring you can work efficiently 365 days a

2 3
SCORPION 9055-6030. Contents

Equipment 6
Chassis and boom 8
Loading system 10


Engine 14
Ground drive 18
Running gear 22
Working hydraulics 26

EASY Efficient Agriculture

Systems by CLAAS 28
SMART HANDLING, bucket return 30

Cab 32
Ergonomics 34
Comfort 36

Servicing 38
CLAAS Service & Parts 40

Attached implements 42
Technology 50

Features 58

Specifications 59

4 5
SCORPION Equipment

even more features.

1 Lift heights from 6.15 to 8.75 m

2 Main boom, telescopic and tilt rams with end-of-
travel damping
3 Automatic bucket return
4 Advanced intelligent SMART HANDLING system
5 Third service pressure release at headstock
6 2- or 4-speed MultiCoupler available for quick
2 implement changeovers
5 7 Up to 5.5-t lifting capacity and greater tearout
8 Improved design for maximum comfort and safety
in the cab
1 6 9 Optimal view upwards, thanks to a new protective
grille design
10 Automatic battery isolating switch
11 Electronically pre-controlled joystick
19 13 Max. tyres600/55-26.5
14 Engine output up to 115 kW1, emissions standard
Stage IV (Tier 4) / Stage IIIA (Tier 3)

18 15 Integrated urea tank with a capacity of 10 or 13 l

16 (only for Stage IV)
16 Improved air supply and air filtering
17 17 Load-sensing hydraulic system with up to
187 l/min
18 Counterweights with integrated stowage
14 15 12 compartments
19 With up to 9 working headlights, LED lighting also


1 In accordance with ECE R 120

6 7
Excellent grip and stability for maximum lifting Chassis and boom


Loading system.

With the newly designed one-piece frame, the SCORPION

has a lower centre of gravity. Thanks to its modular
construction, it has extremely high torsional rigidity and good
stability under all conditions. The boom is folded deep within
the chassis and is smoothly guided by 16 slide bearings. The
boom suspension, with automatic functions at speeds above
7 km/h, allows smooth guidance and operation of the loading
system, even under the toughest conditions. The end-of-travel
dampers installed in the lifting, telescopic and tilt rams
underscore the machine's mission to deliver perfect handling
in conjunction with superior lifting capacity.

Residual load capacity.

The SCORPION offers high residual load capacity combined

with maximum extension and maximum height. This makes
the machine easy to operate, while its loading and unloading
performance surpasses every expectation, even under the
toughest conditions.

Lifting heights of up to 8.75 metres. Model Lifting height (m) Lifting capacity (t)

9055 8.75 5.5

With lifting heights of between 6.15 and 8.75 metres, the 7055 7.01 5.5
SCORPION has the right answer for every range and height. 7050 7.01 4.8
7044 7.01 4.4
7035 7.00 3.50
Lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tonnes. 7030 7.00 3.0
6035 6.15 3.50
The SCORPION models cover a lifting capacity range of 3.0 to 6030 6.15 3.0
5.5 tonnes. In the 9.0-metre and 7.0-metre segment, the
SCORPION 9055 and 7055 top models can offer an
unmatched capacity of up to 5.5 tonnes.

The tried-and-tested headstock has been further


8 9
Enjoy sensitive handling and the freedom of Loading system


The hydraulic connections on theheadstock are

protected by a steel plate. The SCORPION can be
factory-fitted with a MultiCoupler (2- or 4-speed) for
quickattachment changeovers.

Precision for the entire loading system. Safe and easy connection.

The entire loading system can be securely and sensitively The sturdyheadstock is equipped with sturdy locking pins to
controlled. The joystick sits comfortably in the right hand, take any attachment. It fits very precisely, ensuring a snug,
ensuring good ergonomics and comfort over long working low-wear connection between theheadstock and the
days. The electronically pilot-controlled joystick allows an attachment.
unmatched level of precision for all loading and materials
handling operations. You can handle everything just the way The end-of-travel damping installed in the tilt ram ensures
you want. There are simple and intuitive operations to carry safe, relaxed operations, while the 152 swivel range allows
out all the functions a SCORPION is needed for. you unmatched freedom of movement in your work. The
integrated hydraulic connections are well protected, yet easily
Raise/lower boom accessible.
Extend and retract boom
Tilt/crowd headstock
3rd control circuit switch
Proportional 3rd service, in front on the joystick

10 11

Optimal drive for best results.

Machine development at CLAAS represents constant

striving for an ever-greater level of efficiency, maximum
reliability and profitability. Under the name CLAAS
POWER SYSTEMS (CPS), we combine the best
components into a single drive system.

Maximum power in every situation where and when

you need it ideally matched to the working systems
and featuring fuel-saving technology that quickly pays
for itself.

12 13
Delivering high performance. Engine

Driving force. Engine output (kW/hp)

Model in accordance with ECE R 120

High-torque, four-cylinder Deutz engines guarantee excellent 9055 115 / 156

power delivery in conjunction with low diesel consumption 7055 115 / 156
during hauling and materials handling tasks. The engines are 7050 100 / 136
available in an output range of 100 to 115 kW, or 136 to 156 7044 100 / 136
hp. The 9055 and 7055 large models feature a 4.1-litre 7035 100 / 136
engine, while a 3.6-litre engine is installed in the smaller 7030 100 / 136
models. These new generations of engines are distinguished 6035 100 / 136
by their tractive power, increased torque of up to 609 Nm and 6030 100 / 136
powerful common rail injection systems for minimal diesel
Exhaust gas aftertreatment.

A range of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems are used to

ensure that the new engines comply with international
emissions standards. An exhaust gas aftertreatment device is
attached to the engine for the scope of application of the
Stage IV emissions standard (Tier 4). The SCORPION 9055
and 7055 models operate with a diesel particulate filter (DPF),
diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and urea (SCR). In
the 7055 to 6030 models, a DOC and urea (SCR) are used for
the aftertreatment of the exhaust gas flow. Passive
regeneration of the DPF takes place without manual
intervention by the driver, making the job significantly easier. In
non-regulated countries, technologies are used that comply Model Diesel tank volume (l) Urea tank volume (l)

with the Stage IIIA (Tier 4) or IIIB (Tier 4i) emissions standards 9055 190 13
according to the legal requirements. 7055 190 13
7050 190 13
7044 190 13
7035 120 10
The modular construction of the exhaust gas The generous capacity of the diesel and urea tanks
aftertreatment devices means that maintenance 7030 120 10 facilitates longer machine operating times. In
work can easily be carried out by hand. addition, the underbody protection provides
6035 120 10 maximum safety under even the toughest
6030 120 10 conditions.

14 15
Always clean and efficiently cooled. Engine

Large air intake area.

The SCORPION features an ingenious heat dissipation

system. The heat generated is reliably drawn off by the air
ducting from the cooling units passing through the engine
compartment to the air outlet louvres. This actively prevents
heat building up under the bonnet, and ensures that full power
is always available, even on the hottest days.

Reversible fan.

The large air intake panels can be cleared of dust and debris
at any time, using the reversible fan. This is conveniently
operated from the cab at the flick of a switch. The function
can be activated at any speed, and afterwards automatically
reverts to the correct direction of rotation.

An even more sophisticated cooling system.

The key features of the SCORPION radiator assembly are its

efficiency and intelligent air ducting through the engine
compartment. The fan speed is electronically regulated as
standard, according to the temperature of the engine oil and
hydraulic oil.

The large air intake panels above and to the sides of the
bonnet ensure an efficient supply of fresh air. Any dust, dirt or
chaff that is thrown up by the movement of the machine is not
drawn in directly by the fan, thereby reducing the strain on the
SCORPION's cooling system.

The radiator assembly is easily

accessible under the bonnet.

16 17
Infinitely variable power in one drive train. Ground drive

VARIPOWER. VARIPOWER PLUS. At the heart of the drive train is the VARIPOWER transmission
with a hydrostatic drive featuring wide-angle swash-plate
The intelligent VARIPOWER drive train is distinguished by its technology (45). The SCORPION can therefore accelerate
superior driving characteristics. Sensitive and extremely smoothly to its top speed of 40 km/h. The speed and thrust
precise driving is possible at any speed, in conjunction with force are constantly and automatically coordinated. All models
perfectly measured thrust force. A swivelling hydrostatic drive are available as 20-, 30- and 40-km/h versions.
is installed in the VARIPOWER PLUS transmission, delivering
even greater driving dynamics and pushing power. With a 32
swivel angle, it allows consumption to be controlled even SMART ROADING.
more carefully, while at the same time delivering greater
performance. For greater driving dynamics and power, CLAAS offers the
VARIPOWER drive on the SCORPION as a PLUS version with
You can achieve greater performance and driving comfort with SMART ROADING. SMART ROADING automatically lowers
this larger-sized drive train. the engine speed, significantly reducing diesel consumption
on the road and when transporting materials around the farm.

Drive train. A perfect line.

All the benefits offered by the SCORPION's infinitely variable The VARIPOWER transmission is installed in the centre of the
drive train are clear to see. The coordinated engine and drive train. The two drive shafts lead directly to the axles
transmission management system ensures fuel efficiency and without any change of direction, which means that the drive
driving comfort without gear changing from 0 to 40 km/h. train can generate its full efficiency and effectiveness, while
ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.

18 19
Infinitely variable driving ranges made easy. Ground drive

Three speed ranges to choose from.

The SCORPION drive train allows you to choose between

three different speed ranges. The choice of range alters the
top speed, and at the same time the sensitivity of the
accelerator. The ergonomically designed joystick incorporates
a range of functions that streamline your tasks, while
simplifying operations. You can select a different speed range
at any time using the controls at the top of the joystick.

Speed range Speed

Snail km/h 07
Tortoise km/h 015
Hare km/h 030/40

You can select the perfect speed range for each task, whether
for a load cycle or transport operation, and with the
corresponding level of sensitivity from the drive train. What's
more, the transmission is infinitely variable from 0 to 30/40

1 Shift down driving ranges

2 Shift up driving ranges
3 Changing direction
4 Transmission in neutral

As fast as possible, and as slow as necessary.

Do you prefer to work with a constant engine speed and

driving speed? With the SCORPION creep-speed facility and
the electronic hand throttle, you can do just that. Whether for
working in the feed passage, spreading or even clearance
work, the SCORPION always delivers just the right amount of
oil, while you can control the driving speed using the
electronic speed control. The regulated creep-speed facility
can be used in the Snail and Tortoise speed ranges.

The selected speed range and the direction of travel 1 Electronic hand throttle
are displayed on the instrument panel on the right. 2 Electronic creep speed facility

20 21
A solid grip on every terrain. Running gear

Differential lock.

For working under tougher conditions, the 7035 to 6030

models feature a permanent self-locking differential of 45
percent. A 100-percent engageable locking differential is
installed in the models 9055 to 7044. It is activated by
simultaneously depressing the brake/inching pedal and the
button on the back of the joystick.

100% differential lock in the SCORPION 9055, 7055, 7050,

45% self-locking differential in the SCORPION 7035, 7030,
1 Electronic parking brake
6035, 6030

Parking brake. Four-wheel drive disconnect.

The parking brake is built into the armrest for easy access in The SCORPION 7055 and 9055 models are available with
the 9055, 7055, 7050 and 7044 models. It is automatically four-wheel drive disengagement, which offers benefits such as
applied via a seat contact switch if you leave the vehicle. This reduced tyre wear and fuel consumption when travelling on
automatic function enhances overall safety and prevents the the road and also for operations on the farm, along with an
machine from rolling away. enhanced overall level of efficiency.

The parking brake can be easily released by simultaneously

activating the creep-speed facility and the direction of travel
selector. This means operators do not have to change their
hand position in the cab.

The handbrake can still be applied using the handbrake lever.

In the 7035, 7030, 6035 and 6030 models, it is operated
mechanically with the control on the left of the driver's seat. Brake/inching pedal.

By depressing the brake/inching pedal, the speed of the

SCORPION is reduced while the engine speed remains
constant. Fully depressing the pedal activates the brake

The suspended pedals make it easier to remove the There is a mechanical handbrake on the left of the
cab floor. seat in the 3.0-t and 3.5-t machines.

22 23
Three ways to find an answer for every situation. Running gear

Pinpoint positioning.

The hydrostatic steering offers three steering modes, capable

of dealing with every situation:

Front-axle steering
All-wheel steering
Crab steering (diagonal steering)

All-wheel steering allows high manoeuvrability in tight spaces,

whether in the barn or stable, or out in the field. Crab steering
offers a further option in the shape of a side offset. Using the
front-axle steering, you have the option of rapidly shifting to
the usual handling of an agricultural machine with front

With front-axle steering, you can achieve a maximum speed of

40 km/h or 30 km/h, depending on the configuration variant.
All-wheel steering gives a top speed of 30 km/h. Using crab
steering, the maximum speed is 15 km/h.


The SCORPION boasts unmatchable manoeuvrability in its all-

wheel steering mode. Its range of steering modes offers
benefits for loading cycles of every kind. When steering above
the zero point, the steering axles are always electronically
synchronised. In addition to the different steering modes that
can be selected, the steering lock of 40 on the wheel hubs
enhances the highly flexible steering features of the Adjusting the steering mode. Hydraulic levelling and pivoting axle lock.
There is a rotary pushbutton to adjust the steering mode in the In the SCORPION 9055, hydraulic levelling of +/-10 is
instrument panel. Simply by pressing and then turning it, the possible between the frame and the front axle. This function
steering mode can be changed quickly and safely at any time. compensates when the SCORPION is positioned on uneven
With its position directly behind the joystick, it can be ground, allowing you to stack safely.
conveniently operated by the driver. The steering mode
selected is displayed on the instrument panel. The steering In the 9055 to 7044 models, there is the additional option of a
modes can also be selected while driving. mechanical pivoting axle lock for the floating rear axle.

Steering modes for a wide range of applications. The steering mode can be safely and Pivoting axle lock for the floating rear
conveniently adjusted using the rotary axle.

24 25
Hydraulics Working hydraulics

performance counts.

A guarantee of high performance.

Rapid movements of the loading system in interaction with the

versatile drive system allow the SCORPION to deliver
outstanding performance in load and materials handling
modes. All models feature load-sensing hydraulic systems and
load-independent proportional valves.

This means you always have full power available, whenever

and wherever you need it. All hydraulic functions for the
operation of the loading system can be executed

The larger 9055 and 7055 models have a hydraulic output of

187 l/min, while the other models have a highly respectable
140 l/min. Up to two double-acting spool valves can be used
at the headstock. An externally routed high flow return with a
LS line and free flow return line can be ordered ex factory for
special applications, such as a pruning saw, and other
implements with high oil flow demands. The flow rate can be
conveniently set and saved using the potentiometer.

External pressure release for the third service. Rear hydraulics.

Do you want to be able to connect equipment quickly and At the rear of the machine, there is a single and a double-
easily? In order to do so, it is important that no pressure is acting connection with a collection tank for the excess oil. This
exerted on the couplings, to prevent any unwanted oil losses means that additional hydraulic consumers, such as a tipper
or broken gaskets. With the third control circuit connection, can be connected to the SCORPION. The
Two double-acting connections on
the headstock. decompression function in the gooseneck of the SCORPION, SCORPION also features a hydraulic trailer brake valve and/or
depressurising your work tools has never been easier a an air brake system.
simple pushbutton mounted on the side of the boom by the
headstock releases all the built-up hydraulic pressure within
the pipes before disconnecting. This works even with the
engine running.

A single-acting, supplementary The pressure of the third control Hydraulic connections at the rear with collection tank and air brakes.
hydraulic connection moved to the circuit can easily be released, simply
top of the boom. by pressing a button on the front of
the gooseneck.

26 27
EASY EASY Efficient Agriculture Systems by CLAAS

simply more.

The name says it all.

The combined electronics expertise of CLAAS can be

summed up in a single word: EASY.

EASY stands for Efficient Agriculture Systems, and

lives up to its name. From machine optimisation with
CEMOS AUTOMATIC through steering systems and
fleet management via TELEMATICS to farm
management software, EASY makes it all simple. Your
systems can be matched perfectly with each other,
enabling you to get the best performance from your
machines and drivers and top results for your

28 29
SMART HANDLING and bucket return. SMART HANDLING / bucket return

1 Bucket return

Stacking mode with integrated vertical lift. Bucket mode. Bucket shake function. Bucket return.

You can execute precise lifting and lowering movements in The bucket mode is the ideal mode to use when loading bulk The bucket shake function enables the bucket to be unloaded Daily tasks are simplified by the automatic bucket return
stacking mode by using the vertical lift function. The materials. The steps of lowering and retracting the boom are easily, with a minimum of fuss. Combined with the generous function that is integrated into the joystick. If the position of
headstock, and with it the load, are maintained in a straight automatically performed in parallel. tilt angle, this function will really ease your workload, the headstock has been stored, you can always return to the
line when lifting or lowering. The stacking mode with vertical particularly when you are handling damp or sticky materials same position with just a push of a button on the joystick.
lift is therefore the ideal operating mode for stacking tasks. The telescopic boom is automatically retracted in bucket such as manure, compost or soil.
mode when the loading system is being lowered, irrespective This means a considerably reduced effort for the driver.
The benefits are obvious the driver doesn't need to make of the lifting height or the load on the system. Automatic This function is activated via a key combination on the Particularly in combination with the different SMART
manual corrections on the joystick using the retraction and retraction of the boom can be overridden until the overload joystick. Once the bucket shake function has been activated, HANDLING functions, the automatic return feature makes
extension controls. Automatic retraction can be manually limit is reached. Once the overload limit is reached, all the bucket can be tilted up or down to determine the direction work a whole lot easier.
overridden until the overload limit is reached while lowering functions except boom extension can be operated again as of the shake. The boom can still be extended or retracted
the loading system. The lift speed of the loading system is usual. effortlessly while the bucket is shaking.
also automatically adjusted to the load.

30 31
A working area designed for productivity and Cab


32 33
Ergonomic and individualised Ergonomics

operating comfort and convenience.

New standards for cab convenience.

The outstanding features of the cab design include generous

provision of space and perfect all-round visibility. With
equipment features such as the improved ergonomic pedal
arrangement and a radio with Bluetooth interface, the
SCORPION can meet even the most individual of
requirements. The steering wheel and control lever can be
infinitely adjusted to suit the driver. On request, new models
can be fitted with a dynamically sprung seat. So, all in all, you
can feel completely at home, in the most comfortable
SCORPION work environment yet.

Even the first step is easy!

The convenience of the SCORPION is evident as soon as you

step into the cab. The steps can be individually adjusted so
that every driver arrives safely on board. There is also a
(removable) handrail on the right hand side for optimal safety.

Clearly laid-out instrument panel. Thanks to the conveniently positioned displays and controls,
the driver can respond quickly in every work situation. Even at
The gauges in the A-pillar provide information on the the end of a long day, the machine can still always be
SCORPION's driving and operating modes. The displays all lie operated safely, thanks to backlighting on all gauges and
perfectly within the driver's field of vision, allowing constant controls.
monitoring. The switches and displays are colour-coded so
that operating functions and conditions can be monitored
easily and reliably. In the 9055, 7055, 7050 and 7044 models,
the joystick is connected to the driver's seat, while in the
7035, 7030, 6035 and 6030 models it is positioned at the
edge of the cab.

Drinks and snacks for those long working days can Clear layout of the working area.
be stored in the cooled storage compartment Green: hydraulic functions
behind the seat. Blue: driving functions
Grey: electric functions
Red: safety

34 35
Always 360 Comfort

365 days a year.

The full picture. Minimum restrictions. Maximum safety.

The PROFI CAM with in-cab screen covers the front right area The inside safety guard on the SCORPION 7035, 7030, 6035
of the headstock, and an additional camera can be installed to and 6030 means the design height can be kept low and
obtain a better view of the rear connections. prevents deposits forming on the windscreen. In the
SCORPION 9055, 7055, 7050 and 7044 models, the FOPS
(Falling Object Protective Structure) grille is installed on the
roof of the machine for optimal visibility and headroom.

All-round view.

The large glass panels ensure unobstructed views of the A side-view mirror on the right-hand side of the machine
SCORPION's surroundings. You havethe attachmentclearly ensures an even better overview, extending the driver's vision
in view through the one-piece, deep-set windscreen. to corners in the rear area that are difficult to see.

Always comfortable cab conditions. For optimal working conditions.

On hot or cold days, the generously sized air vents with The electric mirror adjustment positioned directly adjacent to
integrated heating and air conditioning can be precisely the ignition lock provides additional convenience. On cold
adjusted to the driver's preferences using individually days, the heated rear and side windows ensure good visibility.
adjustable jets.

Excellent all-round visibility from the cab.

36 37
It should be possible to carry out maintenance Servicing

work easily by hand no matter where.

Maintenance that saves you time.

As we all know, when it comes to maintenance, anything that

is not easily accessible is often simply skipped. For that
reason, we've placed an emphasis on keeping maintenance
simple in the SCORPION. The cab floor can be easily
removed and cleaned.

Lubrication points that are hard to get at have been bundled

into lubrication banks. As an optional extra, a central
lubrication system can be installed ex factory, to ensure a
continuous and reliable supply of lubrication.

There is ample space for straps, grease guns, etc. in the

stowage compartments in the counterweights on the 7050
and 7044 models.

Thanks to the modular construction, maintenance work in the engine compartment can be carried out easily Central lubrication system for automatic lubrication Stowage compartment with 44-l capacity for
by hand. of all lubrication points. chains, belts, grease guns, etc.

38 39
Whatever it takes CLAAS Service & Parts

CLAAS Service & Parts.

Your requirements count. For your business: CLAAS FARM PARTS. Always quickly on the scene. Worldwide coverage from Hamm.

You can always rely on us: we'll be there whenever you need CLAAS FARM PARTS offers one of the most comprehensive A tight-knit service network and personal contact partners Our central spare parts warehouse delivers all ORIGINAL parts
us everywhere, quickly and reliably, around the clock if spare parts programmes, regardless of brand and sector, for ensure that we are always easily accessible from sales staff quickly and reliably all over the world. Your local CLAAS
necessary, with precisely the solution that your machine or all agricultural applications on your farm. Whatever it takes. to technical support and customer service. Whatever it takes. partner can supply the right solution for your harvest or your
business requires. Whatever it takes. business within a very short time. Whatever it takes.

Always up to date. Reliability can be planned.

ORIGINAL parts and accessories.
CLAAS dealers are among the most efficient agricultural Our service products help you to increase machine reliability,
Specially matched to your machine: precision-manufactured technology companies in the world. Our service teams are minimise the breakdown risk and base your calculations on
parts, high-quality consumables and useful accessories. From ideally qualified and equipped with the all-important special predictable costs. CLAAS MAXI CARE offers planned reliability
our comprehensive product range, we supply exactly the right tools and diagnostic systems. CLAAS Service stands for high- for your machine. Whatever it takes.
solution required for the 100% operating reliability of your quality work which meets all your expectations. Whatever it
machine. Whatever it takes. takes.

The CLAAS Parts Logistics Center in Hamm,

Germany stocks more than 155,000 different parts
and has a warehouse area of over 100,000 m2.

40 41
Everything from a single source Attached implements

attachments for your SCORPION.

Benefit from the variable range of uses for CLAAS

attachments all perfectly tailored to your SCORPION.

42 43
Attachments. Attached implements

CLAAS offers a huge range of high-performance attachments These attachments, customised for the particular model, will Standard toothed bucket
for your SCORPION ex factory. All attachments have been help you realise the full potential of your SCORPION model. Capacity Width Weight
purposefully engineered and tailored to the machine's efficient (m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
load-handling system. 1.0 2300 430
1.2 2500 617
1.6 2500 689

Pallet fork Standard bucket without teeth

Load Capacity Width Weight

Width Weight Tine length capacity (m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
(mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) LC 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 1.0 2300 435
1200 300 1200 3500 500 1.2 2500 589
1200 301 1200 4500 500 1.6 2500 689
1200 392 1200 5000 600
1200 330 1200 4500 500

Pallet fork with side shift Bulk material bucket

Load Capacity Width Weight

Width Weight Tine length capacity (m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
(mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) LC 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 1.4 1 2300 561
1350 465 1200 4100 500 1.8 2500 682
1200 610 1200 5000 600 2.5 2500 900
1600 545 1200 4500 500 1 Without bolted scraping rail
Parallel side shift: +/ 100 mm
1600 661 1200 5000 600 With bolted scraping rail

Pallet fork, floating Super bulk material bucket

Load Capacity Width Weight

Width Weight Tine length capacity (m ) 3
(mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
(mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) LC 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 2.0 2400 700
1200 324 1200 4100 500 3.0 2500 953
1200 423 1200 5000 600 4.0 2900 1120

70 mm vertical range of travel With bolted scraping rail

Pallet fork floating, hydraulic Grab bucket

Load Capacity Width Weight

Width Weight Tine length capacity (m ) 3 (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
(mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) LC 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 1.09 2400 999
1200 340 1200 4100 500
1200 423 1200 5000 600

70 mm vertical range of travel, 300 mm horizontal single-tine side shift hydraulic (1 tine) With rotatable scraping rail

Available Not available Available Not available

44 45
Attachments. Attached implements

Bulk material bucket Manure and silage pincers

Capacity Width Weight Capacity Width Weight

(m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 (m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
1.3 2400 1003 2.3 2300 610
1.6 2400 1090 2.51 2500 680
2.5 2500 1160 1 With heavy-duty tines

With bolted scraping rail and transport bolt for shredder

Crane boom Combi-gripper CGA 230, CGA 255

Load Capacity Width Weight

Capacity Width Weight capacity (m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
(m )3 (mm) (kg) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 1.15 2300 570
235 3200 1.3 2550 610

Crane length 1300 mm CGA 230 with 8 flat tines on gripper + 10 round tines, CGA 255 with 8 flat tines on gripper + 10 round tines, including pressure-limiting valve

Grab bucket 617 AS, 618 A, 619 XL Round and rectangle bale gripper

Capacity Width Weight Load

(m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 Width Weight capacity
1.3 2300 775 (mm) (kg) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
1.9 2400 850 350 1500
2.4 2400 1130

With combined pressure-holding valve / pressure-limiting valve clamping range: 8001800 mm

Grab bucket BMSA 230, BMSA 245 Bale gripper for round and square bales

Capacity Width Weight Width Weight

(m )3
(mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
1.35 2300 755 1625 350
1.75 2450 850

BMSA 230 with 8 flat tines, BMSA 245 with 9 flat tines Including round bale clamp / wrapped bale kit, including pressure-limiting valve
Including pressure-limiting valve, wear meter, side panels Two additional tines below, three replacement tines for round bale clamp

Turnip basket Bale gripper for round and square bales

Capacity Width Weight Width Weight

(m )3 (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
2.0 2400 590 1625 380

Including round bale clamp / wrapped bale kit, including pressure-limiting valve
Two additional tines below, four replacement tines for round bale clamp

Available Not available Available Not available

46 47
Attachments. Attached implements

Bale gripper for round and square bales Silage-chopping pincers

Capacity Width Weight Tine length Capacity Width Weight Tine length
(m3) (mm) (kg) (mm) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 (m3) (mm) (kg) (mm) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
1700 760 1.13 1780 910 800

Five tines below, six replacement tines for round bale clamp
Including pressure-limiting valve Three rams

Bale skewer Snow-clearing blade

Load Width Weight Height

Capacity Width Weight Tine length capacity (mm) (kg) (mm) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
(m )3
(mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 2765 / 2395
1 2
446 1020 2

1250 160 1100 1800 1 Overall width
2 Blade width (pivoted 30)

Painted in RAL 1021, including pennant holder, flags and lights

Three tines Super-elastic tyres 250 x 80 mm, spring flaps with vulkollan scrape rail

Crop pusher Hydro broom

Capacity Width Weight Tine length Capacity Width Weight

(m3) (mm) (kg) (mm) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 (m3) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
2500 510 0.48 2920 650

With steel scraping bar Roller level compensation, paintwork in seed green, mechanically pivoting
With 2000-mm extension No waste collection container, brush roller with 600-mm PPN edging, working width 2600 mm

Rock basket Crate rotator

Capacity Width Weight Tine length Load

(m3) (mm) (kg) (mm) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 Width Weight Tine length capacity
0.8 2300 520 (mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
1200 520 1200 3500

With spillover guard

Available Not available Available Not available

48 49
Safe and reliable. Technology

50 51
Technology in detail. Technology


Lifting capacity chart with load centre Lifting capacity chart with load centre
(LC) 600 mm with pivoting axle lock (LC) 500 mm with pivoting axle lock


Lifting capacity chart with load centre Lifting capacity chart with load centre
(LC) 600 mm without pivoting axle lock (LC) 500 mm without pivoting axle lock


LSP 600

52 53
Technology in detail. Technology


Lifting capacity chart with load centre Lifting capacity chart with load centre
(LC) 600 mm (LC) 500 mm


[m] 9
Lifting capacity chart with load centre Lifting capacity chart with load centre 50 60 63

(LC) 500 mm (LC) 500 mm 8

7,00 7 40


4000 kg
5 30

3300 kg

4400 kg

3000 kg

2500 kg

2000 kg

1500 kg

-2,4 LSP 500

[m] 4 3 2 1 0
3,34 2,52 1,83 1,25
3,65 2,89 1,60
3,79 2,13

54 55
Technology in detail. Technology


[m] 9
Lifting capacity chart with load centre Lifting capacity chart with load centre 50 60 62

(LC) 500 mm (LC) 500 mm 8



3500 kg

3000 kg

2500 kg

2000 kg

1350 kg


-2,8 LSP 500

[m] 4 3 2 1 0
3,28 2,20 1,50 0,99
2,60 1,80 1,18


Lifting capacity chart with load centre Lifting capacity chart with load centre
(LC) 500 mm (LC) 500 mm

56 57
When you're serious about what you do SCORPION

Loading system
9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030 SCORPION

Operating and parking brake

9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030

the benefits for you. Lift capacity

Lift height

Dual-circuit hydraulic brakes (closed, wet multi-disc
Front and rear axle
Foot-operated hydraulic disc brakes

Axle input on front axle

Automatic bucket return
Parking brake
Pressure release, third control circuit
Type Electrohydraulic disc brake Hand-operated mechanical disc brake
Engine Location Spring accumulator on front axle and via drive shaft on Axle input on front axle
Manufacturer Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz rear axle
Model TCD 4.1 L4 TCD 4.1 L4 TCD 3.6 L4 TCD 3.6 L4 TCD 3.6 L4 TCD 3.6 L4 TCD 3.6 L4 TCD 3.6 L4 Steering
Output at 2400 rpm kW/hp 115/156 115/156 100/136 100/136 100/136 100/136 100/136 100/136 Steering type 040 km/h Front-axle steering
(ECE R 120)1 Stage IV (Tier 4)
Steering type 030 km/h All-wheel steering
Max. torque at 1600 rpm Nm 609 609 500 500 500 500 500 500
Steering type 015 km/h Crab steering
No. of cylinders 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Cubic capacity cm3 4038 4038 3621 3621 3621 3621 3621 3621 Weights
Exhaust gas aftertreatment Stage IV DOC + DPF DOC + DPF DOC + SCR DOC + SCR DOC + SCR DOC + SCR DOC + SCR DOC + SCR Maximum unladen weight6 kg 11500 10500 9600 9100 7620 7370 6920 6620
emissions standard (Tier 4) + SCR + SCR Permissible total weight kg 12500 12500 12500 11000 9000 9000 8500 8500
Exhaust gas aftertreatment Stage IIIB DOC + DPF DOC + DPF DOC DOC DOC DOC DOC DOC
emissions standard (Tier 4i)
Exhaust gas aftertreatment Stage IIIA No exhaust gas aftertreatment No exhaust gas aftertreatment
emissions standard (Tier 3)

Working hydraulics
Gear pump, LS valves l/bar 100/260 100/260 100/260 100/260
LS pump, LS valves l/bar 187/260 187/260 187 or 140/260 140/260 140/260 140/260 140/260
Spool valve 5- to 7-fold pilot operation 4-fold (standard)
5-fold (optional)
SCORPION 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030
Ground drive
Tyre sizes External width
Hydrostatic VARIPOWER VARIPOWER VARIPOWER VARIPOWER Hydrostat / Hydrostat / Hydrostat / Hydrostat /
PLUS PLUS PLUS / VARIPOWER VARIPOWER VARIPOWER VARIPOWER 405/70-20 152B Mitas MPT 01, AS-Profil m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
VARIPOWER 405/70-20 A 323 Alliance, AS-Profil m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
Ratios km/h 0-7 / 0-15 / 0-7 / 0-15 / 0-7 / 0-15 / 0-7 / 0-15 / 0-7 / 0-154 / 0-7 / 0-154 / 0-7 / 0-154 / 0-7 / 0-154 / 405/70-24 152B Alliance A 323, AS-Profil m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
0-30 / 0-40 0-30 / 0-40 0-302 / 0-403 0-30 / 0-40 0-30 / 0-402 0-30 / 0-402 0-30 / 0-402 0-30 / 0-402 405/70 24 151D Mitas MPT04 m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
Max. top speed km/h 30/40 30/40 302/403 30/40 30/402 30/402 30/402 30/402 405/70-R 24 158 A8 Dunlop SPT9, industrial profile m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
SMART ROADING 425/75 R 20 167 A2 Michelin XZSL m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
440/70 R 28 152 A8 Continental AC 70G, AS-Profil m 2.52 2.52 2.52 2.52
Cab. Drive train. Tank capacity
460/70 R 24 152 A8 Firestone Duraforce Utility m 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
Diesel fuel tank5 l 190 190 190 190 120 120 120 120
460/70-24 159 A8 Mitas TR01, AS-Profil m 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.49
Urea tank l 13 13 13 13 10 10 10 10
Spacious cab VARIPOWER PLUS 460/70 R 24 159 A8 Michelin XMCL, AS-Profil m 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
Hydraulic oil tank / hydraulic oil total l 100/200 100/190 100/190 100/190 100/170 100/170 100/170 100/170
460/70 R 24 159 A8 Alliance A580 m 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
Perfect all-round view Infinitely variable driving up to 40 km/h
Axles 460/70 R 24 Michelin Bibload m 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29
Attractive cab design with excellent ergonomics and Direction control via joystick Front/rear axle 500/70 R 24 164 A8 Alliance A580 m 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
visibility High-torque Deutz engines delivering up to 115 kW/156 hp Bearing load t 27.3 27.3 24.2 24.2 20.4 20.4 20.4 20.4 500/70 R 24 164 A8 Michelin XMCL, AS-Profil m 2.51 2.51 2.51 2.51
A colour scheme for switches and displays arranged Exhaust aftertreatment in compliance with Stage IV Front differential lock Locking differential 100% Self-locking differential 45% 500/70 R 24 Michelin Bibload 2.51 2.51 2.51 2.51
Steering lock degrees 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 500/70 R 24 152 A8 Firestone Duraforce Utility m 2.51 2.51 2.51 2.51
according to functional group including SCR
Hydraulic levelling +/ degrees 10 600/55-26.5 16PR Alliance I-3 IND m 2.61 2.61 2.61 2.61
Systematic two-hand operation SMART ROADING for minimised driving noise and reduced Pivoting axle lock mechanical (rear axle) 17.5-25 16PR Mitas EM 60 m 2.48 2.48 2.48 2.48
fuel consumption Pivoting axle lock hydraulic (rear axle)
All-wheel disengagement
Loading system. Hand throttle with creep-speed facility

Lift capacity from 3.0 to 5.5 t 1 In accordance with ISO 14396

Lift heights from 6.15 to 8.75 m Driver assistance systems. 2 In conjunction with VARIPOWER
3 In conjunction with VARIPOWER PLUS
Hydraulic levelling 4 Speed range not available for hydrostatic drive
Hydraulic output of up to 187 l/min Automatic bucket return feature for easy operation of 5 In accordance with DIN 51628
6 Without implement, according to options
End-position dampening in telescopic, main lift and tilt rams headstock
Oscillation damping with automatic function SMART HANDLING to ease your workload and increase
CLAAS continually develops its products to meet customer requirements. This means that all products are subject to change without notice. All descriptions and specifications in this brochure should be
considered approximate and may include optional equipment that is not part of the standard specifications. This brochure is designed for worldwide use. Please refer to your nearest CLAAS dealer and
their price list for local specification details. Some protective panels may have been removed for photographic purposes in order to present the function clearly. To avoid any risk of danger, never remove
these protective panels yourself. In this respect, please refer to the relevant instructions in the operator's manual.
All technical specifications relating to engines are based on the European emissions regulation standards: Stage. Any reference to the Tier standards in this document is intended solely for information
purposes and ease of understanding. It does not imply approval for regions in which emissions are regulated by Tier.

58 Standard Optional Available Not available Standard Optional Available Not available
SCORPION 9055 7055 7050 7044 7035 7030 6035 6030

A Length incl. carriage mm 5600 4985 4985 4985 4880 4880 4580 4580
C Maximum width mm 25201 25201 25201 25201 2287 2287 2287 2287
D Track width mm 1995 1995 1995 1995 1880 1880 1880 1880
2065 2065 2065 2065
E Overall height mm 25202 25202 25202 25202 23103 23103 23103 23103
F Cab width mm 990 990 990 990 990 990 990 990
G Wheelbase mm 3150 2950 2950 2950 2850 2850 2850 2850
H Ground clearance mm 412 418 418 418 415 415 415 415
I Turning radius across wheels mm 4350 3755 3755 3755 3840 3840 3840 3840
K Spacing from front-wheel centre line to carriage front plate mm 1140 950 950 950 830 830 630 630
L Distance from rear-wheel centre line to back of machine mm 1310 753 753 753 1200 1200 1100 1100
M Height to boom mm 1935 1761 1761 1761 1600 1600 1600 1600
N Hydraulic levelling degrees 10
O Rear approach angle degrees 32 36.5 36.5 36.5 45 45 45 45
P Downward tilt angle for pallet forks (in transport position)4 degrees 19 20 20 20 22 22 22 22
Q Upward tilt angle for pallet forks degrees 65 67 67 67 68 68 68 68
Total carriage swivel range degrees 152 152 152 152 152 152 152 152

1 Values for 440/70 R28 tyres

2 Values for 460/70 24 tyres
3 Values for 405/70 24 MPT01 (Mitas) tyres
4 With unloaded pallet fork



Ensuring a better harvest.


Mhlenwinkel 1
33428 Harsewinkel
C Tel. +49 5247 12-0

6 Standard Optional Available Not available HRC / LRC / 401012000816 KK ME 1016 / 00 0259 912 3