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Perhaps because Im a retired newspaper reporter, and thus a skeptic, Im finding this primary

extremely frustrating. The local media lack the resources to delve carefully into the statements the
candidates make, whether they are complete, self-contradictory, and/or actually true. Since most
people dont have the time or energy to dig themselves, were left to simply believe what were being
told. But John Fasos people WILL dig, and we cant afford to find dirt on our candidate late in the

As my modest contribution to our understanding, I decided to create an overview of how much money
our candidates have reported bringing in to their campaigns and the sources of their funding. The
donations are drawn from their filings with the Federal Elections Commission. In a few cases, I dug to
find out who some donors were. Real names appear on the list on the FEC site, but Im just identifying
people by categories. And I describe employment as they do on their donations. If you want to access
the lists yourself, google candidate name, FEC and filing.

Three more comments: Yes, we all hate how much money flows into these campaigns, but the ability of
a candidate to raise money is critical if were going to beat Faso. Second, people have widely
contradictory views on candidates lending their campaigns money: Some think theyre trying to buy
seats in Congress; others are impressed with their willingness to put their money where their mouths
are since, if they lose, theyre unlikely to get repaid. Finally, please know I have no skin in the game for
any particular candidate. My only concern is that we field the person MOST likely to beat John Faso. So
any errors here are entirely unintentional.

So, FYI, in alphabetical order:

JEFF BEALS: In previous quarters, Jeff did not report to the FEC, which is not required if you raise under
$5,000. For the quarter that just ended on September 30, he reported total receipts of $114,757.72. Of
that, $56,001 was a personal loan he made to his campaign. So he raised $58,856.72 in donations. Of
that, $16,200 (more than a quarter of the total) was donated by two individuals, Amy and Morgan
Fowler of Rhinebeck. The only other large (more than $1001) donations he received were from a law
professor at Georgetown University; an investment banker turned government official and member of
the National Security Council staff who is now a principal at a global business strategy group; from an
asset manager at an investment firm; from a NYC consultant; and from a federal government employee
in McLean, Virginia.

DAVID CLEGG: David did not file for the previous quarter. For the quarter just ended, he raised
$217,181. About half was a personal loan to his campaign, and another $11,182 was his donation. Of the
rest, donations above $1001 were from: his treasurer in Saugerties, listed as not employed; a Cottkill
writer, an unemployed Virginia man, a Kingston retiree, a not employed Kingston man, the marketing
director of a Pennsylvania retirement home , a Penn State professor, a California construction company
guy, a Penfield lawyer, a Kingston lawyer, a Hamburg lawyer, a not employed couple in Olivebridge,
from a Georgia lawyer, Karen Clegg and Jessica Clegg.

Most of his smaller donors were local.

ANTONIO DELGADO: This was the most difficult summary to prepare because Antonio received so
many large (over $1000) donations.
In the first two quarters, his total was $651,653, about half in donations above $2000 and about one
quarter in donations of $1000-1999. A major chunk came from attorneys at Akin, Gump, where he
works, with smaller chunks from employees of Goldman Sachs, OMelveny and Myers (international
corporate law firm) and Sidley Austin (6th largest law firm in the US). A bit more than half came from
donors in NY state, about 12 percent from CA, 7 percent from NJ. Rest from elsewhere. According to a
September article in Roll Call, Antonio was the Democratic Partys top fundraising challenger thus far
AND among those who had taken in cash overwhelmingly from outside their districts - $9/10 donated
dollars from outside.

His $5-11,000 donors included an executive at Goldman Sachs, a NYC real estate developer, a NYC
property manager, a NYC retired couple, a CA actor, the head of a CA nonprofit, a NYC retiree, NYC
banker, an attorney in Tivoli, his parents, a CA attorney, an IBM consultant, a legal firm in Tennessee,
and the president of Fox Network Group,

His $2-5000 donors include an executive at Siris Capital, a theatre producer, an attorney at Apple, a CA
private investigator, five attorneys at large law firms, a Hudson Valley cardiologist, an executive at
Genting America, a CA fashion person, a partner at Pharos Capitol, a nonprofit executive, a NYC
investor, a VA filmmaker, a NYC literary agent, a guy from Old Cities Securities, an unspecified vice-
president, another filmmaker, and a Goldman Sachs executive.

The $1001-1999 group include: a lawyer for Chevon, an entertainment executive, an attorney at
Guggenheim Partners, a sales executive, a Barneys producer, an SEC attorney, three attorneys at large
firms, a NJ realtor, a guy working in business development for SeraCare Life Sciences, a Red Hook
retiree, a Schenectady retiree, a partner at Pharos Capital.

As of the end quarter culminating on September 30, he had raised $1,052,989, $7250 from PACS (the
Congressional Black Caucus, Jeffries Team for Newark, At the Table). The geographical pattern
remained about the same with about half his contributions coming from in state, 10 percent from CA, 5
percent from NJ, and most of the rest from DC, MA, Ct and Va. More than 40 percent of donations were
over $2000, about 20 percent $1000-1999. Less than 10 percent under $200. Another major chunk of
the total came from attorneys at Akin, Gump.

In what follows for this last quarter, there are numerous repeat donations from people mentioned

His $1001 to 1999 donors: Numerous lawyers from major NYC firms, Par Pharmaceutical Group, and
the SEC; a man from Bloomberg software company, an unemployed man in Lansing, a Red Hook
retiree, head of a Brooklyn video production company, a Woodstock fair promoter, an executive at
Bloomingdales, creative director at Reboot, a NYC freelance photographer, global head of Citigroup,
an attorney at Guggenheim Partners in Massachusetts, someone from a Chicago foundation,

His $2000-4999 donors included an executive with a major resort company, one with a real estate
group in CA, head of the HR committee at Verizon, an executive at CBS, a NYC retiree, an investment
manager at Clarion Capital, someone at Symantec in San Francisco, an executive at Nickelodeon,
owner of Sunnys Hair Online, consultant with 4C Partners (a political communications and strategy
firm in DC), someone from SGI Merchant Bank in NYC, NYC investor, head of the Apollo Theater in
NYC, a professor at Peking University who lives in Massachusetts, the CEO of the software company
Infor who used to run Oracle and his wife, guy from Old City Securities, real estate guy from Mt Kisco, a
Mt Kisco woman, a capital analyst in NYC, an LA TV writer/producer, the president of, a
marketing guy at Spotify, a banker at Lazard, manager at a healthcare distribution company in Ohio,
the CEO of Blue Shield in CA, producer and director in NYC, business development guy at NYC shoe
store, NYC homemaker, systems engineer in Rhinebeck, San Francisco guy, someone from Yumanity
Therapeutics in Boston, an investor at Headlands in Chicago, a self-employed Kentucky philanthropist,
someone at a private equity fund in NYC, a professor at Columbia University, a Boston man, a California
attorney, an attorney for Apple, chair of Landmark Partners in Florida, Chief Financial Officer of an LA
entertainment company, CEO of a gaming company, someone with an investment company in

His over $5000 donors: the Chief Investment Officer at Saba Capital, a NYC literary agent, someone in
NYC real estate sales, a compliance officer at Two Sigma investment company, a MatlinPattterson Commented [1]:
asset manager focused on distressed credit opportunities, retired Columbia County man who used to
run an investment management firm, an unemployed historian,

According to, which does a very thorough job going through FEC filings, Antonio is the
TOP recipient of donations from Akin Gump - $121,505,

BRIAN FLYNN: Brian announced early on that he planned to lend his campaign a large sum of money
for the primary to avoid owing any favors; he certainly kept his word: Last quarter he lent his campaign
$500,000. In addition, he raised $253,613. More than half came from New York State, with a bit under
1/4 from New Jersey. Donations above $1001 included a UN attorney, a NYC therapist, a NJ attorney, a
partner at Mercury Advisors, an actor, an individual with no employment information, an art
conservator, an employee at TRGP Capital Management (4000), a designer, a PR person and a retiree.

In the quarter that just ended, Brian loaned his campaign another $150,000 and raised
$394,650.66. Of that, $138,854 came from NY, and most of that from residents of the district, $54,625
from NJ, with remainder from NC, CT, FLA, ND and DC.

Of that total, $187,100 were in contributions over $2000 and $26,317 in donations between $1000 and

His big donors - over $5000 in campaign to date - were a Scarsdale man, an investor with Blue Wolf
Capital, an advertising exec in NYC, a not employed woman in CA, the head of MTA security in
Peekskill, a retired physician in Pleasantville.

$2000-4999: Partner in a NYC PR company with a major presence in Hunter, a not employed man in
Brooklyn, a not employed woman in NYC, a not employed man in Tannersville, a not employed man in
NYC, a NYC consultant, a NYC architect, a not employed NYC woman

GARTH RHODES: Last quarter, he raised $134,962.78, more than 90 percent from within New York
state. There were numerous $1000 donations. The ones accounting for more than that came from a
NYC attorney, a Chicago title attorney, another NYC attorney, a NYC woman, a NYC designer, a NYC
real estate broker, another NYC real estate broker, a self-described investor, a NYC investment advisor,
a Buffalo developer and Cuomo appointee and his wife, also a developer, the tour chair of the PGA
presidents cup, a NYC investor, a tech guy who used to lead AI team at Facebook, a filmmaker in
Hudson, a NYC real estate developer.
This quarter that just passed, he raised $133,660.96. His big donors were:

$2000 and over: An executive assistant with a Kingston address who works in NYC, the owner of a NYC
design firm who gives a Kingston address, the VP of Atara Biotherapeutics in NYC, a NYC Investment
Banker with a Dutchess County address, a NYC attorney who is former Superintendent of Insurance of
NY State, an unemployed man from South Carolina, a NYC investor, a NYC consultant, a Clinton
Corners retiree, a NYC attorney with a Stanfordville address, Invester/advisor formerly of Goldman
Sachs, Short Hills, NJ, Commisioner of Homes and Renewals for NYS, professional mediator from Long
Island, a partner in Euclidean Capital, team member of a Florida charitable Trust,

$1001-1999: VP of Pfizer Essential Health in NYC, a Brooklyn financial professional, head of an Albany
lobbying firm, managing partner at Taurus Capital in Buffalo (former Cuomo appontee), a Buffalo
developer, Skadden Arps NYC partner

PAT RYAN: Last quarter, his donations totalled $213,291.60. A little less than half came from New York
State, with the other major chunks from DC and California. More than $36,000 came from people at
companies like Palantir and Dataminr, which work in the field in which Pat is trying to grow his own
start-up, so, basically, cybersecurity technology. Another $22,000 or so came from family members.
The other over $1001 donations came from: NY attorney, three women with unidentified occupations,
a Princeton professor, the president of the Sierra Club board, a NYC MD, an Illinois insurance guy, a
lawyer in Massachusetts, an investment company employee, a Skadden Arps attorney, executive in
health care, another NYC attorney, another NYC investment guy and a property management person.

This quarter Pat raised $331,478.39, including:

$2-3000: TLC Kids Group, NYC antique dealer, his wife, CA Foundation officer, CEO of a large private
holding company in Poughkeepsie, managing director of a Boston investment company, a not
employed NYC woman, a CA investor, not employed in NYC, a Columbia County horse farm owner who
used to be VP of Citibank and CEO of TV Data Technologies and his wife, Managing director of a private
equity investing company, founder of a NYC investment company, not employed man in Brooklyn,
investment manager in NYC, commercial real estate professional in Massachusetts, investment
company manager, not employed California woman, CEO of ingredient and recipe delivery service in
NYC, NYC investment professional, NYC financial planning portfolio manager, not employed NYC
woman, partner at NYC international law firm, NYC writer, physician in Bethel, investment manager at
Standard General , self-employed investor in CA, NYC consultant, retired woman in Boston, retired
woman in Kingston, NYC antique dealer, Boston hedge fund analyst, president of a NYC investment
company, CEO of a NYC investment company, book binder on Long Island, president of holding
company in Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie attorney, guy at harvard Management Co in Boston, NYC
attorney, treasurer at NYC management company, California venture capital guy, not employed
Brooklyn woman, not employed woman in Boston, chair of Boston foundation, chairman of Bain
Capital, occupational therapist in Boston, retired NYC man, chair of a Boston venture capital fund and
his wife,

$1001-1999: a Kingston real estate agent, large DC law firm attorney, chairman of a leadership
development company at West Point, a not employed NYC woman, NYC hedge fund guy, not
employed NYC woman, Boston physician, not unemployed NYC man, occupational therapist in Boston.
Apart from those donations, Pat received substantial donations from Palantir and individuals from
other companies involved in cybersecurity. He also has received money from two PACS: $10,000 from a
Vets PAC and $45,000 from the Service America Victory Fund created by Sean Moulton from

I should also note that nearly half of Pats donors who have maxed out their giving live in
Massachusetts, where Pat has never lived. I dont know but given the large contribution from Moultons
PAC, I cant help but wonder if thats the connection. If I am correct, read up on Moulton.