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Event: NASA To Rename Center in John Glenn's Honor, May 7 -- Video File for May 5, 1999 ***** UPCOMING LIVE EVENT: NASA TO RENAME CENTER IN JOHN GLENN'S HONOR, MAY 7 On Friday, May 7, NASA will pay tribute to John Glenn, a symbol of the Agency's past, present and future, by renaming the Agency's Ohio center the John H. Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field. Media are invited to attend the salute to Ohio's native son and former senator. Events will begin at approximately 10:45 a.m. EDT with a parade, followed by a picnic featuring entertainment by the allastronaut band, "Max Q." The ceremony, scheduled to begin between 2 and 2:30 p.m. EDT, will be broadcast live on NASA Television. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin and Glenn Center Director Donald Campbell will participate. Contact at NASA Headquarters: Michael Braukus, 202/358-1979; Contact at NASA Glenn: Lori Rachul, 216/433-8806. Full text of the release: If NASA issues any news releases later today, we will e-mail summaries and Internet URLs to this list. Index of 1999 NASA News Releases: ***** Video File for May 5, 1999 ITEM 1 NASA FIGHTS CRIME (TRT 10:00)(REPLAY) ITEM 2 STS-96 B-ROLL (TRT 15:09)(REPLAY) ITEM 3 STARSHINE : STS-96 STUDENT PROJECT (REPLAY) Item 1 NASA Fights Crime (replay)

NASA scientists at the Marshall and Goddard Space Flight Centers are providing new software technology and instruments that may help law enforcement agencies catch criminals by improving the quality of crime scene evidence. Item 1A Crime Scene Investigation B-roll B-roll from the Forensic Investigation Center Crime Laboratory in Albany, NY. Video courtesy NASA and New York State Police Item 1B Interview: Dr. Jacob Trombkam, Astrophysicist Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics, NASA Goddard Item 1C Interview: Dr. Timothy McClanahan, Mathematician Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics, NASA Goddard Item 1D Lab B-roll Dr. Sam Floyd, Applied physicist in the Lab for Extraterrestrial Physics, explains the steps for identifying gunpowder and primer residue at a crime scene test site. A study will use portable x-ray fluorescence analysis and fluoroscopy systems to aid scientists in remote detection. Contact at NASA Headquarters: Michael Braukus, 202/358-1979; Contact at NASA Goddard: Lynn Jenner 301/286-0045. Item 1E Video Enhancing Video Image Stabilization and Registration technology developed by NASA researchers helps police identify moving objects by stabilizing a videotaped image through a post production process. B-roll shows a sideby-side view of the original and enhanced images, as well as brightening a scene with VISAR stabilization. Item 1F Inventors at Work Two NASA scientists have invented new computer software technology that may help law enforcement agencies catch criminals by improving the quality of video recorded at crime scenes. B-roll shows the two Marshall Space Flight Center scientists at work. Item 1G Interview: Dr. David Hathaway, NASA researcher, NASA Marshall Dr. Hathaway discusses the origins of the VISAR technology and how the computer software works. Contact at NASA Headquarters: Michael Braukus 202/358-1979; Contact at NASA Marshall: Ed Medal 256/544-0034. *****

Item 2 STS-96 B-Roll (replay) STS-96, a 10-day flight, will take four men, three women and more than 5,000 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station. While docked with the station, the astronauts will conduct a spacewalk to attach a "crane" to the station for future assembly missions. The crew also will install equipment needed before the arrival of the crew living quarters, to be launched by Russia later this year. Footage includes International Space Station animation, STS-96 crew training and EVA preparation, STS-96 mission animation and Starshine animation. Contact at NASA Headquarters: Dwayne Brown, 202/358-1726; Contact at NASA Johnson: Eileen Hawley, 281/483-5111. ***** Item 3 Starshine: STS-96 Student Project (replay) Item 3A Starshine Animation Starshine is an international, educational satellite that will be launched from the Space Shuttle Discovery during upcoming STS-96 mission. This twinkling spacecraft will be visible to the naked eye during morning and evening twilight periods, giving students around the world an opportunity to make measurements and perform experiments by tracking the satellite. Item 3B A World Class Project: Student B-roll Students have voluntarily machined, sanded, polished and inspected 878 tiny aluminum mirrors that comprise the surface of Starshine. B-roll shows careful processing of the pieces by students from Edgar Allen Poe Middle School. Item 3C Entering the Clean Room at Goddard Students from St. Michael the Arc Angel School in Baltimore, MD don "bunny suits" and enter the clean room at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center where Starshine is prepared for shipment. B-roll includes a view of the Starshine spacecraft spinning. Item 3D Integration of Starshine Starshine is placed into its canister before being shipped to Kennedy Space Center, FL. Close inspection reveals the ejection system that will send Starshine into space. Item 3E Interview: Gil Moore, Director of Project Starshine, NASA Goddard Item 3F Interview: Patrick Kilroy, Implementation and Test Manager for

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