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Gautam Buddha University

End Term Examinations, Odd Semester 2017
Programme Name: 5-Year Dual Degree B.Tech(Food Technology)+ M.Tech/MBA
Semester: II
Course Name : Basic Electronics Maximum Marks: 50
Course Code : EC101 Total Time: 03 Hours
Section A (10 Marks)
Attempt any five questions out of six questions and each questions are of two Marks.
Q 1. 1.a) Explain Static and dynamic resistance of the diode.
1.b) What is breakdown voltage in diode?
1.c) Draw 2-input NOR gate from 2- input AND gate.
1.d) Determine the voltage Vo for the following network.

1.e) Define depletion layer and barrier potential in the diode.

1.f) Find the current flowing through following circuit (Assume practical diode).

Section B (20 Marks)

Attempt any four questions out of five questions and each questions are of five marks.
Q 2. Draw and explain I-V characteristics of p-n junction diode. Compare ideal and practical diode.
Q 3. Draw the output wave form of following circuits.

1/1 P.T.O.
Q 4. Draw and explain the working of Center tapped full wave rectifier.
Q 5. Determine the value of currents and o/p voltages in the following circuits

Q 6. In a Common Emitter transistor circuit if = 100 and IB = 50A, compute the values of
, IE and IC.

Section C (20 Marks)

Attempt any two questions out of three questions and each questions are of ten marks

Q 7. For the characteristics of given figure:

(a) Determine the ac resistance at .
(b) Determine the ac resistance at = 25mA.
(c) Compare the results of parts (a) and (b) to the dc resistances at each current level.

2/1 P.T.O.
Q 8. Design the following Boolean function using NAND gates.
Q 9. (a) Draw and explain full adder circuit with truth table.
(b) Draw full subtractor circuit from half subtractor circuit.

3/1 P.T.O.