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Answer all questions

Part (A) multiple question

1. You are the project manager of a large technical project. You believe that
Jose has received the message but does not agree with it based on his
body language. This is known as what?

a. Acknowledgment
b. Transmission
c. Negotiation
d. Decoder

2. Which of the following will help you, the project manager, to complete the
needed communications management plan by identifying the
stakeholders communication needs?

a. Identification of all communication channels

b. Formal documentation of all communication channels
c. Formal documentation of all stakeholders
d. Lessons learned from previous similar projects

3. You are the project manager for the JGI Project. You have 32 stakeholders
on this project. How many communication channels do you have?

a. Depends on the number of project team members

b. 496
c. 32
d. 1

4. You are the project manager for the KLN Project. You had 19 stakeholders
on this project, and have added three team members to the project. How
many more communication channels do you have now compared to

a. 171
b. 231
c. 60
d. 1
5. A memo has been sent to you, the project manager, project team members,
and the project customers from the project sponsor. In this instance, who
is the encoder?

a. Project sponsor
b. Project manager
c. Project team members
d. Project customers

6. Which one of the following is an example of a project communication

a. Ad-hoc conversations
b. Demands for formal reports
c. Stakeholder management
d. Team members in different geographical locales
Part (B)

Discussion questions

1. Stakeholders have different interests or stakes in a project. How can you

determine where to put your management effort?

2. The purpose of the Communication Management Plan is to define the

communication requirements for the project and how information will be
distributed to and feedback received from all stakeholders. The
Communication Management Plan is a working document that may defines
the following:

Stakeholder communication requirements

Analysis, design, development and evaluation of communications
Identification and best use of communication vehicles
Communication standards for the project
The Communication approval process

Discuss the above points in details

Dr. Ali Arnaouti