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Water bus is a means of transporting passengers on a river or lake voyage that currently can
be categorized as still in the amount that has not been significant if compared with the
existence of the existing river in the territory of Indonesia so it is still not yet maximize the
technical and automatic factors. The research objective is a protype design of double glass
fiber glass bus model that meets technical and economical factors. The method used in the
preliminary design stage is the optomation method to determine the optimum main ship size
based on the comparable vessel data that has been registered at the basic design and
optimization design approach to generate the optimum value of the objective function by
determining the parameters that must be met and set constraints to minimize engine power
and can be used for basic stages design analysis as well as calculation / line plan drawing and
general arrangement using the program. The result of the research is prototype model double
hull glass water glass OBM glass type fiber made in miniature form with water size (T) 0,70
m, speed (V) 17knot and engine capacity 2 x 175 HP.

Keywords: design, water bus, prototype, double hull

Water bus is one means of transportation of passenger and goods transport through river /
lake cruise. The existence of a water bus that operates in the waters of rivers and lakes in the
territory of Indonesia can be categorized still in the number is not significant when compared
with the existence of several rivers found in major cities in Indonesia so it is still necessary
development of water bus fleet, which is adjusted to the national strategy plan in
development of tourism areas in various regions of Indonesia for services for foreign tourists.
Procurement of goods and services in the form of design and production of existing water
buses are still not maximize technical and economic factors in terms of determining the speed
and power of the parent motor. So far, the magnitude of the speed and power of the parent
motor is its value in technical specifications always given with interval values and to avoid
fine sanctions the shipbuilding shipbuilding in the selection of motor power the mains always
choose larger to speed the vessel obtained slightly larger than planned. However, this
condition is not economical in the planning of the water bus because with the selection of a
larger parent motor to the speed of the vessel's speed makes the price of the parent machine
becomes more expensive, fuel consumption becomes large and technically affect the
placement of the parent machine in the engine room.
In the preliminary stage of design, water bus planning uses optimization method to reduce
and minimize the mismatch of a design to the owner requirement in determining the main
ship size and optimal hull form, where the primary data of similar water bus is processed by
polynomial regression to obtain the optimum size of the ship . In planning, hull forms will be
made different from other water buses by minimizing ship resistance through resistance
analysis to obtain certainty of ship speed and optimum motor power as well as trim and
stability analysis to ensure the condition of ships in operation has good stability. To create a
prototype double hull fiber glass water bus in the form of miniature then in the planning will
be done calculation and drawing of line plan plan, general plan (general arragement).

2.1. Preliminary Design Optimization Method
To minimize and minimize design mismatch with the owner's needs at the initial
design stage, an optimization method is needed to determine the optimal ship size and
optimal hull shape, as shown in Figure 1 and the initial design optimization. method as
shown in Figure 2.
is used to determine the optimum size of the vessel based on the comparable vessel data that
has been registered at the basic design stage. Optimation design approach, as an alternative to
generate optimum value from certain criteria (objective function) by determining the
parameters that must be met and set constraint (constraint) in order to minimize engine power
and can be used for analysis of basic design stages.

2.2. Regresi Polynomial

Polynomial regression is a linear regression model formed by summing the influence of each
explanatory variable raised up to nth order. Polynomial regression is used to determine the
polynomial function that best fits the collection of data points (X0,Y0) which is known, using
the approach function: y = a0 +a1x + a2x2)
2.3. Modeling

Ship modeling is a hull shape designed in 3 dimensional form using maxsurf programe where
modeling has been through model data analysis, resistance and stability of ship, which can be
used to make miniature ship for testing in towing tank.

2.4. Lines Plan

Lines plan is a projection image of the ship, which consists of projection station (body plan),
projection of water line (half breadh plane) and projection buttock line (sheer plane)