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APRIL 2012 60111/BTZ2A/BTC2A

Time : Three hours Maximum : 75 marks

SECTION A (10 2 = 20 marks)

Answer any TEN questions, each in 30 words.
All questions carry equal marks.

1. What is Economic Development?

u G G?

2. What are the three dimensions of under

a] n[P ?

3. What is poverty?
G G?

4. State any four effects of Transport.

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5. Write short notes on the pattern of Exports of

Cv Hv P Szx ] S
6. What do you mean by structural unemployment?
A Szx } Ax G?
7. What is meant by Land Reform?
{a ^ G G?
8. What is Green Revolution?
_ m] G G?
9. State any two defects of Public distribution system
in India.
Cv x {P SkP
Hu Csiz uP.
10. What do you mean by industrialisation?
uUP Szx } Ax G?
11. Define small-scale industries.
] u .
12. What is Indicative Planning?
Smkz vmhku G G?

SECTION B (5 5 = 25 marks)
Answer any FIVE questions each in 200 words.
All questions carry equal marks.

13. What are the goals of seventh five year plan?

Hx Iusk vmhzv |UP[P ?

2 60111/BTZ2A/BTC2A
14. Describe briefly the Rostows stages of economic
h u a] iP
_UPP .

15. What are the causes for slow growth in National

Income in India?
Cv u] zv u a]UP
Pn[P ?

16. State the causes for the poverty in India.

Cv UP Pn[Pz uP.

17. What are the objectives of Land Reform measures?

{a ^ ^vzuzv |UP[P ?

18. What are the problems of Jute Industry in India?

Cv \n u\P a\P

19. What are the criticisms of the Second five year

Cshx Iuskz vmhzv u
SkP ?
3 60111/BTZ2A/BTC2A
SECTION C (3 10 = 30 marks)
Answer any THREE questions each.
All questions carry equal marks.
20. Explain the different methods of calculating
National Income.
u] zuU PnUQk P
21. Discuss about the components of Indias foreign
Cv A{ oPzvh EmP
22. Discuss the food policy of India.
Cv EnU PP vUP.
23. Explain the criticisms leveled against the New
Industrial Policy 1991.
v u PP 1991&S Gv
\[P USP.
24. Eighth Plan is a plan for managing the change
""Gmhx vmhx uP s
\uPP EUPmhuS'' vUP.

4 60111/BTZ2A/BTC2A