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Summary of findings and recommendations:

Safety measures provided by the Contractors at the diversions and at work site are not

The Concessionaire shall not complied the requirements / recommendations specified on

the Road safety Report 2 dated January 2014 submitted by IE.

There is an urgent need to improve traffic control and safety devices such as signs,
delineators, blinkers, barricades etc at work site as per relevant standards and technical
specifications viz: IRC SP 55:2001 & IRC 67:2012

The Concessionaire shall take necessary steps to improve the safety measures
immediately as where safety lapses observed. The following recommendations shall be

Appointment of a Safety Consultant

The Authority shall appoint a Safety Consultant as specified as per Clause 4 of Schedule L of the
Concession agreement within 90 (Ninety) days from the date of concession agreement

Traffic Signs

During our inspection it was observed that traffic signs installed on project stretch is not
sufficient and sub standard. Following Traffic signs are mandatory during the
construction stage

- Mandatory Signs/ regulatory signs : To indicate the prohibition upon vehicle

maneuver and restriction on parking

- Cautionary/ Warning signs : Triangular shape with red boarder and black symbol in
white back ground used to caution and alert the road user to potential danger and
existence of certain hazardous condition either on or adjacent to the road way so
that they take desired action. These signs indicate the need for special caution by
road users and they may require a reduction in speed

- Informatory / Guide signs : rectangle in shape and are used to give such information
to road users which will help them along the route in most simple and direct manner

Concessionaire shall refer to IRC: 67-2012 for information on requirements on Road


Safety risk in diversion areas

During our inspection it was observed that diversion provided at about 10 locations was
not compliance with safety regulations. The traffic management measures were
insufficient with potential danger areas for cause of accidents. The black spot areas
with potential chances of accident occurrences are @ chainages 89 +380KM and 97+00

The road users need to alert with warning measures about the change of TWO LANE to
ONE WAY traffic and about the merging points

The visibility at night at diversion points to be increased to protect vehicles to entering

into the Construction site

Safety risk in deep excavation

During our inspection it was observed that the construction site is exposed to danger due to
insufficient barricading and shoring measures. Following measures are recommended:

Proper soil protection methods to be adopted in deep excavated construction areas.

Methodologies like sheet piling, sheet piling shall be adopted as approved by IE/NHAI

It is recommended to cordon off the construction site restricting public to enter to the

Blinkers and Illuminators shall be provided for night vision to enhance safety

General Safety Awareness/ precautions

Installation of Safety posters at construction base camps and offices

Safety Drills and Tool Box meeting daily

Monthly Safety workshops for all staffs including Supervisors and Management

Risk assessment and precautionary actions have to carried out on a regular basis

Periodical Checking of Licenses Drivers, Machinery Operators, Electricians

Fire Protection measures

Emergency precaution and Response measures

Recording of near misses and monthly accident report in NHAI format

Safety team to monitor on weekly basis to rectify defects like misplacement of gunny
bags, barricades, signs etc

Cordon off work areas to prevent entry of public into the work zone

Monthly check on Electrical and mechanical devices