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Title (Unit) : Nice to Meet You

Grade (Level) : Beginner Medium
Lesson Focus : Listening
Objectives :
1. Student is able to exchange personal information
2. Student is able to identify names of the speakers
Key Expressions :

To be born, clever, place of study, subject

Material :

Module (Basic English Grammar Unit 41)

Procedure Details
Opening 1. Greeting and small talk
(Time 2 minutes)
Presentation 1. Ask the student how her/his first experience at high
(Time: 3 minutes) school was?
2. Discuss
3. Explain todays objectives

Practice 1. Teacher writes some keywords that will be used later in

(Time: 20 minutes) the audio track
2. Discuss
3. Ask if there are any unfamiliar words
4. Explain to student that they will listen to a conversation
between several people. Student have to take note of each
persons first name
5. If student is ready, play the audio track
6. Ask student if he/she has found each persons first name.
if the student have any complexities, try to repeat the
audio track.
7. Discuss the names. Ask student if he/she knows any other
8. Give student different international identity card.
9. Ask if there are any unfamiliar words and discuss
10. Explain to the student that he/she is going to fill the blank
spaces of identity card.
11. If the student is ready, play the audio card
12. Play the audio again until the student is satisfied with
his/her answers
13. Discuss
Production 1. Ask student how it is to have friends from the other
(Time: 10 minutes) countries
2. Discuss

Closing 1. Student concludes the lesson

(Time: 5 minutes) 2. Give feedback
3. Give assignment (give student a international card.
He/she have to search a friend and fill the personal
4. Inform about the next meeting materials
5. Saying goodbye

Anticipated Problems and Solutions

Problem: Student may have complexities in understanding some vocabularies
Solution: Teach clearly and ask frequently if the student comprehend