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for June 24: FUSE Spacecraft Launch Replay ****** No news releases have been issued today If NASA issues any news releases later today, we will e-mail summaries and Internet URLs to this list. Index of 1999 NASA News Releases: ***** Video File for June 24, 1999 ITEM 1 FUSE SPACECRAFT LAUNCH REPLAY ITEM 2 STS-93 CREW ARRIVAL AT KENNEDY (TRT 04:42) (REPLAY) ***** ITEM 1 FUSE SPACECRAFT LAUNCH REPLAY Footage includes replay of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer spacecraft (FUSE) launch and mission animation. The FUSE mission seeks to answer long-standing questions about the origins of the universe. FUSE will investigate the origin and evolution of the lightest elements in the universe. FUSE will also examine the forces and processes involved in the evolution of galaxies, stars and planetary systems. Contact at NASA Goddard: Donna Drelick, 301/286-7995; Contact at NASA Headquarters: Doug Isbell, 202/358-1547. ***** ITEM 2 STS-93 CREW ARRIVAL AT KENNEDY (TRT 04:42) (REPLAY) ITEM 2A CREW ARRIVAL (TRT 02:34) Footage shows the arrival of the STS-93 crew members for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test at Kennedy Space Center beginning June 21, 1999. The flight crew is comprised of Commander Eileen Collins, Pilot Jeff Ashby and Mission specialists Steve Hawley, Catherine Coleman

and French Astronaut Michel Tognini. A countdown test is held prior to each Space Shuttle flight. The launch day dress rehearsal, scheduled for Thursday, follows three days of emergency egress training exercises, flights in the Shuttle Training Aircraft and an inspection of the Chandra X-ray Observatory payload inside Shuttle Columbia's payload bay. ITEM 2B STS-93 M-113 TANK TRAINING (TRT 02:08) Footage shows the STS-93 crew engaged in orientation training in M113 armored vehicles on June 22, 1999. The M-113 armored vehicle is used for crew emergency egress from the launch pad perimeter in the event of an emergency. Contact at Kennedy Space Center: Joel Wells, 407/867-2468. ****************************************************** The NASA Video File generally airs at noon, 3 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m. and midnight Eastern Time, but may be pre-empted by mission coverage or breaking news. NASA Television is available on GE-2, transponder 9C at 85 degrees West longitude, with vertical polarization. Frequency is on 3880.0 megahertz, with audio on 6.8 megahertz. Refer general questions about the video file to NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC: Ray Castillo, 202/358-4555, or Pam Poe, 202/358-0373. During Space Shuttle missions, the full NASA TV schedule will continue to be posted at: For general information about NASA TV see: ***** Contract Awards Contract awards are posted to the NASA Acquisition Information Service Web site: ***** The NASA Daily News Summary is issued each business day at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern time. Members of the media who

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