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1. Why would you like to join us?

What made you apply to this job role?
2. Any suggestions to improve Uber.
Difference between ola and Uber.
3. Tell me abt urself
4. Design a leadership dashboard showing the top 10 profitable cities for Uber across all
business verticals.
5. What are the challenges w.r.t designing that dashboard?
6. What do you think is the example of a good product? Why?
7. What other use-cases can we include in the Uber App?
8. What excites you and what de-motivates you?
9. Explain your past experience on products in detail. What was your contribution?
10. What technologies will you use for the leadership dashboard creation?
11. how would you deal with a drunk driver complaint
12. Why uber?
13. What is so exciting about uber
14. what is the most frustrating thing about Uber for you as a user? What solution would
you recommend for it?"
15. Write a draft email to promote something.
16. How would you evaluate the highest performing drivers?
17. Why do you want this position at Uber? (This was the least superficial of all three
questions, to give you an idea.)
18. What KPIs should Uber use to measure success in a new city.
19. Why do you want to work for Uber?
20. What are your leadership principles?
21. An Uber driver complains that a passenger vomits in their back seat. Do you help pay
for the damages? If so, where do you get the money?
22. Why do you want to leave your current company?
23. How do you deal with angry riders?
24. How do you make yours drivers happy and willing to stay with Uber ?
25. While taking an Uber to work, you notice your driver is also accepting trips via a
competitors app. What would you do? ( Less than 2 mins)

Discuss Surge Pricing - an extremely important concept on the exam.

Discuss Uber metrics and terms, including:

Completed Trips
Driver Supply
Idle Time
Peak Hours
Surge Pricing
Working Shifts

Covers many many multiple choice questions found in the Uber Excel analytics test, including:

1. Between the 1st and the 5th of February, which date has the most completed
2. What hour of the day had the most completed trips on February 11th?
3. What hour of the day from the 15 day period in February had the least
number of requests?
4. What is the percentage of all of the eyeballs that occurred on Fridays?
5. What is the weighted average of requests per driver for the 15 day data set?
6. Drivers' schedules are drafted in 4 hour shifts, and Uber wants to change this
to 8 hour shifts. Calculate which shift has the highest request for the 15 day
data set.
7. When the number of unique drivers increases so does the number of
8. On which day is the ratio the highest for the number of completed trips to
9. If you had 10 drivers to add to one hour throughout the 15 day data set, which
hour would you add them to?
10. How many hours of data are in this data set?

Use the data to determine when the best end-of-day is for drivers.

Sample of short and long answer questions and an approach to answer them:

1. What is surge-pricing is and the main reasons behind why it's a good choice
for Uber.
2. Convince a non Uber driver to switch to become an Uber driver.
3. Write a letter aimed at Uber drivers to encourage them to accept more
4. What is the probability of an Uber driver accepting your request?
5. How many years will it take for UberBlack drivers to outnumber UberX
6. What will be the change in Uber revenue after a fare increase?
7. If Uber starts a promo, what is the maximum amount of fare reduction before
loss of revenue?
8. What is the maximum number of possible Uber candidates, given Ubers
eligible driver policy?
9. What is the minimum number of possible Uber candidates, given Ubers
eligible driver policy?
10. What is the probability of a Uber passenger getting to choose their seat first?
11. Would an UberBlack vehicle beat Usain Bolt at the 100 meter sprint?
12. What is the individual bill of an Uber trip split proportionally by trip distance?
13. How many license plates in New York do not have any repeating numbers?

Analytical question:
What is the weighted average ratio ofcompleted trips per driver during the two week
period? Tip: "Weighted average" means your answer should account for the total trip
volume in each hour to determine the most accurate number for the whole period.
0.50 0.49 0.51 0.55
In drafting a driver schedule in terms of 8 hour shifts, when are the busiest 8
consecutive hours over the two week period in terms of unique requests?Assume
that a driver will work the same shift each day. 2pm-10pm4pm-12am7pm-3am5pm-
If you could add 5 drivers to any single hour every day during the two week period,
which hour should you add them to?Hint: Consider both rider eyeballs and driver
supply when choosing 5am - 6am5pm - 6pm9pm - 10pm11pm - 12am

Essay types:
1. Write a email to the driver to join uber.
2. Write a email to rider to take Uber service.

3. One rider was concerned and very disappointed about a driver skyping
while driving. So reply to the concern of the rider and how will you go
about it.
4. One of the driver wanted to join uberx he wanted information on how
much money can he make. How old the car can be and tell him about
the further process on how he can get registered as an uberx driver.

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