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I have lost my bank card. Dialouge translation and pinyin New words

Wde ynhng k di le, znmebn? (I have lost

k card
my bank card, what should I do?)
Q ynhng bn zhng xnde ba. (Go to the bank ynhng k bank card
di lose
and get a new one.)
Hode. Zi ynhng ky hunqin ma? W yu znmebn? What should I do?
yxi miyun, xing hun chng rnmnb. (OK. bn do, manage,

Can I change money at the bank? I have some handle

dollars, I want to change them to Yuan Renminbi ) zhng measure word for
Ynggi ky. (You ought to be able to.) bank cards
W hi yo q ling bi kui qin, Jntin hun change
wnshng xyo yng. (I also want to withdraw yxi some
200 yuan, I need to use it tonight.) yun money
N jnwn yo gn shnme? (What do you want to miyun US dollar
do tonight?) hunchng change, exchange
Gn pngyou jhu. (Get together with my rnmnb Yuan Renminbi
friends.) (Chinas currency)
xyo need
jhu get together, party

Key phrases

Wde ynhng k di le. I have lost my bank card

? Znme bn? What should I do?
W hi yo q ling bi kui qin. I also want to withdraw 200 yuan.
N jnwn yo gn shnme? What do you want to do tonight?