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PAPER 3 Use of English PART 1 Multiple-choice cloze

Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap 1-12. There is an
example at the beginning (0).

The 15th-century English diet

Many of the (0) ____B 15th- available in England: Beware feast ended with fritters, apples,
century foodstuffs were of salads, green foods and raw pears, spiced cakes, jellies,
produced by the household in fruits was a typical (5) ____. wafers and cheese.
its gardens, kitchens, bakehouse Wine was traditionally shipped About a gallon of ale, a natural
and brewery, or were purchased from Bordeaux, but sweet wines drink for an Englishman,
locally. Imported food and of the Mediterranean were was consumed by (9) ____
drink, on the other (1) ____ particularly prized. Even in a household every day. Only the
, like wine and dates, sugar, gentlemans household, however, poorest would go without meat
pepper, cloves, maces, ginger, far more was spent each year on
(and fish in Lent) although
cinnamon, almonds and rice, or bread, ale, meat and fish
the lower classes would (10)
figs and raisins, were expensive (6) ____ on imported delicacies.
(2) ____. They provided the A typical banquet at the feast for ____ more on salted meat and
necessary flavourings for the a country gentleman or small herrings, with peas and beans,
gentlemans table almonds, in landowner is suggested in a 15th- for their pottages. For most,
particular, were heavily used in century (7) ____. This began then, the diet consisted largely
the concoctions described in with grapes and cherries, and of meat and grain products;
(3) ____ books and in accounts was followed by several courses, vegetables, except onions, were
of great banquets. One of the each containing many dishes: the not widely eaten. As a result skin
simpler recipes is for doucettes, first course included brawn and (11) ____ were very common
where almond-milk is mixed mustard, bacon and peas, stewed and, considering the state of
with eggs, saffron, salt and honey beef, boiled chicken, roast pork, medieval sanitation and kitchen
and (4) ____ in a thin crust goose or game, baked meats and hygiene, (12) ____ undoubtedly
with marrow-bones. Oranges, custard; (8) ____ came a sotelte was food-poisoning.
lemons and dried fruits were (an elaborate design, mainly in (abridged from Illustrated Letters of the
seen as much healthier eating sugar) of the Annunciation; two Paston Family, edited by Roger Virgoe,
than the raw fruit seasonally more courses followed, and the 1989)

0 A basic B staple C standard D regular

1 A side B way C matter D hand
2 A luxuries B delicacies C spices D ingredients
3 A kitchen B cooking C recipe D prescription
4 A lain B laid C laying D lied
5 A saying B statement C suggestion D warning
6 A than B that C as D or
7 A diary B treatise C report D essay
8 A soon B later C next D lastly
9 A one B a C each D every
10 A rely B depend C spend D get
11 A sickness B illness C injuries D diseases
12 A as B so C thus D like

1 D 2 A 3 C 4 B 5 D 6 A 7 B 8 C 9 D 10 A 11 D 12 B

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