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Derived Adjectives

Suffixes Prefixes
-able movable un- unforgettable
-ible possible in- incapable
-ful/-less helpful/helpless Il- illegal
-ic/-cal economic/economical im- impolite
-ive attractive dis- dishonest
-ant important ir- irregular
-i(a)n Italian a- atypical
-ish childish non- non-alcoholic
-ly friendly anti- antiseptic
-ous curious hyper- hyperactive
-some handsome over- overdue
-esque picturesque under- undercooked
-like businesslike pro- pro-democratic
-y sunny pre- prehistoric
-en wooden sub- subnormal

The words were broken. Can you find them? Read and learn the poem.
un Im happy
harm -ic -like Ive got the most attentive mother.
-able mus
Ive got the most serious father.
home drink pleasant bell- -y Ive got the most talented sister.
-less Ive got the most talkative brother.
Ital- -ian
humor change -ous
Ive got the most reliable friend.
-ive -able Ive got the most playful cat.
-ful fear
Ive got the most comfortable flat.
responsible fool Ive got the most beautiful hat.
-ish Under
person Why is the girl so happy?
-en wood -al

Read and speak. Translate the words.

- Ann, what flowers do you like, natural or Useless, disagreeable, lucky,
artificial ? cowardly, impossible, careful,
- Beautiful ones. supportive, regular, pleasant,
- Oh, there are wonderful flowers in my aunts inconvenient, hopeless, stormy
garden but I like artificial ones. sensational, romantic, funny,
-Do you? Its horrible! Are you childish? overwhelming, protective,
-No, Im not. Im a bit lazy, and I havent to adventurous, unfair, voluntary,
water the artificial flowers every day. independent, lonely.