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Exemplary Teacher Observation Reflection Form

(Teacher can be from same or different grade band)

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement (and grade band): Alison Friend/1st

Exemplary Teacher Initials: _______________________________________________

Grade band: K-5 Science Lab Instructor

School: Tritt Elementary School Grade: first grade

Lesson Topic: Animal Needs/Homes

The lesson expanded over three days in the science lab during specials rotation.
The student objective was clear, and students understood the end goal. On the first
instructional day, they watched a brief video on beaver homes and dams, then
discussed how and why beavers built dams. Students worked in groups to plan and draw
a dam and list material needed. On the second instructional day, the science lab
instructor led them outside the school to collect necessary materials for building their
beaver dam. On the third instructional day, the students went to the nature nook to
physically build their beaver dam using their collected materials and following their
illustrated plan.

In my opinion, the students were very engaged during this activity and eager to test
their design. The video integration provided a real world application of beaver dams and
aided in visualizing the end product. Allowing the students to collect their own materials
from outside provided an opportunity for them to make decisions on what was
important and needed the most. The science lab teacher did provide mud for them,
which the students thoroughly enjoyed using. For the most part, students worked well
together in their groups to build a well-constructed beaver dam. Communication and
collaboration was encouraged and praised. When issues arose, the science lab teacher
would gain their attention and clarify directions and/or expectations. The students
enjoyed testing their beaver dams. The science lab instructor used a water hose to fill
their tray with water to determine if their beaver dam blocked it. The students were
eager to observe the results and would quickly analyze their design discussing why and
what worked well and did not work well.

The students could have benefited from more time to complete their final design.
They were rushed to complete their beaver dam in time for the science lab teacher to
hose the water into the tray. They were not allotted any time to make improvements
and have their dam retested. Parents should have be notified of the messy projects, as
most students got very muddy and were wearing nice clothes. I felt like the science lab
teacher did not give specific and clear directions regarding where to build the dam in
the tray. He had to gather students and stop construction to clarify where to build.
Overall, the students were very engaged during this lesson and enjoyed making their
beaver dam. The watched the science lab teacher fill each tray with water to determine
if the student built dam was effective. Students discussed and analyzed each dam
making comparisons between each design. Some students lost focus declaring their
design won due to holding back the water. The purpose and standards of the lesson
were met and the students enjoyed learning through this hands on approach.