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SOLs: Math
2.7 The student, given two whole numbers, each of which is 99 or less, will
a) estimate the difference; and
b) find the difference, using various methods of calculation.

Thinking Addition to 10 to Subtract Packet

Remind students of what we did on monday with doubles addition helping us subtract
Ask for an example
Now ask how we can use addition up to 10 to help us subtract
Give example; if we know that 2 + 3 = 5, how can we use that to figure out 5 - 2
or 5 - 3?

Go through packet with students
Ask for two volunteers to give numbers between 0 and 10
Use those numbers to model what we are learning in question 1
For the second half of the problem, make sure they are choosing the
biggest number to be first in the subtraction problem, and then they can
pick one of the other two smaller numbers to be put 2nd in the subtraction
Repeat this for numbers 1-4
Move on to the guided practice page
Model number 1 for students and then ask for student volunteers to
continue filling in the blanks for the rest of the page
Allow students to do the independent practice on their own
Walk around to assist if necessary
For students who finish the independent practice page, allow them to move on to
the back
Do not have them do number 14
After all students have completed the packet, repeat the game we played on monday
modified to fit this lesson (make it where they can earn candy or money for their team)
I will write 3 numbers on the board
5,3,8 11,20,9
7,12,5 14,4,10
2,7,9 3,15,18
4,1,3 4,6,10
I will call someone from each team an equal number of times to make it fair
The person I call on will need to use those three numbers I have on the board the
same way we practiced

Ex. if I call on a student and their numbers are 2,3,5, they need to tell me
how that can be an addition problem (2 + 3 = 5) AND how it can be a
subtraction problem (5 - 3 = 2)
If they can tell me both, then their team gets money (or they get candy,
depending on how I want to run the prizes)

If there is still time left in the lesson after playing this game, I will have students complete
a math ticket with a question based on what we learned during class