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1) Why did youcome to this university?

R. I come to this university because i have wanted to learn administration.

2) What do you like most?

R. I like to do recreaty activite, to know people and others cultures.

3) What have you contribusted to the university?

R. I have contributed how faculty advisor to help the students to solve in some
university problems.

4) What have you enjoyed most at university?

R. I hav enjoyed with my friends, teachers, class partner.

5) Tell me about your career aspirations?

R. I will want to have my own company.

6) What are you looking for in career?

R. I am looking a dynamic global company.

7) Tell me something about you ambitions?

R. I want to have a prestigious company recognized in various countries.

8) How much do you know about our organitations?

R. I know for reference some people your organitations.

9) Do you know .. who Works for us?

R. Yes, i know some friends hear.

10)Whay should we select you?

R. Because i know and meet the enrollment requuirements to your company.

11) Where are you prepared to work?

R. I am prepared at the university and i had others jobs.

12)How would you describe yourself?

R. I would describe howcreatuve, worker under pressure, team work.

13)How do you spend your spare time?

R. I spend my sparetime playing soccerand looking movies.

14)How do you spend you vacations?

R. I spend to travelling with my family.

15)What do you parents think about your chose career?

R. My parents think is very importants this career because it has my labor


16)What would your colleagues say about you?

R. My colleagues are workers and good partners.

17)What do you think you can bring to this company?

R. I can to bring my knowledge.

18)How long do you plan to stay with this company?

R.I plan to stay much time with this company.

19)When do you plan to retive?

R. I plan to retire when i have my own company.

20)Have you been coached in interviewing skills?

R. I have been coached and mentored by people that care for people success.

Los tiempos verbales expresan el momento de accin del verbo, podemos

expresar si la accin pertenece al presente, pasado, futuro o si por el contrario
esta por ejecutar.

Presente simple: una accin que se ejecuta en el momento adecuado.

Presente continuo: una accin que se est ejecutando.

Pasado simple: una accin completa y finalizada.

Pasado continuo: una accin que se ha ejecutado de forma progresiva,

es decir se prolonga en el pasado.

Futuro: se divide en dos futuro simple con going to. Y tambin se realiza
con el auxiliar will y en negativo wont. Se utiliza para una actividad a
realizar en un futuro o que pasara.

Presente perfecto: son los que expresa una accin que comenz en el
pasado y contina en el presente.

Presente perfecto continuo: es una accin que empez en el pasado,

contina en el presente y puede que contine en el futuro.

Pasado perfecto: es una accin que describe un evento pasado