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Course Code: MGT 421 (3-0)
Instructor: Ms. Hina Riaz
Department: Material Science and Engineering Department (MS&E)
Semester: Fall September 8, 2015-January 15, 2016
Final Project

Submission Date: Monday-December 21, 2015

Choose an engineering firm/oil and gas company and undertake a study of the below
mentioned areas and present your findings in report format and share it with all your class
mates in a form of formal presentation.

1. Brief Overview of Organization

Mission Statement
Goals & Objectives
Major Business Operations
Brief History of Company
2. Organization Culture & Environment
Dimensions of Organizational Culture
Strong or Weak Culture prevails in a company
How employees learn Culture in organization?
Internal & External Environment Factors
3. Organizational Structure & Design
Organizational Structure & Design
Is it a Mechanistic or Organic Organization?
4. Decision Making
What are their criteria of taking decisions (Decision making Process)?
5. Human Resource Management
Importance of HR department in a Company
Human Resource Management Process
Environmental Factors Affecting HRM
6. Leadership
Do leadership roles exist in organization?
7. Change Management
Any major structural, technological and change in people behavior/attitudes
occur in last 2 years
How they cope/dealt with it?
8. Knowledge management
What organization is doing to manage knowledge?
What else they could be or should be doing?
What they feel are the greatest barriers they face in their efforts?
9. Any other important factor to share

Report Format
1. Mention Organization Name On Title Page
2. Names and Roll numbers on Title Page
3. Acknowledgements
4. Table of Contents, Charts and Graphs
5. Introduction
6. Main Body of Report
7. Conclusion
8. Limitations of Research
9. Recommendations
10. References
11. Font style would be either Times New Roman (font size 12) or Arial (font size 11).
For headings font size would be 14.
All reports should be submitted on Monday-December 21, 2015 at 9.30 am sharp.
All groups should have 4-5 members maximum. (No sixth member is allowed).
Must be submitted on assigned date. Lat submission would not be encouraged.
Report length would be in between 20-30 pages (not more than that).
Presentation Time 12 mins., Q.A session 3-5 mins.
Every member from group will present his/her part.