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Spatial Programming

Ground Floor Plan

Parking Slots

Name of Space W D AREA

Comfort room
Total:Comfort Rooms
Vacant space left between the building and lot lines less than 2.00 mts in width. Setback
Minimum total area of a window or an opening for a room without artificial ventilation. 10% of flr. Area
Maximum dimension of a stair landing. 1.20 mts.
Minimum headroom clearance for any stair. 2.00 mts.
Maximum slope for an exit passageway. One is to Eight (1:8)
Minimum open space requirement for a corner lot. 10% of lot area
Minimum size of thread for an entrance or exit step. 300 mm
Maximum slope for an entrance or exit ramp. One is to ten (1:10)
Minimum number of steps for an entrance or exit stair. 2
Office building parking ratio. 1:125 sqm. Of gross floor area
Standard size of a perpendicular parking slot. 2.40 X 5.00 mts.
Maximum distance of a handicapped parking from the facility being served. 60.00 mts.
Minimum width of a dropped curb. 0.90 mtr.|
Minimum Dimensions of an accessible elevator. 1.10 X 1.40 mts.
Maximum distance of an accessible elevator from the entrance of a building. 30.00 mts.
Minimum door width for an accessible elevator. 0.80 mtr.
Minimum width of a parking slot for the disabled. 3.70 mts.
Minimum ceiling height from 3rd floor to succeeding floors with artificial ventilation. 2.10 mts.
Minimum width of an exit door. 0.90 mts.
Maximum width reduced by handrails and doors fully opened to balconies and 200 mm corridors
Minimum width of stairs serving more than 50 occupants. 1.10 mts.|
Allowable tolerance in the rise and run of every step. 5 mm
Width of stair requiring an intermediate handrail. 3.00 mts.
Slope of ramp of road-way to sidewalk. 1/3 -
Slope of driveway to sidewalk where the height of curb is 200 mm and above. One is to Eight (1:8)
Unit area per occupant for offices and garages. 9.30 sqm.
Minimum parking requirement for the handicapped. 1 slot/50 parking slots
In BP344, the required width of a corridor. 1.20 mts.
Maximum distance of handicapped parking from the structure served. 60.00 mts.
Preferred width of corridor for the disabled. 1.50 mts.
Least dimension for a parking slot for the disabled. 3.70 mts.
In BP344, the minimum height of a handrail. 0.70 mtr.
Maximum length of a ramp for wheelchair. 6.00 mts.
Minimum length of a ramp landing for wheelchairs. 1.50 mts.
Minimum travel distance from handicapped parking to facility being served. 60 mts.
Percentage required for number of parking if parking garages are available within 200 20% meters of
Minimum floor to ceiling height. 2.30 mts.
Minimum width of ramps of 3 stories or more in height. 1.20 mts.


Every parking lot should have 2 exit door

Every stairs in parking lot should have emergency lightings