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C a p i t a l P r o j e c t s

Catalyzing Human Innovation for Breakthrough Results

Half of the worlds mega-projects suffer schedule and cost overruns or severe
operational problems within the first year of operation. The cost of these failures is
enormous and far-reaching.

Through its proven High-Performance Projects (HPP) process, JMJ Associates has
worked for over twenty years with owners and contractors to help large capital project
teams achieve these performance goals:

JMJ brings 20 years experience Breakthroughs in project execution and cost

serving large industries, including
energy, mining and construction. Improved predictability and reduced risk
Combining deep industry
knowledge with expertise in
Alignment and trust among key stakeholders
catalyzing human innovation, JMJ
Exceptional levels of communication and coordinated action
partners with clients to deliver the
performance results they desire. An innovative and highly engaged culture

Enhanced productivity and quality

These performance goals are reached by helping clients focus on the human side
of project execution. Unless management attends to communication, leadership and
alignment on common ground that transcends the varied vested interests of project
stakeholders, project failure is an option.

Focusing on the human side of project execution forges high-performing teams able
to innovate and respond effectively to the dynamic project world. JMJ serves as a
catalyst in this regard, assisting project managers to successfully navigate numerous
challengesincluding issues for which there are not ready, or even known, solutions.

The JMJ High-Performance Projects process helps you define a very specific type of
project vision, desired outcomes and execution strategy. Then we stick with you to see
the project through, as a full partner in fulfilling the projects promisewhat we call
strategic implementation.

Following is a look at that process

The Process
The JMJ High-Performance Projects process moves through four stages: Plan, Align, Enable and
Execute. Each stage is tailored to fit a projects specific phaseinitial concept to commissioning
and start-up.

The High-Performance
Projects process has
been applied by JMJ to
1. Plan
assist large capital project
teams to beat the odds and Building a foundation starts with excavation. Stage 1 of the HPP process begins by digging into
deliver exceptional results.
Experience effectively
the current project culture and operating environment to discover strengths to build on and gaps
to address using the Integral Assessment for Projects (IAP) tool. This includes a survey, as
implementing this process in well as personal and group interview sessions, each scoped to project phase and size.
service of a clients strategic
The IAP process provides a rich snapshot of the projects capacity to produce breakthrough
goals sets JMJ apart.
3. Enable
results. It assesses the personal, cultural and organizational drivers of high performance and
couples this with an analysis of the projects organization and structure. For example, are roles
and responsibilities clear across the project, do teams have clear charters and appropriate
authority to carry out the charter, are there other obstacles to basic work effectiveness within and
4. Execute
between key functions?

The resulting information is compiled into an IAP Report of Findings and Recommendations.
This diagnostic output, which is used in conversation with the key stakeholders, then
informs the design of the following HPP stages (Align-Enable-Execute),
ensuring they are tailored to project-specific needs and opportunities.
1. Plan

2. Align
JMJ begins Stage 2 by facilitating the creation of a Stand for the project to which all key

3. Enable
stakeholders can commit.

The Project Commitment Workshop is a facilitated session for senior representatives of the
owner, contractor and operator. In order to form a basis of common understanding through
which all participants can connect, this workshop begins with reviewing the IAP Report of
4. Execute
Findings and Recommendations generated during Stage 1.

From this shared knowledge base, JMJ:

Guides participants toward a shared understanding of the objective measures

of project success

Assists them in integrating these objectives with qualitative measures of

project success to form an Integral Statement of the difference the project
will make in the world

Leads the team to form covenants regarding desired interpersonal and

1. interorganizational behaviors
The final step is to create a Project Master Story that coalesces each of the items above into a
shared vision of project success. When the Project Stand and related Master Story are brought
to life through leaderships deep personal commitment, alignment and coordination of effort
2. Align cause are made possiblefor the life of the project.
for a common

3. Enable
Once the key stakeholders are committed to the projects Stand and Master Story, Stage 3

begins by ensuring that other key stakeholders also are engaged with these organizing
principles. JMJ facilitates Alignment Workshops for this purpose. These workshops also
include an Expectations Process so that each person, team and organizational group has the
opportunity to clarify what it expects of others and what it can be counted on to deliverpeople
are set up for success.

Alignment Workshops have proven to be exceptionally useful in the early stages of project
execution or whenever new organizations are brought into the project.

Following the Alignment Workshops, the focus turns to professional development of

project members (managers, supervisors and frontline workers). JMJ trains and coaches
them on how to use and apply HPP skills through the Fundamentals of HPP and
Advanced HPP programs.
2. Align

3. Enable

4. Execute
JMJ aspires to be your indispensable partner in creating and sustaining high-performance results
from project start to finish. Thus, as the project progresses we continue to consult, coach, facilitate
and educate to ensure lasting accomplishment. This typically includes:

Alignment workensuring newcomers are brought into the projects Stand

and Master Story,

Conducting HPP training and development,

Coaching key project managers with particular focus on leadership skills,

Providing real-time issue resolution,

Assessing project progress periodically to identify opportunities for


Facilitating technical meetings, and

Providing tailored, team-development solutions.

The overall High-Performance Projects framework described is customized by JMJ in consultation
with each client. The specifics of a given project situation will guide us to find the right solution for
the task at hand.

About JMJ Associates

JMJ Associates is a global management consultancy with more than 20 years experience serving
large industries, including energy, mining and metals, commercial and industrial construction. JMJ
provides clients with a powerful combination of strategic insight, deep industry knowledge and
superb execution, assisting them to catalyze human innovation for breakthrough results.
With key stakeholders,
JMJ relentlessly works the JMJ is the world leader in project safety consulting, having developed and implemented its Incident
issues and problems that and Injury-Free safety approach on behalf of multinational corporations around the globe. The
inevitably arise on complex firms High-Performance Projects practitioners are well-known as trusted advisors to operating
projects to ensure success organizations, as well as to owners and contractors executing large, complex capital projects.
of the project and its people.
The firm serves its clients from offices in Austin, Doha, Durban, London, Perth and Singapore.
Clients routinely tell us that
JMJ can be found on the Web at
JMJ-assisted projects are the
best weve ever worked on.
We are the world leader in helping large capital projects catalyze human
innovation for breakthrough results. Let us show you how.


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