Delivering MVNO Differentiation
Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are changing the reality of mobility. MVNOs are uniquely positioned to offer new, differentiating services in an increasingly competitive market. Through platform independence, innovative services, customer understanding, and a content offering, coupled with smart marketing, an MVNO can stand out beyond price competition and lead new innovations in the market, benefiting both themselves and their carrier partner(s).


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A New Kind of Mobile Service Provider
The MVNO has emerged as a highly successful business model and is transforming the wireless industry. Operators no longer need a license or full network to compete in the mobile marketplace. What started as a reseller model in Europe is now spreading to the rest of the world, as companies focused on communications, as well as brand companies with no relevance to telecommunications, are realizing the opportunity to tap into this simple and extraordinarily expanding market. A new stage of MVNO business models will see emerging global MVNOs, convergence mobile/VoIP players, and enterprise MVNEs. The MVNO market is already emerging and fast growing with 75 million worldwide subscribers in 2007, growing to 100 million by 2010¹.
¹Sources: Pyramid Research, EMC Database/Informa Telecom

MVNO Subscriber Growth, Millions

piggybacking on a carrier’s network. However. account status. and as such can control calls and service opportunities. The current market saturation of Resellers is driving players to adopt a more complete MVNO strategy based on service differentiation. MVNOs can offer their own advanced and differentiated services. to distinguish not only from other MVNOs but also from the mobile operator that it is using as a carrier. but it also holds the power to change interconnections with mobile carriers. it becomes harder for Resellers to enter or maintain their position on the same market. the MVNO relies on the carrier for network access. call completion. boosting revenues not only for the MVNO but also for the host carrier. it is essential for an MVNO to differentiate on service offering and to have the control over their subscriber base in order to do so. or Enhanced Service Provider. When a Full Infrastructure MVNO enters the market. By controlling the provisioning and profiles of its subscribers. Radio Access Network (RAN) Reseller MVNO Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Billing System Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) SMSC Services Platforms Softswitch GMSC HLR MSC Voicemail Etc. giving the MVNO great negotiating power and influence. Full Infrastructure MVNOs generally focus on greater minutes and data usage. and as such cannot differ much in services. According to this model. profiles. The Full Infrastructure MVNO model still relies on the carrier’s radio spectrum. higher ARPU. With the Blueslice solution.Own Your Subscribers & Create Customized Services Increasingly. MVNOs will have full control over the subscriber base.. and roaming. marketing. Home Location Register (HLR). including the gateway MSC and the mission-critical HLR responsible for subscriber provisioning and mobility management. Radio Access Network (RAN) Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Customer Care HLR MSC BSC GMSC Billing System MVNO Survival on Service Differentiation In order to survive in the long run. A Full Infrastructure MVNO. owns some key infrastructure elements like switches. and hold the power of negotiation with mobile carriers. but is less dependent on the carrier’s network. CRM. by installing their own key network elements. MVNOs are deploying their own network infrastructure platforms. etc. Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Billing System Operating Model Shift: Reseller to Enhanced Service Provider The first generation MVNO began as a simple “Reseller” of mobile service. billing. and rich services. The HLR is the primary database repository that manages subscriber information such as location. decrease response times to customer issues. an MVNO is not only able to connect to multiple networks and greatly expand the home service coverage. including the ability to create and provision their own value-added services. As such it guarantees a user's seamless mobility. and service platforms. HLR BSC AuC GMSC Billing System Full Infrastructure MVNO . which is used to provide call control and intelligence within mobile networks. MVNOs tied to the carrier’s subscriber profile management and service platform are limited to replicate the same options for user applications. and customer care. While an MVNO can use a carrier’s infrastructure. The Reseller MVNO is responsible for customer acquisition.

email. differentiating services. Advanced Low Cost Roaming Solutions: The Blueslice low cost roaming solutions enable MVNOs to offer new roaming features to their subscribers. and create a “buzz” around new applications. the HLR. Fixed Mobile Convergence also enables a platform to deploy sophisticated services in today’s networks. streaming video. and away with a dual-mode GSM/WiFi mobile terminal or on multiple devices. Authentication Center (AuC). For incoming calls. Blueslice HLR-based FMC does not require any implementation by an MVNO’s carrier partner and can be fully enabled independently by MVNOs. Further. the HLR will perform the number translation and route the calls to the appropriate device. authenticating subscribers and performing call mediation between SS7 and SIP networks. and web-based applications. browsing. Facilitated Creation of Enhanced Services: The Blueslice platform can be used to develop additional services or integrate with an external application platform to create and deploy customized. and service opportunities of IP networks. The Blueslice solution enables seamless inter-working between both networks by integrating a SIP Registrar. differentiate itself from competitors. The innovative Blueslice enhanced features allow MVNOs to offer unique and demanded services: MVNO-Driven GSM-WiFi-VoIP Convergence: Blueslice HLR and SIP-based Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions allow subscribers to roam between GSM and IP networks. Blueslice implements FMC solutions in the core routing decision node of mobile networks. SIP Redirection Server. office. It allows a subscriber to have multiple “virtual” local numbers and identities in different networks. By bridging SS7 and SIP networks. the MVNO has the flexibility to provision its own value added services. as opposed to solutions that lie in peripheral network nodes.Blueslice 3000 Series SIP Server SIP Radius Authentication SIP HLR MAP Authentication Multiple network authentication awareness Private or public WiFi access Increased coverage & cost savings Enhanced IP services SIP/IP Access through MVNO agreement Dual mode device or Multiple devices Home SS7 GSM/GPRS/UMTS extended coverage PC Softphone IP Phone Airport Office Ho p tS s ot MVNO-Driven Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Unique Revenue Generating Services By owning key infrastructure network elements. a subscriber can have one number that follows him in the home. and Radius Server in the core HLR functionality. thereby benefiting from local rates instead of roaming charges. including multimedia. . download speeds. accessing the benefits of both networks: the expansive coverage of cellular networks and the lower cost. IM. gaming.

large capacity. Generating significant CAPEX and OPEX savings and with an open. each with separate management interfaces. Quebec H3K1G6 Canada info@blueslice. SIP Registrar. non-proprietary platform. together. Inc. Blueslice Networks shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. and M2M markets. With a capacity scalable to several million subscribers within a single AdvancedTCA® shelf. © 2008 Blueslice Networks. 1/2008 Convergence Starts with Your Subscribers www. Blueslice Networks is a private company with headquarters in Montreal. enable universal mobility across all access networks. and feature-rich Home Location Register with an integrated Authentication Center. Blueslice solutions allow mobile service providers to control their principal asset. Suite 7500 Montreal. open standard Converged Subscriber Platform 3000™ is the only converged HLR/AuC. VoIP providers. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. network evolution consultancy.. FMC. and authentication entities. MVNOs. end-users can access coherent communication services seamlessly over any type of access with a single subscription and set of preferences. About Blueslice Networks Blueslice Networks is the leading provider of multi-profile subscriber management solutions for the Mobile. allowing an MVNE to support multiple MVNOs.blueslice. their subscriber base. VoIP. Blueslice delivers solutions to the world's leading mobile service providers including wireless carriers. HSS. points codes. implementation of new features. The carrier-grade. Support Blueslice Networks provides unprecedented product support and flexibility to their customers including customized solutions. which. B8MVNO08NB.About the Blueslice ngHLR 3000™ The ngHLR 3000™ is a compact. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for Blueslice Networks products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. . and alternate carriers. the Blueslice ngHLR 3000™ enables MVNOs to grow their networks without the need to invest in proprietary legacy equipment. The ngHLR 3000™ also allows the ability to host several physical HLRs within one shelf. the ngHLR 3000™ is changing the HLR paradigm for mobile service providers. while delivering innovative and differentiated services and significantly reducing operational costs. and handling of turnkey projects. 1751 Richardson St. Contact Blueslice Networks Inc. and SIP Redirect Server.

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