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Name ___________________________________________ Class ____4.D_____ Date: 27.10.2017.

Language Skills Test 1 Grammar and Vocabulary

1 Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.


The Metropolitan Police have appealed (appeal) for help in identifying a young woman who they
______________ (find) lost in London. The woman, who 2______________ (stay) in a hotel while the

police try to establish her identity, 3______________ (not/remember) her name or where she
______________ (be) from, and the documents which she 5______________ (have) with her when she

was found are of limited help.

The police 6______________ (believe) that the woman 7______________ (live) in London for at least one

week and that before she was found she 8______________ (visit) at least five galleries in the city,

suggesting that she may be an artist or an art student. The police 9______________ (also/find) some

evidence that the woman 10______________ (be) in several other European cities before she
______________ (arrive) in London.

The woman 12______________ (appear) to be in good health and there is no evidence that she
______________ (be) ill in the recent past. It is possible that she 14______________ (lose) her memory at

some point while she 15______________ (travel) around Europe. The police 16______________ (put) her

picture on their website hoping that someone may recognise her.

/ 16
2 Read the definitions and complete the adjectives.

0 eyes that dont look at anything in particular u n f o c u s e d

1 with a bent back _ t _ _ p _ _

2 enjoying entertainment, parties and meeting people _ u _ - l _ _ i _ _

3 attractive, good-looking (man) _ _ _ d_ _m_

4 fair to all _ v _ _ - h _ n _ _ _

5 shy, worried about what others will think _ e _ _ - _ _ n _ _ i _ _ _

6 not very clean, messy - _t_ _ y /6

Pearson Education Limited 2012 PHOTOCOPIABLE

3 Future forms. Circle the correct answers.

Im going to make us a wonderful meal as soon as we get / are going to get home.

1 This time next week we are all going to have / will all be having a holiday in Italy.

2 look at the weather! Fantastic, it is going to be / will be a beautiful day for swimming today.

3 Dont worry, I am getting / will have got everything ready by this evening.

4 Paul told me hes free on Thursday and Friday so we do / are going to do it then.

5 We are talking / will talk to them about the problem at a meeting at 3.15 on Tuesday.

6 Her flight doesnt arrive / wont have arrived by five oclock, so weve got time for a coffee first.

7 If you pass / are going to pass the exam then you can continue at advanced level.

8 I believe we are winning / will win this weekend. Have faith!

9 During this winter I will have learned / will be learning to ski in the alps.

10 Remember to call me when you arrive / will arrive.

11 By the end of this project we ll spend/ll have spent two million euros.

12 Will you be/Will you have been ready in time for the Olympic games?

/ 12
4 Complete the gaps with the correct prefixes.

EX: This system is terribly slow and inefficient.

1 I see you met my ___-girlfriend. We split up last year.

2 Understanding ___verbal communication is an important part of any negotiators skills.

3 You should sell your computer for more than that! Youre really ___valuing it.

4 His actions are just completely ___social.

5 I got a job and moved into my own flat last month so now Im completely ___dependent.

6 His first marriage ended in divorce and he ___married two years later.

7 Please calm down. I think theres been a ___understanding.

8 Smoking is not allowed here. It is a _____- smoking area.


5 Complete the sentences with words formed from the words in capital letters.

Ex: Hes very polite and always very respectful towards other people. RESPECT

1 The way he speaks is ______________ of great intelligence. INDICATE

2 The national stadium had a very ______________ atmosphere for other teams. INTIMIDATE

3 Im not very ______________ about this plan, I have to say. ENTHUSE

4 You could see the ______________ in her frowning face. DISAPPROVE

5 He was a great authority in his field, ______________ by everybody. RESPECT

6 There was absolutely no ______________ that anything was wrong. INDICATE

7 He has a really ______________ habit of interrupting when Im talking. IRRITATE

8 I dont like her. Shes so ______________. PUSH

9 I dont understand this. It is completely ________________ LOGIC


6 Complete each sentence to form a collocation or an idiom. Use one or two words

Shes very sensitive about certain things so youd better watch your words.

1 I put on my best clothes so I would come across in a really good __________.

2 I just forgot what I was saying and I think Ive _________ __________ the secret by mistake!

3 I know my brother well enough to __________ the signs when hes getting in a really bad mood.

4 I tried to explain what I think but I just couldnt seem to __________ __________ my point of view.

6 You can tell from his body ____________ that hes not very friendly.

7 Remember to make _____________ contact when youre answering his questions.

8 Mark is really friendly but, in interviews, he ________ ________ the wrong signals because he is so


9 You dont understand the homework because you didnt ___________ _____________ attention in

class yesterday.