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Adoration 88 Verses, ST. THOMAS, Tantum Ergo, John F Wade, (71-176 Refrain by Matt Maher Verses | & 2 based on Tantum ergo, St. Thomas Aquinas, 1227-1274, translated by Edward Caswall, 1814-1878, alt. Yerse 8 and Refrain by Matt Maher INTRO (4 = ca. 88) Cc (ba) VERSE 1 c 1.Down in ad - 0 - ra-tion falling, this great sac - ra = ment we hail; 0 - ver an-cient I. forms de - part - ing new - er rites grace pre vail; faith for all de - 1. fects sup-ply-ing where the fee~ble sens-es fail, (Kay VERSE2 c cB (ada on) To the ev - er - last- ing Father, and the Son who reigns on high, Am CG 2.with the Spir - it blest, pro - ceed - ing forth from each © - ter ~ nal - ty, Faddo Dm G c C(t ing) 2. he sal-va-tion, honor, bless-ing, might and end-less — maj-es- Ae Be OHS Pie, wt pre 6 2006, erin hi RS Yepbdsmg coe iin A CLP ahs Adoration 2) SS REFRAIN Je- sus, Lamb of God, — sav-ing love for all, Lord of heav’n and earth, Fa-ther’s love for Harmony fy [teed i= ——" SS § ! all; T bow ‘you. Je-sus, Lamb of God, sav-ing love for ie ; Sor : = SSS z ss ail; 1 bow to you. Je = sus, Lamt of God, to Interlude) Lord of heav'n and earth; T bow to you, Lord of all, I bow to. you, bow to you, = bow to c Dm7 ce a ee ee = ts at oS bow to you, bow to. you, bow to you, bow to ss aS = bow to you, bow t you, bow t you, bow to Be—Aéeraton (3) PIA Gsus4 c Csusd c A Fine <= you, bow 0 you. INTERLUDE c GB Am Koa P you. you, cic Fadl9 Dm VERSE 3 c GB Am G F Am 3. Pour up-on us, Lord of mer-cy, spirit of thy — self-less love. Make of us one cw F Am GB c 3. tre heart yearn - ing for the glo - sy of thy Son, Je- sus, fire of Dm Am E G c DiS. al fine 3. jus = tice blaz - ing, gladd-‘ning light for - ev = er = more.